Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mother Earth`s Revenge-It is Coming Soon-Very Soon

Mankind has become a pestilence, a cancer upon the face of the earth and like any malignant tumour it must be surgically removed to save the host, in this case Mother Earth and the life systems which she supports.
We have reached a critical point of no return. The earth is now groaning under the burden of 7 billion, yes 7 billion human beings who are leaching off her and her precious life systems. Mankind is unwilling or incapable[for political reasons] in restraining and reversing this burden. Indeed under the guise of christian `morality` and `compassion`[both of which are misplaced]the wealthier countries of the world take great pride in demonstrating their `empathy`, `sympathy`, `morality` and `compassion` by endless appeals for donations to support the `starving millions` of the `third world`. Lives which should never have been conceived.
I say let such life perish! Only when millions starve will Africa and Asia learn the lesson that a population should not exceed the limits set for it by Nature or that population`s ability to sustain itself.By feeding the millions of Africa and Asia we are feeding our competitors for future valuable life-sustaining resources.
Today we are experiencing a war for oil to keep the wheels of global capitalism turning in order that the invisible elite which governs this human cess pool can maintain its privileged position.
The unfit are to be found even amongst our own peoples due to the misguided concept of allowing the least gifted of our people to reproduce themselves.
In the future the war will no longer be over just oil but land, Lebensraum, food and water as such essential resources become scarcer and scarcer. The nightmare scenario is almost upon us.
However there is light at the end of this Stygian dark tunnel[to mix my metaphors]. Mother Earth is rebelling: She is exerting Herself once more. What man is unwilling or incapable of doing She will accomplish and perfect: the near annihilation of the pestilence known as mankind.
We are witnessing an acceleration and intensification of natural disasters: earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, famines and epdemics.All of this intesifying as we approach that mystical year 2012. The Germanic Eddas calls this time Ragnarok where most life upon the earth and indeed within the heavens will be destroyed-or almost.
Six Gods will survive this calamity: Vidar, Vali, Magni, Modi, Hoenir, Njord and two will return from Hel: Baldr and Hodr. Interstingly 6 of these are sets of brothers. The exceptions being Hoenir and Njord.
When we reflect upon Germanic and Aryan mythology and metahistory it is startling but true that our civilisations tend to be founded by twins, mythical or legendary in nature. Rome was founder by Romulus and Remus and England was reestablished by Hengest and Horsa.
Some of the early English tribes in their continental home worshipped the Alcis which Tacitus compares to the Roman Castor and Pollux. Njord mated with his twin sister Nerthus and produced the divine brother and sister Frey and Freyja who also are presented in Germanic mythology as brother-sister spouses. This theme recurs in the Volsunga Saga between Sigmund and his sister Signy.
There is an assumption that Magni and Modi were twins although we do not know this for certain. All we know is that Magni is the son of Thor and the giantess Jarnsaxa. We are not told the identity of Modi`s mother. Significantly they will inherit Thor`s axe-hammer after Ragnarok which is the only surviving symbol of the divine authority and sovereignity of the Gods. The return of the Light God Baldr and his brother the blind God Hodr is an indication that balance and thus harmony has been restored in the new Golden Age on earth. The two sides of Mjolnir represent light and darkness in balance as does the rune Dagaz.
The two surviving humans are named Lif and Lifthrasir. It is tempting to see an etymological connection in the common element `Lif` in their names, perhaps signifying a brother-sister mating which will by implication produce a new and racially pure semi-divine race upon the earth which unlike its predessors will walk in harmony with the divine powers and nature and will not strive after gold and trinkets.

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Ariki said...

I like the point you make that charities which support the poor of Africa and Asia are in fact "feeding our competitors for future life-sustaining resources". You've hit the nail right on the head!

Charity is merely another facet of our pleasure-seeking society. These supposed "altruistic" charitable acts are in actual fact "feel-good" acts and therefore selfish acts. There is also the fact that you mentioned that to support these people to survive only enables them to breed and to perpetuate the cycle of dependence. Charity in fact enables more suffering. We must look to the long term rather than the short or suffer annihilation.

In regards to god twins: in his Germania, Tacitus mentions the ancient Germanic god Twisto (sometimes spelt Twisko).
There is reason to believe that Twisto was not one god but two. The main reason lies in the god's name: Twisto contains 'twi', the root of our english word 'twin'.