Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Gordion Knot

Some years ago in the early 2000s I had a most significant and memorable dream which had a clear spiritual meaning.
The key figure within the dream was a young boy dressed in a red robe which was tied by a red cord around the waist. I attempted to undo the knot in the cord but no matter how I tried I did not succeed and then I recall saying to myself "this is a Gordion Knot." With this I awoke.
At that time I was not familiar with the story of the Gordion Knot and how Alexander the Great managed to sever it with his sword. In 333BCE Alexander the Great reached Gordium in Phrygia and severed the Gordion Knot with his sword after finding that he could not untie it. An oracle in Phrygia predicted that the man who could untie the famous Gordion Knot would become king of Phrygia[they were without a king at this time]. That night there was a tremendous thunderstorm and this was interpreted as a good omen for Alexander in that Zeus was pleased and would grant him further victories.
His biographers also claimed that the untying of the knot would grant the person who managed this control over all of Asia.
So when one says today that a certain problem is a `Gordion Knot` they are impying that it is a problem that appears to have no solution.
The symbol of the knot represents spiritual continuity and connection and suggests a need for a pause for one to assess a situation or one`s life and the need for contemplation. Psychologically it can indicate that the dreamer is a bound to a situation by a sense of duty and/or guilt and the only way to free oneself is by the untying of the knot or the things that bind us.
The boy symbolises the potential for growth and development and the willingness to face difficulties. The robe symbolises something that has remained uncovered but the desire to take off the robe by loosening and untying the knot is indicative of a need to shed old beliefs and/or inhibitions.
The robe and the cord were red and red stands for energy, vitality and vigour.
The cord itself stands for those things that tie or bound us to situations or people.
Significantly I was not aware at the time of the legend of the Gordion Knot and the connection with Alexander the Great. Was it possible that within the dream state I had accessed the Collective Unconscious of the Aryan peoples?
Certainly after this time I began to expand my interests and studies from the narrow confines of Germanic mythology and history to that of other Aryan peoples and the Proto-Indo-Europeans, taking a keen interest in the science of Comparative Mythology and the life of Alexander the Great.
This dream certainly marked a spiritual transition for me and certain personal problems were subsequently resolved.

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Wotans Krieger said...

SA Mann said...

I'd like to add this comment here and describe two dreams I had more then two years ago in the Summer of 2008 for your interpratation (this is the young National Socialist from Lithuania).

I had this dream somewhere about the middle of July in 2008, it was a period of huge spiritual upheaval and transformation for myself into a real and fanatic National Socialist.

The dream began in a strange theme which has appeared multiple times in different dreams, where I was driving in a troleybus around some, perhaps, fictional part of the city. I left it and went into some kind of building in which there were very materially poor people. I can't remember exactly what happened there, but after a short look around there I left that building and walked to another one. The next 'scene' began with me oppening the door to the building I reached then and there was a spacious room there which was void of any furniture at all, but had a floor of beutiful wood and the walls seem to have also been covered by it. In the middle of the room there were spiral stairs.

I saw Heinrich Himmler walk down the stairs and bring me up the stairs to some kind of room where he showed me some sort of papers and when he put his arm on my shoulder, I woke up.

A few days after this dream I had another and, I believe, much more important dream: I was in the same place not far from the stairs, I was facing the door leading outside. The door oppened and there was a strong light from there, then I saw Heinrich Himmler come inside there, but together with Hitler.

I stood stunned and just looked, Himmler just went somewhere and I noticed his glance at me for a moment. I just stared at Adolf Hitler. He came to me and I looked at His eyes and He gave me His hand. I took his hand in a handshake and looked at His eyes. I was incredibly happy as He smiled, I think I never was ever so warm and full of love and happiness as then, His hand and everything else felt as in REAL PHYSICAL LIFE, I couldn't differentiate. And the tears - everything - felt absolutelly real. After smiling at me, He just disappeared and, after a moment of noticing I'm alone in the building, I woke up. When I woke up, I noticed there are real tears on the bedsheet and that, therefore, I actually was crying from joy in reality also.

I personally take this dream very seriously and regard it as a privilege Providence gave me. I'd be grateful for an interpretation of this and it can be posted on this website with absolutelly no objections from myself.

Also, I'd be grateful if I could re-establish my long-lost contact with you, I would have so much to say...

Heil Hitler!
9 October 2010 14:53
Odin's Raven said...

Isn't the severing of the Gordion knot a rather ambiguous symbol? The application of force to solve a problem gave Alexander temporary success as far as he was able to push his army, but left no lasting success, and no basis for rule by his Successors other than force. On the other hand, it could be that a tangled situation that could not be unravelled might only be resolved by intelligently directed force.
28 November 2010 12:41