Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Man of the Future

"I have seen the man of the future; he is cruel; I am frightened by him"[Adolf Hitler]

Over the years I encountered many `white nationalists` who saw the current struggle for the survival of the Aryan race as being one of numbers. In other words they see this war as one of outbreeding other races. This is a false way of viewing the problem. Aryan man has always represented a minority of the world`s population and the size of our race has never be greater than it is now. The problem that we face is the loss of our living space, our Lebensraum, our territorial imperative in other words.
It is this which bodes evil for our peoples. Without control of our own soil we leave ourselves open to influence and control by others and the consequent miscegenation that occurs when those of our race who are devoid of any racial consciousness pollute their genetic lines by breeding with alien races.
In a sense one could argue that this is about numbers as if the indigenous or culture bearing race become a minority within their own land they can become dominated by the agenda of other races and thus lose control and influence but simply attempting to outbreed other races will not solve this problem but only add to the overpopulation of our planet.
What we need is a territorial imperative, a land that is exclusively our own, a land whose borders we control and that will permit no aliens to tresspass upon our sacred soil. The whole issue is not about numbers it is about racial purity. A territorial imperative secures that.
A small country, England managed to dominate a large part of the planet just a short time ago so numbers have nothing to do with what we as an Aryan people may achieve if we have the necessary will to power.
Our current situation in the so-called `west` appears to be hopeless with millions of tresspassers `legally` or illegally squatting in our lands with the full complicity of traitorous `democratic` politicians and bloated international capitalists. Capitalism, particularly global capitalism is the driving force behind ever greater mass immigration. As long as the masses have their `cake and circuses` they couldn`t care less. Racial consciousness thanks to zionist `holocaust` propaganda has never been so low amongst the Aryan peoples, whose lands are being invaded and they do nothing to defend themselves. In 100 years time we will go the way of the Red Indians and be living on reservations in our own lands, being fed crumbs by our coffee coloured `masters` and people, even our enemies, will bemoan our fate as they do now about the Red Indian but by then it will be too late to do anything about it.
We should no longer count upon a political solution. Or at least we should no longer look for a solution in the ballott box. The whole system is rigged against us. When progress is made the foreign international tribe who controls the media and all political parties[including the BNP] change the rules and move the goal posts, citing `hate crime` and the dreaded term of approbation, `racist`!
As individuals we need to free ourselves from our own psychological prisons. THEY control us very effectively via the mind conditioning known as political correctness, which is enforced not so much by a police force but by own minds. Not only are people terrified these days to call a spade a spade but they dare not even think the very thought. The `liberal` and `democratic` establishment attempts to control our actions by controlling our thoughts and it controls our thoughts by attempting to control and censor our words in the same way that Big Brother did in George Orwell`s 1948 novel, 1984. I strongly urge anyone who has not already done so to redd this book and by so doing it will help to liberate your mind. THEY depend not on a police force as such but your own mental processes to censor your language, your thoughts and actions. Don`t let them continue to do this! Awake Aryan Man!
However there is hope for the future. After the coming Ragnarok spoken of in the Germanic Eddas a new race will emerge, a survival of the old Aryan race but one which has been cleansed and purified not only of any racial dross and admixture but that of spiritual dross, a race that has been freed from Jewish religion and thought control, one that is no longer contaminated by Christian and humanitarian weakness.
Adolf Hitler had a vision of this man and He knew that His regime was only a forerunner, a prototype of that which shall arise and remain.
We get a glimps of this in The Coming Race by Edward Bulwer Lytton: "Only the more I think of a people calmy developing, in regions excluded from our sight and deemed uninhabitable by our sages, powers surpassing our most disciplined modes of force, and virtues to which our life, social and political, becomes antagonistic in proportion as our civilisation advances,-the more devoutly I pray that ages may yet elapse before there emerge into sunlight our inevitable destroyers".[Chapter XXIX]
Now of course The Coming Race is a novel but it was authored by a spiritual adept in an age of apparent technological and material progress. The author makes it clear in three places in his book that this Coming Race of Vril-ya are descendants of the great Aryan race that went underground and evolved further.
Viktor Rydberg in volume 1 of Teutonic Mythology gives a lot of information from his research about Odainsakr which he describes as a place of the living, not the dead: "Its very name, Acre-of-the-not-dead[Odainsakr], and The-field-of-the-living[Jord lifanda manna], however, makes it clear that it is not intended for the souls of the dead. This Erik Vidforle`s saga is also able to state, inasmuch as it makes a definite distinction between Odainsakr and Paradise. If human or other beings are found within the bulwark of the place, they must have come there as living beings in a physical sense; and when once there, they are protected from perishing, for disease, age, and death are excluded."
Odainsakr like the underground cities of the Vril-ya is subterranean.
In the Eddas we are told that two humans Lif[Old Norse-`life`] and Lifthrasir[Old Norse-`the one striving after life`]survive Ragnarok after hiding in Hoddmimir`s wood, which Rudolf Simek in his Dictionary of Northern Mythology considers to be the trunk of the world-tree Yggdrasil. There is a direct parallel to the recreation of man from a tree to their original creation from trees[Askr and Embla]. Things will come full circle again, which is always the way in Germanic and Aryan mythology which does not have a concept of linear time.
As a final thought it is worth bearing in mind that with modern genetic science nothing is now eternally lost-all living or once living things-including our race can be made anew and they will be!