Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Way of Wodan-a Left Hand Path

After digesting the latest republished work by Stephen E. Flowers,Ph.D, Lords of the Left-Hand Path it is now clear to me more than at any other time that our genuine and authentic Aryan spiritual pathway[s] may be catagorised as part of the `Left Hand Path`.

Dr Flowers` definition of a Left Hand Path spirituality or system is one that incorporates the following elements: 1. Self-deification. 2. Individualism. 3. Initiation. 4. Magic. Our Wodanist path most clearly consists of each of the above factors.

The true Wodanist initiate seeks above than anything else his own deification. He recognises his own unique individuality and though glorious deeds in this life seeks immortality both outside of the physical body and in the minds and memories of those who remain behind as well as in those of future generations. He becomes deified by his own actions, following the path of magical initiation and spiritual illumination with Wodan as his guide and example.

The Left Hand Wodanist path is antinomian. In other words it appears to be a reversal of the conventional norms and mores held by the unthinking herd, the blind masses. He seeks to be independent of others and is not subject to their laws and moral constraints. The Wodanist is a Wolfshead. He is separate from sheep-like humanity and indeed views them as barriers to his own life`s work. Unlike the semitic religions he seeks no converts. His work is focused on the development of the immortal and divine self not on the `salvation` of others.

The Wodan initiate seeks self-empowerment, independence, awakening and enlightenment. His life`s work is to obtain by his own efforts continuing awareness and real existence once his physical body has been left behind, to return at will if he so wishes as an avatar. To aid us in this work we have the great High God of the North-Wodan who is both the ultimate initiate and our very own divine ancestor: the All-Father, the God of the spiritual elite, not the herd.

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