Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Folkish Connection Between the Runes Ingwaz and Othala

During my recent meditations and rune work I have reflected on the runes Ingwaz/Ing and Othala/Ethel/Odal.
There is a clear similarity between the shapes of the Common Germanic Ingwaz and Othala. Othala appears to be an extension of Ingwaz. Often where there is a similarity in shape between two runes there is a connection of similar meaning.
Ingwaz or Ing as it was known to the Anglo-Saxons was dedicated to the God of the English-Ing, a fertility God who was probably one of the Vanir. Indeed scholars draw a connection between Him and Freyr, surnaming Him as Yngvi-Freyr, the ancestor of the Swedish royal dynasty. The Germanic Ingvaeones also take their name from Him.
It could very well be that Ing as a deity is far older than Freyr and Freyr simply adopted the functions and attributes of the more ancient deity. This was a common practice amongst the Aryan peoples. The Ingvaeones were a West Germanic alliance of peoples dwelling on the North Sea coast who more than likely took memories of their God with them when they participated in the great Germanic invasion and colonisation of what eventually became England from the mid 5th century CE onwards. Using folk etymology we could ascribe Ing as being the father of the Inglish-English. He was a son of the great Germanic earth God Mannus[Aryo-Indian Manu]and consequently is an earth and fertility God Himself. Mannus also has His own rune but this article is not the place to explore this further.

[Ing] was first, among the East-Danes,
seen by men
until he again eastward[or "back"]
went over the wave;
the wain followed on;
this is what the warriors
called the hero.

[The Runecaster`s Handbook The Well of Wyrd by Edred Thorsson]

Othala as I said is an extension in form of Ingwaz and has the general meaning of ancestral land or property. One can extend this meaning further and include inborn qualities and the very nature and essence of Germanic man. It was for these reasons that the Third Reich adopted the Odal form of this rune to signify agriculture and the concept of Blut und Boden[blood and soil]and thus ancestral inheritance, an inheritance that can only be transmitted by the virtue of the blood and unblemished blood at that. It is therefore the rune of the family, clan, tribe, Volk[folk]and ancestral or genetic inheritance.

Estate] is very dear
to every man,
if he can enjoy what is right
and according to custom
in his dwelling,
most often in prosperity.

[Runecaster`s Handbook The Well of Wyrd by Edred Thorsson]

The Old English version of the name-ethel is associated with the concept of the atheling, the noble. As we know nobility can only be transmitted by the blood. It is an inborn concept although in the times of chilvary those who were not of noble birth could be elevated to the status of knight and after several generations of good selective breeding would become noble in both blood, deed and character. The German noun Adel has the same meaning and Adel or its equivalent is a prefix in many traditional German and English forenames.
The Othala rune has two clear parts two it-the upper shape which resembles Ingwaz and thus the inner garth and the lower staves which signify the outer garth.
The seed of Ingwaz must be allowed to germinate safely in the protective inner garth, safe from any dangers and allowed to grow and be transformed and thus released into the outer garth where it may act and achieve great deeds in middle earth[midgard or middle garth] and achieve its full physical and spiritual potential. This is the interaction and dynamic that exists between Ingwaz and Othala.

The lore of the Aryo-Germanic peoples teaches us very clearly that noble characteristics are transmitted by blood and the evidence of these characteristics,ie heroic deeds is the material that furnishes the myths and legends of our great Germanic heroes such as Siegfried/Sigurd, Dietrich and Beowulf etc.
Thus we must safeguard our blood whether this be from the perils of war, famine or natural calamities or from the dangers of mscegenation. In a sense the other dangers can in the long run strengthen a people but miscegenation ultimately destroys it and is a `sin` against one`s ancestors and even more so against one`s descendants.
It is this very danger that our folk needs to guard itself against today when our governments actively work for the genocide of our race.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Fosite/Forseti-a Prototype of Thunor?

The Frisian God Fosite possessed an axe and it was He who was considered the law giver and judge of the Frisian tribes. His temple is called Axenshowe. It is possible that this Fosite is the same deity referred to in the Norse Eddas as Forseti, the son of Baldr and Nanna, whose residence was Glitnir. He is represented in the Eddas as a God who settles disputes.
Alcuin in the 8th century CE refers to an island called Fositesland, situated between Frisia and Denmark and named in honour of the God who was worshipped there.
Fosite`s Nordic counterpart Forseti is mentioned once in the Elder Edda and four times in the Younger Edda.

"Glitnir is the tenth, it has golden buttresses,
and likewise is roofed with silver;
and there lives Forseti most days
and puts to sleep all quarrels."

[Grimnismal 15]

"There is a hall called Glitnir, it is held up by golden pillars
and likewise roofed with silver. There Forseti dwells most
days and settles disputes."


