Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Cancer of Feminisation in the Aryan World

The root sickness that currently pervades Aryan society in the `western world` is the feminisation of Aryan man, his emasculation and the rise of the `new man`, the cosmopolitan, metrosexual, handag carrying, make up wearing, gelled hair, sandal-wearing, daily shower taking excuse for a `man`.
Not only has the modern white-collar worker become emasculated in appearance and behaviour, not only is he manipulated with impunity by woman but the whole society in which he finds himself is dominated not so much by women but by the feminising influence of woman.
The rot set in with the granting of the electoral franchise to women. For the first time policians in the western parliamentary democracies had to take into account the views and opinions of women but the statesman of yore became the political whore of today where he will prostitute himself for a few thousand votes in order to maintain his position on the gravy train.
The feminisation of society and the emasculation of man`s world can be traced back to this event. Screeching feminists once they had obtained the vote then went on to demand `equality`[whatever that means] with men. They wished to exchange their Gods-given feminimity to become a type of inferior man: to become wage slaves.
They demanded the right of divorce on demand, equal pay and inheritance rights. They exchanged their womanhood for a few shekels or a pound of flesh in the divorce courts.
Today we do not hear so much of the feminists of the 1960s and 70s because they have largely achieved their goals and in many respects women now have more `rights` and influence than men.
This feminising influence can be seen at work in the way that modern Aryan man feels that he is under pressure to `dig deep` for the parasites of the African and Asian world, to spend his meagre wealth on `charity` or materialism-"keeping up with the Jones`s".
One sign of a feminised world is the desire for `safety` or `security` and the over-regulation of everyday matters. The Aryan hero cannot breath in such a world-it is stifling!
Often this materialistic pressure comes from the women around him. He is apt to feel wretched unless he cares for the unfortunates of this world.
He is in other words a sorry excuse for a `man`. He is less than a man. Such a miserable creature has no place in the struggle for existence. And likewise such a race has no place on this earth unless it is prepared to fight-literally fight for its existence.
To spend your wealth on supporting other races is akin to spitting on your children`s children. Other races and peoples are in competition with us for scarce resources and for the right to exist. Not only must we as individuals and as a race struggle to exist we must struggle for supremacy. For without a strong Will to Power we deserve to perish as perish we may!
Aryan man become men again and grow some bloody balls!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

L.A. Waddell and Egyptian Civilization. Its Sumerian Origin and Real Chronology

For a number of years now I have gained an appreciation of the works of Professor L.A. Waddell and in particular his Egyptian Civilization. Its Sumerian Origin and Real Chronology in which he provides uncontestable proofs of the Sumerian origin of Egyptian civilization, so-called `Egyptian` hieroglyphics and the pre-dynastic and first dynasty of Pharaohs and by extension their Indo-European origins.
He skillfully identifies through his decipherment of the Indo-Sumerian seals and his comparison between their inscriptions with those of the Indo-Aryan king lists and Sumerian and Egyptian chronicles that Pharaoh Menes is identical with Manis-Tusu,son of Sargon the Great,Manasyu of India and King Minos of Crete, a great Aryan world emperor.
Professor Waddell`s work is unfortunately largely ignored by the academics, not because of lack of evidence or inherent logic but because his racial interpretation of ancient history has become an anathema since the end of WWII.
Since the discovery that the family of Tutankhamun have European DNA and the suppression of this fact by scientists and the Egyptian establishment it is time that this scholar`s works were revisited with an open mind.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Sons of Surt are Approaching

Hearken ye sons of Hama! Hearken to the voice of the son of Veleda!
I see on the horizon the coming of the sons of Surt, that black faced leader of the southern hordes. Indeed he is already here and he brings his hordes of destruction with him. They are surrounding Walhalla; they have no shame these sons of Surt.
The time of Ragnarok-Korangar approaches. Are you ready sons of Hama, noble offspring of Rig? Are you ready, noble Einheriar to fight at All-Father`s command when Hama blows Gjallarhorn? To your swords and shields and our Gods go with us!
The strawdeath of shame awaits the coward of ignoble blood.