Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Music of Richard Wagner and the Aryan Volksgeist

The sacred Aryan music of Wilhelm Richard Wagner[1813-1873]can achieve in the Aryo-Germanic unconscious an awakening and this happened to me in 1989 when I became exposed to excerpts of music from Der Ring des Nibelungen, his greatest and most epic work which consists of the music dramas of Das Rheingold, Die Walkuere, Siegfried and Goetterdaemmerung.
Still today whenever I listen to any of his music dramas-please note that he never referred to them as `operas`, I experience spiritual enlightenment.
Listening to this pure Aryan music is akin to meditating on the great sacred symbols of our race such as the Runes, the Sunwheel, the Swastika et al. It causes a connection to be established with the Volksgeist[the folk soul] and our ancient Gods.
Significantly Wagner composed 13 music dramas:

Die Feen
Das Liebesverbot
Der Fliegende Hollaender
Tristan und Isolde
Die Meistersinger von Nuernberg
Das Rheingold
Die Walkuere

They mainly take their inspiration from Germanic or Celtic mythology and mediaeval romances. Wagner was a visionary, a genius poet and composer who became destined to act as a channel of inspiration for the Volksgeist in the 19th century and he continues to inspire us today with his sheer genius.
It is for good reason that Wagner is hated in Israel and by many Jews throughout the world for they realise that his music has the potential to rearouse the German, Germanic and Aryan peoples again just as they were aroused in the years preceding 1933 in Germany. Wagner was also one of the few who were sufficiently aware and brave enough to expose the meddling of the Jews and their pollution of Aryan art forms in his groundbreaking essay Das Judenthum in der Musik.
What a difference there is between Wagner`s music and the crap that is mass produced today by mainly Jewish record companies, most of which is negro rap music which turns my stomach everytime I am unfortunately exposed to it.
We can counter their pernicious influence by the playing of Wagner`s music and exposing it to the arising generations along with our sacred Aryan symbols in order that it may begin to influence them also and ground in them a racial awareness and pride.
We must never forget that music is like a physical/psychical symbol-it communicates directly with the unconscious mind and is worth more than a thousand books!

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