Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Der Ring des Nibelungen-a Work of the Left Hand Path

The music dramas of Richard Wagner are more than just mere operas as my readers would have understood by now. These are genuine works of art and of the spirit-the spirit of Aryan man that is. In the music, libretto and drama of his works great Aryan mysteries are unfolded to us, especially in the music which contains many secrets within its musical code that initiates may unlock if they possess the key.

 It therefore surprises me why anyone who is not an Aryan would possibly want to expose themselves to this music. People generally respond in one of two ways to it. Either they love it and seek to understand its secrets or they loath and detest it. There is no middle ground-only an extreme response. For this reason Wagner`s work is effectively banned in Israel for they recognise that to them it is a loaded spiritual weapon and not a friend.

 Whilst studying Dr Stephen E. Flowers` groundbreaking republished Lords of the Left-Hand Path I came to realise that Wagner`s Magnum Opus Der Ring des Nibelungen is essentially a work of the Left-Hand Path. Principally it is concerned with Wotan`s nurturing of the Germanic hero Siegfried, a member of the Wotan-sired Volsung clan. Wotan`s task is to bring forth the ultimate Aryan hero-Siegfried in order that the ultimate man, the Uebermensch may be revealed. However the Uebermensch is not dependent upon the Gods like a child is reliant upon its parents. The Uebermensch seeks complete independence from all authority and rather than be subservient to the Gods as the followers of the semitic desert tribal `god` in its jewish, christian and moslem forms are, the Uebermensch seeks awakening, individuation, independence and godhood in the flesh.

For as Teutonic Aryans we are according to our very own lore, Gods. The blood, the DNA of our ancient Gods dwells within us. All we need to do is awaken and quicken the blood! Wotan dwells within us-Wotan in uns! and Wotan mit uns! He is the supreme Aryo-Germanic archetype. Robert Donington in his Wagner`s `Ring` and its Symbols discusses Wotan in His capacity as an image of the self. "He represents godhead in its simplest essence... "In this capacity as head of the gods, Wotan is a symbol for that central principle of the psyche for which Jung has borrowed his term from the traditional Vedantic teachings of Indian metaphysics: the `self`." He is also the ultimate parent. Unlike the semitic father `god` He is not a tyrant: He does not compel people to follow Him under pain of death and torture. As a true parent He nurtures us and then lets us go to pursue our own individual and collective wyrd. He is our guide in both the external objective world and in the internal subjective one. I will explore more themes raised in Mr Donington`s work in future articles concerning Wotan.

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