Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Aryan Lords of Avaris

As my readers will be aware, I have on this blog in particular argued for the Aryan origins of Egyptian civilisation as it is the Aryan alone who is the true originator and maintainer of culture and civilisation.
It would appear that this argument is gaining ground and those nutcases who argue for a negroid genesis of Egyptian civilisation and indeed for western and thus European civilisation are shown for the snake oil charlatons that they are.

Here is an extract from David Rohl`s Lords of Avaris book which incidentally I highly recommend:

Referring to Professor Martin Bernal`s ludicrous book Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization Dr Rohl states: "However, this Afro-centric perspective and Bernal`s original, less radical, position[here Dr Rohl is referring to the deluded negroid-American revolutionaries who argue in favour of negro pharaonic migrants from north-east Africa who allegedly brought with them Egyptian civilisation-or the seeds of it]are both wrong because they fail to take into consideration the origins of the Hyksos kings whose descendants left Egypt for the Aegian. Their homeland was not in Africa or Egypt or the Levant. They came not from the south or east but from the Pelasgian north-as migrants[probably as military conquerors] who took over dominion of the Levant and Egypt in the Middle Bronze Age."
He goes on to state: "Others of their kin remained in southern Canaan-the Bible knows them as Philistines and Jebusites-whilst their Aryan allies in the north took on the guise of the Mitannian rulers of the Late Bronze Age.
There were no major African influences going out of Egypt to the Aegian beyond those acquired during the Hyksos period from pharaonic[Nilotic] culture which was itself predominately influenced by the ancient Near Eastand not black Africa beyond the Second Catract of the Nile."[Pages 263-264]

Throught his work Dr Rohl emphasises the Indo-European[at times he uses the term Aryan] connections between Egypt, mainland Greece, Anatolia and Crete and builds his case for the thoroughly Indo-Europeans origins of western civilisation. The book is lavishly illustrated with many colour plates and is a mammoth 524 pages long.

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Anglo_Pyramidologist said...

A good post, i didn't know about this. Though i own one of Rohl's earlier works. I appreciate his anti-afrocentric stance. I think i stumbled across your blog a while back, you have somewhere a very good post on Waddell.

Can't say i'm much interested in Aryan esoteric subjects, but i do take a huge interest in the anthropology and history of Indo-Europeans (Aryans) and i applaud your research in this area on your blog. Not many people are educated on the subject of the Aryans.