Saturday, September 22, 2012

Aryan World-View[Arische Weltanschauung]

How difficult it can be to break with over 1,000 years of semitic indoctrination via the christian religion. Even though modern western man may regard himself as no longer subject to the supernatural beliefs of this alien desert religion yet he is still tied to its ideology albeit in humanistic `liberal` and `democratic` form which stresses equality between the races and sexes and the elevation of all that is ugly, crippled, base,ignoble and stupid at the expense of nature`s elite-Aryan man. I recently read a most interesting passage in Houston Stewart Chamberlain`s Aryan World-View[Arische Weltanschauung]: "Our emancipation from the slavery of strange ideas remained uncompleted. Namely with regard to religion we are still vassals-not to mention servants-of strange ideals." He goes on to discuss how christianity has introduced an element of materialistic thinking and a disconnect with Aryan man`s inner organic spiritual life. "This means an inner alienation, a discord with ourselves." Through the newly discovered philosophy and sacred texts of the Indo-Aryan east western Aryan man may start the process of recovery from his long collective spiritual psychosis and rediscover his true organic spiritual path. "For this purpose the Indo-Aryan thinking is perfectly apt, to encourage us and to show us the way." This collective western christian psychosis is nowhere more prevalent than in the USA amongst people of otherwise good northern European Aryan blood. There are of course historical reasons for this and over the years I have discussed this phenomenon under my own invented term-the Pilgrim Fathers`Complex-a subject I intend to expand upon in further articles on this blog. It is only through a thorough immersion in the ancient literature, beliefs and spiritual practices of our pre-christian ancestors that we can begin to personally liberate ourselves from the mental shackles of jewish indoctrination and thus go on to innoculate ourselves from the weakness that prevents us from taking the drastic action that is needed to rescue Europa from its ongoing biological extermination.

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