"Then the Aesir instituted their banquet and twelve Aesir who were to be judges took their places in their thrones and their names are as follows: Thor, Niord, Freyr, Tyr, Heimdall, Bragi, Vidar, Vali, Ull, Haenir, Forseti, Loki;....."


"How shall Baldr be referred to? By calling him son of Odin and Frigg, husband of Nanna, father of Forseti,......"


"Yet shall be listed names of Aesir. There is Ygg and Thor and Yngvi-Freyr, Vidar and Baldr, Vali and Heimdall. Then there is Tyr and Niord, I list Bragi next, Hod,Forseti. Here is Loki last."


There are no adventures ascribed to Him in the Eddas which gives the impression that he may have been a `minor` God, if there can be such a thing! An alternative explanation is that he represents the image of a very ancient God. We should not forget that not a great deal is mentioned about the God Tyr in the Eddas but we know that He is a much older deity than Woden and once occupied the chief seat amongst the Gods. So it is quite possible that Forseti or Fosite was eclipsed by another God. If this is the case then who could this God have been?

My guess is that He is Thunor, Forseti`s uncle. This is not so unusual as one may think. Tyr who was once senior to Woden and probably existed at a time when Woden didn`t and yet nevertheless was relegated in the Eddas to being his `son`. We see a similar thing happening with Forseti becoming the nephew of Thunor although He may have been a much older deity.
Fosite, the God of the Frisians who made up part of the Anglo-Saxon tribes like Forseti was a God of justice as the legends surrounding the origin of the Lex Frisionum [Law of the Frisians]makes clear:

Wishing to assemble written lawcodes for all his subject peoples, Charlemagne summoned twelve representatives of the Frisian people, the Āsegas ('law-speakers'), and demanded they recite their people's laws. When they could not do so after several days, he let them choose between death, slavery, or being set adrift in a rudderless boat. They chose the last and prayed for help, whereupon a thirteenth man appeared, with a golden axe on his shoulder. He steered the boat to land with the axe, then threw it ashore; a spring appeared where it landed. He taught them laws and then disappeared.The stranger and the spring are identified with Fosite and the sacred spring of Fositesland.

In addition to being both Gods of justice and having similar names Fosite carries an axe and as previous articles on my Aryan Myth and Metahistory and Celto-Germanic Culture, Myth and History blogs make clear the axe was the prototype of the hammer of the Thunder God in both Germanic and Indo-European mythology. Thus there is a link between Him and the Thunder God Thunor. Also applying the practice of folk etymology there is also a link between the name of Thor and Foresti.
The judge`s or chairman`s gavel has its origins in the hammer or axe of this God of justice as alluded to in the writings of Rune Master and Ariosophist Guido von List.
Interestingly the reference to the twelve Asegas has a parallel with the 12 Aesir-the major male Gods that is who sat in judgement at the well of Urd each day.

I believe that the legend regarding Fosite and the Asegas is the remnant of a very ancient story preserved amongst the Frisians and reveals an earlier phase of Thunor as His wielding of an axe rather than a hammer indicates.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Importance of Wearing Aryan Symbols to Awaken the Collective Racial Unconscious

This article should be read in conjunction with The Use of Holy Symbols in the Manipulation of the Collective Unconscious posted on 5/6/10 on this blog.
As mentioned in my previous article: "A symbol is worth a thousand words for it is a means for direct communication with the Collective Unconscious in the same way that a trance or a dream can be viwed as a portal to this world. The Unconscious uses a different form of language than the Conscious and at the same time is a deep reservoir of ancestral and ancient racial archetypes and imagery

Even though on an intellectual level the person who sees the sacred symbol may only partially understand or not understand at all its significance nevertheless the Collective Unconscious in the right hemisphere of the brain will resonate with the symbol and recover buried images and archetypes long thought to be lost. However in the Collective as well as the Personal Unconscious nothing is ever truly lost.

The racially aware folkish Wodenist or practitioner of some other alternative Aryan path should on a daily basis give witness to his beliefs/Weltanschauung via the wearing of sacred symbols. In the Wodenist/Wotanist/Odinist religions these symbols could include the following:

.The Hammer of Thor/Thunor/Donar

.The Axe, symbolic of both the Battle Ax wielding Aryans and the prototype and alternative to the Hammer of Thor. This symbol is also worn by the followers of other Aryan thunder Gods such as Perun.

.The Swastika/Fylfot, Solar Wheel, Trefot.

.The Black Sun/Schwarze Sonne.

.The Spear of Woden/Wotan/Odin, named Gungnir.

.The Valknut.

.Runic pendants.

