Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tolkien and the Use of the `Ar` Prefix

The writings of J.R.R. Tolkien are replete with Aryan undertones and references.
According Robert Foster[The Complete Guide to Middle-Earth] under the entry "Ar:[Ad.:`royal,king`] Prefix attached to royal names of those rulers of Numenor who took their names in Adunaic."
There are literally scores of personal and place names that feature the Ar prefix. As a scholar of Germanic and Celtic languages Tolkien must have understood the significance and meaning of this term. It is highly significant that the prefix features so prominently, the name Aragorn being one of the most well known.
I will be make an in depth study of this subject as I continue my researches into Tolkien`s work.
In the meantime please enjoy this poem by Tolkien which concerns the mythical land of Aryador from the Book of Lost Tales, Part One:

In the vales of Aryador
By the wooded inland shore
Green the lakeward bents and meads
Sloping down to murmurous reeds
That whisper in the dusk o’er Aryador:

Do you hear the many bells
Of the goats upon the fells
Where the valley tumbles downward from the pines?
Do you hear the blue woods moan
When the Sun has gone alone
To hunt the mountain-shadows in the pines?

She is lost among the hills
And the upland slowly fills
With the shadow-folk that murmur in the fern;
And still there are the bells
And the voices on the fells
While Eastward a few stars begin to burn.

Men are kindling tiny gleams
Far below by mountain-streams
Where they dwell among the beechwoods near the shore,
But the great woods on the height
Watch the waning western light
And whisper to the wind of things of yore,

When the valley was unknown,
And the waters roared alone,
And the shadow-folk danced downward all the night,
When the Sun fared abroad
Through great forests unexplored
And the woods were full of wandering beams of light.

Then were voices in the fells
And a sound of ghostly bells
And a march of shadow-people o’er the height.
In the mountains by the shore
In forgotten Aryador
There was dancing and was ringing;
There were shadow-people singing
Ancient songs of olden gods in Aryador.’

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