Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Woden Avatar Adolf Hitler

The present calamitous situation that Europe and the rest of the Aryan world finds itself in is the direct result of the opposition of the United Kingdom and its zionist allies to the appearance and rightful rule of the Woden avatar Adolf Hitler.
The twelve years of the Third Reich were in effect a manifestation of the twelve nights of Yule, the nights of the Wild Hunt which resulted in death, destruction and devastation in order that the old order may be swept away.
Whether Adolf Hitler had been opposed or not the old order would have been destroyed.Unfortunately with the fall of the Third Reich the Aryan peoples rejected a Golden Age, a future which would have secured not only their survival but also their physical and spiritual advancement. The Aryans of the materialist, capitalist and zionised `West` have thrown this all away and have now inherited a broken Europe, a broken England, a lost empire and the genocide of our race via the mass importation of Asians and Africans whose unwanted presence on our sacred soil threatens our very existence.
Whether we survive or not one thing is most certain-total devastation will come to England and the rest of Europe. That is unavoidable and not in the least undesireable. Either we fight and survive, fight and die or do nothing and die but fight we must.
If this nation of England perishes it will have brought its wyrd upon its own head due to the race treason of the idiots who fought in the last two wars of genocide against the best guarantor of the Aryan race-Germany.
So instead of viewing these elderly soldiers of western democracy as heroes one should instead view them and the current batch of military automotons as the blind fools that they are. Likewise are the fools and idiots who currently support the endless "wars against terror" being carried out on men, women and children in the middle east at the behest of Israel and its global enforcer the USA.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wotans Krieger Recommends: The Germanic People, Their Origin, Expansion & Culture By Francis Owen

Although out of print I was fortunate enough to get a second hand hardback copy of this work in near pristine condition.
What makes this work different from others is that Mr Owen is not afraid to cover the racial genesis of the Germanic peoples, the result of the fusing together of the Corded Ware, single grave battle axe wielding Indo-Europeans and the aboriginal Northern Megalithic culture which is reflected in the myth of the war and reconciliation of the Aesir and Vanir Gods of northern mythology.
His work extends far back into the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic period and forward into the Bronze Age and the pre-Roman and Roman Iron Age.
Mr Owen uses the tools of archaeology, linguistics, history, mythology and anthropology in an intriguing way, the latter field rarely used these days when discussing the Germanic peoples. As the work in the scheme of things is fairly recent[1960] it is even more surprising that it is free from the post war anti-Germanic bias which is found in many other `scholarly` works.
I recommend this work to all those who are interested in the pre-history of the Germanic peoples, Germanic mythology and racial anthropology. It offers a thorough grounding in the basics which is sadly lacking in more recent works.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Odinsaker and the Asmegir-the Coming Race

The subject of Odinsaker, The acre-of-the-not-dead or Jordlifanda manna, The-field-of-the-living is rarely commented upon in modern books on Germanic mythology but thankfully there is an abundance of information to be found upon this subject in Viktor Rydberg`s masterpiece Teutonic Mythology, Volume 1 and I recommend readers of this blog to purchase for themselves both volumes of this work which stands on a par or indeed in my opinion exceeds Jacob Grimm`s Teutonic Mythology.
It would appear from Rydberg`s investigations that the future regenerators of humanity Lif and Leifthraser have resided in Odinsaker or Mimer`s Grove for "ages" and more than likely since the Golden Age of Gods and men. They and their fellow men and women are termed the Asmegir, children of the Asa Gods, physically perfect and morally incorruptable human beings, Godmen if you will who are not subject to the pains of death, sickness or ageing who live on the elixir that comes from Mimer`s fountain, the sacred mead, which also provides sustenance to the Gods and departed heroes, the Einheriar.
One thing is very clear and that is Odinsaker is not a place of the dead but of the living who have never died. It is an underworld kingdom watched over by Woden`s friend and tutor, the wise giant Mimer. They appear to also come under the tutelage and guidance of the light God Baldr who will return to Midgard after Ragnarok and with other surviving Gods and Godmen-the Asmegir will walk together in harmony upon the earth.
Could there be a link between this very ancient myth and the 19th century story, The Coming Race by Edward Bulwer-Lytton? Readers of this blog should already be familiar with this story so I do not intend to relate it here in this post. Further information may be obtained from my articles Vril, The Power of the Coming Race[17/3/07] and The Man of the Future[19/6/11].
Bulwer-Lytton emphasises in his work that the Coming Race, the Vril-Ya are in fact biologically related to the Aryan race and will return to the surface of the earth to cleanse it of all the moral and physical degeneracy that currently infests it.
We should also take comfort in the fact that not only will our race survive-and it is clear that the Aryan race is intended here but that the future race will be physically and morally superior to that which we currently know. The Asmegir are untouched by the millenia of miscegenation and other degeneracy that affects our race today.
As the events of 2012 unfold let my readers take comfort in this message and remember that we are only a link in the chain of our great race and the important thing to remember is that we WILL as a biological entity survive and prosper whilst all other peoples will perish. Once again humanity will equate to Aryan humanity: there will be NO other!