Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Divine Ancestry of the Aryo-Germanic Folk

I do not need to tell my readers repeatedly about the harm which christianity has inflicted upon our race: that is self evident. However christianity is directly responsible for Aryan peoples forgetting their divine ancestry. In particular the pre-christian Germanic peoples took it as self evident that they were children of the Gods. Not only were they graced with a God-like noble Nordic outward form but our mythology makes it clear that we are not merely the creation of the Gods but their literal offspring.

Tuisto is the earth-born divine ancestor of the Germanic peoples who trace their lineage to Him via Mannus and His three sons who fathered the Ingaevones/Ingvaeones, Herminones/Hermiones and Istaevones/Istvaeones.

"In ancient lays, their only type of historical tradition, they celebrate Tuisto, a god brought forth from from the earth. They attribute to him a son, Mannus, the source and founder of their people, and to Mannus three sons, from whose names those nearest the Ocean are called Ingvaeones, those in the middle Herminones, and the rest Istvaeones. Some people, inasmuch as antiquity gives free reign to speculation, maintain that there were more sons born from the god and hence more tribal designations-Marsi, Gambrivii, Suebi, and Vandili-and that those names are genuine and ancient."[Tacitus, Germania, 2.2]
The Aryans of the Rig Veda also recognised a divine ancestor in Manus or Manu. In the myths of the Scythians their divine ancestor Targitaus, son of Zeus had three sons who were the ancestors of their various tribal groups. The Eddas also substantiate this general concept of one Godlike figure who via a son generates three further important divine sons. Buri, the ancestor of the Gods begot Burr the father of Woden, Wili and We[Odin, Vili and Ve]. Greek mythology knows a similar pattern: Ouranos, an earth-born God begets Kronos, the father of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.

It is possible that Tuisto is the same being referred to in the Eddas as Ymir according to J.B. Rives[commentary to Germania] derives from an Indo-European root *iemo-. From this in Sanskrit we get Yama and from the Zend, Yima, the Latin geminus and Middle Irish gemuin, meaning `twin`. According to de Vries Tuisto may mean `twofold` and according to Simek [Dictionary of Northern Mythology] `hermaphrodite`. The Teutons were viewed by Tacitus as indigenous or autocthonous, like their ancestral God, `born from the land`.

Alfred Rosenberg, the official philosopher of the Third Reich who was murdered by the western allies for his temerity of being a free thinker also believed in the divine ancestry of the Germanic peoples:

"Today, a new faith is awakening-the myth of the blood, the belief that the divine being of all mankind is to be defended with the blood. The faith is embodied by the fullest realisation that the Nordic blood constitutes that mystery which has supplanted and surmounted the old sacraments."[Myth of the Twentieth Century]. 

Whist we are rooted in the past we are not tied to it but advance forward with a new religion that is in the stage of becoming. For us Teutons our spiritual archetypes are founded on the Germanic Gods but I wish to echo Rosenberg`s words about Aryan spirituality that it has a: "certain unity in Aryan concepts of religion, whether they manifested themselves in Wodan, Varuna, Zeus or Ahura Mazda,"[Myth of the Twentieth Century]. Rosenberg stated: "The Nordic gods were figures of light who bore spears, the cross and the swastika, and were crowned with haloes, symbols of the sun, of ascending life."[Selected Writings]. Our race must ascend-not descend but in order that the decay be halted and reversed we must first recognise that we are essentially divine beings and live up to that heritage and start that long journey which will produce the man of the future, the Uebermensch. We have no need to destroy christianity for it is already dying. We simply ignore it and become true to our prechristian Teutonic spirit.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Blood Purity-a Necessity for Spiritual Awakening and Mastery

Time after time I have warned the readers of my blogs of the necessity of maintaining the purity of their racial blood lines, a sacred trust and an inheritance from our distant ancestors but also a duty to our yet unborn linear descendants. Blutschande is the most serious crime that an Aryan can commit against his race and folk and I hope that one day this crime will be recognised as such and punished accordingly once our peoples recover their freedom from the zionist yoke. The servants of the Demiurge lord of darkness understand that in this cosmic war in which we fight that our strongest possession is our blood or DNA as it is less prosaically termed, and they will do everything in their power to encourage Rassenmischung for by this process we destroy ourselves without a single gun being shot. It is the greatest form of treason that an Aryan could commit.

By engaging in Blutschande they are spitting in the faces of their Folk, their ancestors and descendants, condemning the latter to eternal shame and disgrace. Therefore in the words of Der Meister Guido von List I appeal to my readers:"Your blood, your highest possession." Racial purity is the greatest gift that our ancestors have bestowed upon us and it is the most precious bequest that we can endow upon our descendants. For within the blood of the Aryan there lies the sacred quality of divinity. The Aryan is no mere human animal: we are nothing less than children of the Gods. However eons ago in our deep past a great crime was committed: the crime of Blutschande between the Aryan who at one time was the only human race so called, and the beastman resulting in the degeneration of our race but the upward improvement of the Untermensch.

This activity now is actively encouraged by the dark lord`s minions for they know that if they can weaken us physically they can weaken us mentally, psychically and spiritually and the Aryan-the only and final bulwark against zionist world dominion will be crushed for all time. If they succeed the earth will eventually cease to exist and life will be extinguished. Psychic power and spiritual advancement are unavoidably connected to biological purity. The Aryan lost his psychic abilities when he engaged in Blutschande and caused impurities to creep into our Holy Graal blood pool. This is the real and underlying message in the story of Parsifal as interpreted by Wilhelm Richard Wagner. Today awakened Aryan man awaits his Parsifal who is the renewed embodiment of the Germanic God Woden, His spear being that of the Allfather`s-Gungnir. Parsifal will come and the tide will be turned against the desert God`s hordes.

His forerunner did come in 1889 but the outer non-German Aryan world which was heavily under the yoke of the cosmopolitan tribe of international bankers resisted Him and His message of salvation. He was never destined to succeed in His mission but He recognised that after Him one should come: "I have seen the man of the future; he is cruel; I am frightened by him". It is He who will right all wrongs, halt and indeed reverse this period of involution which is against nature and thus antinature or unnatural. Nature seeks division into separate species and subspecies for it is through this process that evolution or upward improvement may occur. Rassenmischung is therefore antinature and unnatural. It will be halted! Through the science of Aryan man which is currently in its infancy we will use genetic engineering to remove the biological damage that has been inflicted upon our blood pool and begin the task of producing the Uebermensch of the future! To quote from Miguel Serrano via The Complete Armanen: "Between 1914-1918, during the First World War, in the great crisis of the Kali Yuga, or Age of the Wolf, there was an overturning of the sympathetic system of Aryan peoples. This made possible the coming of the Avatar, Hitler, a premonition of the future Kalki" He goes on to discuss the presence of a special additional nerve bundle present amongst those of Aryan blood which is not to be found in other races which makes the Aryan capable of psyhcic and spiritual advancement, an ability which he once had to the full before the fall of Atlantis. Today the awakened Aryo-Germanic man may achieve spiritual mastery and greater awakening via the practice of Rune Yoga