Saturday, February 12, 2011

Aryan Imperium

I have recently finished reading Norman Lowell's Imperium Europa and C. Marcus Ideus' Imperian Manifesto and I wholeheartedly endorse their concept of an Aryan Imperium. Not only is this the solution to the problems of the Aryan race but it would provide the structure for the further advancement of our peoples.
The problem of racial extinction and genocide that faces our race requires a collective pan-Aryan solution not a petty nationalist one. Nationalism in the past has been the source of division amongst our peoples and helped to fuel numerous fratricidal European wars and two world wars.
Just as pollution and epidemics do not recognise national borders neither does the danger of mass `legal` and illegal immigration by the Asiatic and African hordes. A pan-Aryan solution is required and the emergence of an Imperium within Europe would provide the necessary framework and armed muscle to disenfranchise and forceably deport the miliions of non-Aryans to be found on our continent.
Mr Lowell forsees the Imperium extending to a cleansed USA, Australasia and Aryan parts of Africa. Our borders would be sealed and only the introduction of a `Europid ID` card would prevent aliens from existing within our borders. Such a card would only be issued after DNA testing has been carried out. Our economic system would once again be tied to the gold standard and no currency or resources would leave the Imperium. Those resources that the Imperium lacks would be traded for food which our peoples produce with a surplus.
Mr Lowell sees the re-emergence of an authentic pre-christian Aryan spirituality and appears himself to subscribe the the spirituality known as Cosmotheism. Ideus on the other hand is an unrepentant Christian or Christist as he describes himself. This is none other than a blatant attempt at reintroducing the deiscredited nonsense known as British Israelism or Christian Identity as it is now known.
There are several inconsitencies in Ideus` book, notably his position on capital punishment and the education of women. On page 147 of Imperian Manifesto he says that women should not be educated beyond High School level which in my opinion is not only divisive but would deprive our race of 50% of its best talent only in the name of his misogynist views which effectively would have prevented that great post war National Socialist Savitri Devi from making the contribution she has made to our cause. He sees women as purely broodmares! I don`t get this feeling from reading Imperium Europa.
Ideus and Lowell are both against the death penalty for Aryans on the grounds that they could be used for lifelong genetic experimentation to discover and eradicate the genes that are responsible for criminal behaviour. However Ideus also takes the view that the DNA of criminals is precious and to elimate murderers from the gene pool would unnecessarily reduce our numbers and prevent these miscreants from breeding! He totally ignores or is oblivious to the irony that such criminals would pass on their criminal and murderous propensities to further generations if they are not executed and permitted to breed! Furthermore there is a blatant contradiction on this within the pages of his book. On page 132 of his book he wrote "Likewise all convicted criminals shal undergo sterilization...." whilst on page 140 he stated "We simply cannot afford to sacrifice any more of our precious genes to the advancing barbarian Moloch at our gates!"
They see the takeover of the current European Union as a realistic strategy in uniting the Aryan peoples of Europe and its transformation into an Aryan Imperium: only time will tell!