Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aryan Naturism

I believe that as racialists we need to give some consideration to how we can both relate better to the natural world[of which we are a part of] and how we can contribute to improving our own and our race`s racial health and fitness.
One important aspect of getting closer to nature is through naturism or nudism.
Nudism has a politically sound pedigree having originated in the
of turn of the 19th/20th century Germany.
Although initially suspicious of the nudism movement in Germany the new National Socialist government in Germany appreciated that nudism had the same goals as National Socialism, namely the physical improvement of the individual German and the Volk as a whole.
Nudism was considered a great leveller. Clothes are an artificial barrier to interhuman relationships. They help to mask a person`s true worth. Like inherited titles,privileges and money they are an artificial barrier between Aryan and Aryan. By the discarding of clothes we can focus on the inherent worth, not the apparent worth of the individual.
National Socialism is a great leveller of artificial class differences, its sole focus is racial improvement and nudism started out this way in 1890s Germany.
We use clothes not merely as a means of maintaining bodily warmth but as a social status symbol, a badge of artificial rank and as a display of real or apparent wealth. By discarding clothes we can discard such artificial barriers with our fellow Aryans and so work towards the Aryan unity which as racialists we supposedly desire.
By exposing our naked bodies to the elements,to the air,light and sun we will as individuals harden,strengthen and beautify our bodies and by doing so we improve the health,strength and beauty of the race.
Nudism can also be used as a means to assess the racial and physical compatability and sufficiency of potential mates so that we ensure that only the best elements of our race mate with the best elements. This is a factor which is often unappreciated by racialists and nudists alike.
According to Chad Ross in his "Naked Germany" nudism helped to unite Germans from different ends of the political spectrum behind a common cause and goal-racial improvement.
"Nudism`s professed ability to overcome division of all kinds under the banner of regenerating the German Volk and nation was evident within the movement itself. Nudists came from a variety of backgrounds and held convictions that ranged across the political spectrum; yet unlike those in the political arena nudists did not allow these differences to dominate or to derail their collective effort of transforming Germany into a nudist utopia."[Page 64 of `Naked Germany` by Chad Ross.]

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Princess Rayne said...

Clothes are a form of protection against other people. Being nude on ones own is okay and being nude outside is okay so long as no one else is around. It was okay back in the 19th c and early 20th c where communities were closer and people were more innocent in a way. Today people are corrupt, spiteful, predatory and nasty. It's not safe or wise to be naked among strangers really. There are problems in nudist camps where they have encountered weirdos turning up to look at women. Also some people find nudism scary as they know everyone is going to hate them because of their body. It's not important to be nude anymore as we're all going to die off soon by old age.