Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Importance of Wearing Aryan Symbols to Awaken the Collective Racial Unconscious

This article should be read in conjunction with The Use of Holy Symbols in the Manipulation of the Collective Unconscious posted on 5/6/10 on this blog.
As mentioned in my previous article: "A symbol is worth a thousand words for it is a means for direct communication with the Collective Unconscious in the same way that a trance or a dream can be viwed as a portal to this world. The Unconscious uses a different form of language than the Conscious and at the same time is a deep reservoir of ancestral and ancient racial archetypes and imagery

Even though on an intellectual level the person who sees the sacred symbol may only partially understand or not understand at all its significance nevertheless the Collective Unconscious in the right hemisphere of the brain will resonate with the symbol and recover buried images and archetypes long thought to be lost. However in the Collective as well as the Personal Unconscious nothing is ever truly lost.

The racially aware folkish Wodenist or practitioner of some other alternative Aryan path should on a daily basis give witness to his beliefs/Weltanschauung via the wearing of sacred symbols. In the Wodenist/Wotanist/Odinist religions these symbols could include the following:

.The Hammer of Thor/Thunor/Donar

.The Axe, symbolic of both the Battle Ax wielding Aryans and the prototype and alternative to the Hammer of Thor. This symbol is also worn by the followers of other Aryan thunder Gods such as Perun.

.The Swastika/Fylfot, Solar Wheel, Trefot.

.The Black Sun/Schwarze Sonne.

.The Spear of Woden/Wotan/Odin, named Gungnir.

.The Valknut.

.Runic pendants.

This is just a selection of some obvious examples. Blievers may wish to use other symbols such as miniture images of the Gods and Goddesses. Tattoos are another valuable source of presenting sacred images. Our Aryan ancestors definitely practised this ancient art. We have evidence for this from the Toacharian mummies found in the Tarim Basin in China and the Iceman, Oetzi. These tattoos appears to have a religious or spiritual significance. I have a number of such tattoos on my arms.
Whilst one may argue that sacred symbols should be hidden away from profane view out of respect for the symbols or what they represent we have an urgent need to spiritually reawaken our people-or those of them that have the capacity to be awakened from their long dream-like slumber. Without a spiritual awakening our folk and race may ultimately perish and the world along with it.
On a personal basis my wearing of the Hammer of Thor has prompted people that I encounter to ask me questions about the Hammer and what it signifies for me. This helps to sow the seed in the mind of the enquirer which may even after may years grow and eventually bear fruit. Currently I am wearing a runic axe as I feel that this symbol resonates with me on both a racial and spiritual level. It is both the symbol of the axe wielding Aryans to be found throughtout Europe and further afield and the prototype for the Hammer or Axe-Hammer of our thunder God Thor and his fellow Aryan equivalents.

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