Sunday, November 20, 2011

432,000 Einheriar, the Ragnarok and Kali Yuga

"Five hundred doors, and forty eke, I think, are in Valhall, Eight hundred Einheriar will at once from each door go when they issue with the wolf to fight."
[The Lay of Grimnir,Younger Edda, Benjamin Thorpe translation].

At the time of the final battle Ragnarok 432,000 faithful warriors[540 x 800], dedicated to Woden, bearing the sign of the knot of the slain/chosen which mark them as belonging to Him will march forth to do battle against the forces of the evil desert idol jehovah and his fundamentalist muslim, christian and judaic hordes. This is reflected in the name Ragnarok itself which reading from right to left[the custom of non-Aryan languages] spells korangar-meaning the spear[gar is Germanic for spear] of the Koran.

The forces of jehovah are currently divided along the following lines:

.The `western`, `democratic`, christian/post-christian/humanist, zionist, capitalist world.

. The eastern, non-democratic, muslim world.

The latter has for the last 20 years been stirred up by the zionist-western world with the deliberate intention of moving towards an `Armageddon` or what we would term the Ragnarok, the destined end of the Gods, although we know from the Eddas that the Gods will not ultimatley die but will be replaced by a new generation of Gods, which I have thus far found 8 in number-Baldr, Hodr, Hoenir, Magni, Modi, Vidar, Vali and Njord. No Godesses are mentioned. I do not know if this was deliberate or merely an oversight.

Interestingly the number 432,000 is the number of years that the Kali Yuga will last according to Hindu mythology. Also the figure of 540 is repeated in The Lay of Grimnir at verse 24:

"Five hundred floors, and forty eke, I think, has Bilskirnir with its windings. Of all the roofed houses that I know, is my son`s the greatest."

The etymology of Bilskirnir is "the one striking lightning with rays of light".
Skaldskaparmal 4 says that Bilskirnir belongs to Thunor.

"It certainly hints vigorously at some common source from which these widely seperated traditions have descended and at some hidden meaning which makes this figure recur in them."[Page 80, The Masks of Odin Wisdom of the Ancient Norse by Elsa-Brita Titchenell.]

Clearly the composer of the Lay of Grimnir intended to draw a direct link between the 432,000 warriors and the event known as Ragnarok and this in turn is directly linked to the end of the Kali Yuga in the Hindu scriptures. As Elsa-Brita Titchenell rightly concludes they must have a common and thus an Aryan source which has been preserved in these two traditions.

Yet Rudolf Simek in his Dictionary of Northern Mythology under the entry for Valhall conjectures that the number may be "traced back to Hellenic influence" without offering a scintilla of evidence and then laughably goes on to say it "is not a number of any particular significance". Mr Simek, I beg to differ!


Prabh Rangi said...

54 is a number connected with Pashupati: Lord Shiva.

Prabh Rangi said...

Numbers 54 and 540 are linked with Pashupati-Mahesh-Shiva.