Monday, June 04, 2012

Imperium by Francis Parker Yockey-A Review

Imperium by Francis Parker Yockey is back in print, distributed by Invictus Books and is available at an affordable £15 or so from Amazon.
I spent about a month reading and analysing Yockey`s first and most important published work. The first part of the book is quite heavy going where Yockey puts forward his analysis of 20th century historical and political outlooks before he moves on to describe and define his theory of Culture Pathology and the Culture Distorter.
His discussion of America and its counterproductive and culture distorting role in European and world affairs could have been written yesterday and I had to constantly remind myself that this magnum opus was actually authored in 1948. His insights are so fresh for the time and are just as relevant today as they were in the late 1940s-very little has in fact changed.
Yockey`s position on race is quite ambiguous and reminds me a little of Julius Evola`s concept of the race of the spirit.
Yockey`s condemnation of vertical racism may be bewildering for some who may gravitate to this book but I would advise those who start to read it to continue to the end. My reading of this great work involved a rollercoaster of emotions but was worth it in the end.
This work should be read in conjunction with its sequel, The Enemy of Europe and indeed this later work ideally should be read first to make some of the more difficult concepts in Imperium easier to digest.
Those of you who are familiar with and appreciate the writings of Julius Evola will find much that is of familiar spirit in this great work.

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