Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Nordic Appearance of the Aryan Gods

Over recent years from my studies of the mythologies of various Aryan peoples I have been struck by the similarity in the physical appearance of the Gods of the various pantheons. Hardly without exception they are of Nordic, indeed of extreme Nordic appearance with "snow white" skin, tall in height, light eyed, being mainly blue, grey or green and light haired, predominately blond but also red. There are some exceptions. Poseidon or Neptune, the Greek/Roman sea God has black hair but he is the brother of Zeus/Jupiter and thus of the same divine stock. In the fairytale of Snow White the heroine of the tale has "snow white" skin but raven hair.

A cursory study of Homer`s Illiad and Odyssey confirm that in the vast majority of cases the Gods and Demi-Gods/Heroes are light skinned, light eyed and light haired. Jos Rogiers in his splendid work The Lost Civilization of Homo Supersapiens also makes this observation and does a thorough job of it. I refer readers to Part II Chapter 6 in which he goes into great detail and quoting many references to Aryan myths and fairytales which consistently describe the physical appearance of the divine beings referred to.

We must not forget that fairytales, although collected and recorded in post conversion times do contain a great deal of mythological knowledge although much of it has a Christian veneer. The ancient Gods and Godesses of the Aryan peoples could no longer be openly referred to. Many that could not be canonised by the church were subsequently demonised. Many of the Gods continued to survive as fairies, fays, giants, elves, dwarves or banshees. As befitting beings of the Golden Age of Earth the Gods and Goddesses frequently are clothed in white, silver, golden or purple raiment. Often the Celtic ones also appear in green. Often they carry weapons or tools of great value, being gold or silver. This is not surprising as in the Golden Age gold and silver were in great abundance on the earth.

Apart from the major deities which are usually 12 or 13 in number there is a host of other minor Gods and Goddesses and those who are of part divine descent, named as heroes in the Greek tradition. Heroes have only one divine parent, most often it is the father rather than the mother.
These heroes or Demi-Gods share the same sort of appearance as the Gods. Nymphs, many giants, valkyries and elves also share this same radiant, beautiful and unearthly appearance. On a personal note I recently had a dream in which a shining blonde Goddess appeared to me and announced: "Iam Eriu, Goddess of the Aryans."

The various Aryan mythologies make it clear that the royal families of the Aryan nations were of divine descent. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles record the Germanic God Woden as being the ancestor of the royal families of the various Anglo-Saxon tribes. Not only were the kings and princes able to claim a divine lineage but many of the common people of the Aryan nations. For instance Tacitus` Germania states in section 2.2: "In ancient lays, their only type of historical tradition, they celebrate Tuisto, a god brought forth from the earth. They attribute to him a son, Mannus, the source and founder of their people, and to Mannus three sons, from whose names those nearest the Ocean are called Ingvaeones, those in the middle Herminones, and the rest Istvaeones." Mannus appears to be the same deity referred to in Indo-Iranian mythology as Manu.

With some justification the Germanic peoples could and indeed should think of themselves as a divine people, sons and daughters of the Gods. Indeed is it not amongst northern Europeans that the Nordic strain is still strongest? Indeed it is our genetic link to the Golden Age Gods who once walked the earth and were overlords of the human races and the parents of some. They will walk the earth again when this present Dark Age of chaos, this Wolf Age, this Iron Age, this Kali Yuga is brought to a violent climax with Ragnarok (Korangar for those with understanding).


Vicktarius said...

Originally Aryans were frem central Eurasia and widely considered the descendants from Hittites. Hunter gatherers, tradesmen, and a string warrior community with chariots and stronger developed weaponry, they migrated into two routes... Indus Valley and north Europe .

At decline of Indus Valley, they moved into north Gangetic plains if India. Even today the gods of Aryans are worshipped in the Hindu religion.

In Europe due to very low sun light, over thousands of years the migrated aryans bodies and hair changed color enough to absorb vitamin D and keep bone generation...

Further evolutions in these two communities of Euro Aryans and Indo Aryans was based on regional cultures and dynamics.

Wotans Krieger said...

I am sorry but you are talking utter bollocks and the only reason why I have published your crass comments is to ridicule them and show the world how wrong you are!
There is no evidence that the Aryans migrated into Europe. The prevailing view is that they were always here.
Our light skin, hair and eyes have always been so. Peoples` characteristics do not change as the result of migration for if this were the case then why do the Lapps still have slanty eyes? Would my descendants if they emigrated to Africa eventually become negroes? You are talking nonsense! The reason why the higher Aryan castes in India look darker is because they eventually intermingled with the Dravidian race that surrounded them who were far more numerous.
The Nordic appearance of the Aryan is a reflection of the Gods he/she worships.

Bob Wright said...

Vitamin D absorption does not explain Aryan light skin, and especially exotic hair color and eyes.

The answer is most likely sexual selection, giving credence to the general worldwide observation that white people are the most attractive race.

Google the work of Peter Frost Ph.D

Mahesh singh said...

I agree with Mr.Krieger

Blut und Boden said...

The idea of gods having corporeal bodies and therefore appearances seems ridiculous. It is however entirely possible that those who embody the gods therefore "becoming" the god of their choosing, would tend to be purely European seeing as how heroism, the path to becoming the divine, seems to be a trade mark of the European people.

Wotans Krieger said...

Blut und Boden, there is nothing "ridiculous" in the "idea of gods having corporeal bodies" as you contend. If Gods are truly Gods and not mere Jungian archetypes then they are capable of presenting themselves with form and appearance-and that of their choosing. May I suggest that you study the Volsunga Saga as in this most important of our sacred literature Odin appears many times in human form to members of the Volsunga clan. It is surely a matter of faith and if you are not of our faith (which appears to be the case) then I would not expect you to comprehend this divine truth.
Secondly you are also wrong when you state that "heroism" "seems to be a trade mark of the European people". History shows us that heroism is not the preserve of any particular race or people but a common human attribute. I would also argue that the Europeans have more than their fair share of craven cowards! Thirdly there is no single "European people" as you appear to claim, but many European peoples and many European races.