This is just a selection of some obvious examples. Blievers may wish to use other symbols such as miniture images of the Gods and Goddesses. Tattoos are another valuable source of presenting sacred images. Our Aryan ancestors definitely practised this ancient art. We have evidence for this from the Toacharian mummies found in the Tarim Basin in China and the Iceman, Oetzi. These tattoos appears to have a religious or spiritual significance. I have a number of such tattoos on my arms.
Whilst one may argue that sacred symbols should be hidden away from profane view out of respect for the symbols or what they represent we have an urgent need to spiritually reawaken our people-or those of them that have the capacity to be awakened from their long dream-like slumber. Without a spiritual awakening our folk and race may ultimately perish and the world along with it.
On a personal basis my wearing of the Hammer of Thor has prompted people that I encounter to ask me questions about the Hammer and what it signifies for me. This helps to sow the seed in the mind of the enquirer which may even after may years grow and eventually bear fruit. Currently I am wearing a runic axe as I feel that this symbol resonates with me on both a racial and spiritual level. It is both the symbol of the axe wielding Aryans to be found throughtout Europe and further afield and the prototype for the Hammer or Axe-Hammer of our thunder God Thor and his fellow Aryan equivalents.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wotan-The Archetype of the Awakened Aryan Man

Wotan/Woden/Odin represents the archetype of the questing and awakened Aryan man, in particular the questing and awakened Germanic man.
Whilst it is clear from our studies of Germanic mythology that Wotan was not the original primary God of the Germanic pantheon-that honour rests with Tiw/Tyr/Ziu nevertheless Wotan represents that questing and awakened part of the Aryo-Germanic soul more than any other deity.

In this article I wish to focus in particular on Wotan`s sacrifice of his eye and the way in which he has been presented as a wandering and questing God, especially in the Wagner`s music dramas contained within Wagner`s magnum opus, Der Ring des Nibelungen. Wotan appears in only the first three of these music dramas:-Das Rheingold, Die Walkuere and Siegfried. He is conspicuous by his absence from Goetterdaemmerung. In Das Rheingold and Die Walkuere he is known by His primary name of Wotan but in Siegfried, where the emphasis switches to the God-man Siegfried and the world of Middle Earth He appears in His guise as Der Wanderer-the Wanderer.

It is in this human guise that he interacts with the world of men. Der Wanderer makes his appearance in Act One Scene One and is described by Wagner as follows: "The Wanderer[Wotan]enters from the forest through the door at the back of the cave. He is wearing a long, dark-blue cloak; he carries a spear as a staff. On his head he wears a hat with a broad, round brim, which hangs down over his face."

Clearly Wagner is drawing an association with Wotan as the Wild Huntsman who emerges from the forest. It is in the forest that we as His followers may more effectively communicate with Him. He is known in other forms and in particular in England as Herne the Hunter.
His purpose as the Wanderer is two-fold: to obtain wisdom and to impart it.

"Much I`ve fathomed,
much made out:
matters of moment
I`ve made known to many
and many I`ve saved
from whatever irked them,
cares that gnawed at their hearts."
[Stewart Spencer translation].

It is surely no coincidence that all the great advances in technology and learning throughout history have been made by Aryan man and in particular by Germanic man. Within the psyche of Aryo-Germanic man there is a thirst for learning and the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom, not for the sake of acquisition but in order that we may advance to the next stage of our development-the God-man. Aryo-Germanic man is the Sun Initiate who having come from the stars seeks to return there.

It is no coincidence that the modern space age is the direct result of the achievements of German scientists, many of whom were used by both the USA and the USSR after WWII to further their quests for the exploration of outer space. During the Third Reich Germany experienced an explosion of knowledge and technological development which coincided with the Wotan archetype being unleashed in the collective mind of the German people through His avatar Adolf Hitler.
Germanic man is by his very nature an explorer, an explorer of new worlds, whether on this planet or in outer space, even the world of the human psyche and I think in particular of the Swiss-German founder of Analytical Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung who has done more than anyone else to reveal once again the great Aryan soul-lore of our pre-christian ancestors, knowledge that was suppressed by the alien creed of Christianity.

Wotan represents for us the supreme Aryo-Germanic man[or woman]. He encapsulates everything that we are-or should be. Jessie L. Weston in her Legends of the Wagner Drama defines Wotan as "the embodiment of the spirit of the Germanic peoples."

In order to obtain wisdom Wotan sacrificed his eye for a drink from Mimir`s well, which is where He resorted to to gain wisdom and knowledge. His eye now dwells in the depths of the well. The Eddas do not reveal which eye He sacrificed. By sacrificing His eye He gained wisdom and in many ways this should like his hanging on the world tree be viewed as an initiation. His sacrificed eye is associated with wisdom which cannot be acquired through personal experience but that which is granted to the individual, that which in a sense is inherited just as we inherit wisdom and knowledge via the Collective Unconscious from our ancestors. This type of wisdom is deep as represented by the depths of Mimir`s well and must be associated with the right side of the brain which is the storehouse of images and symbols-the means by which the Collective Unconscious communicates with us whilst the left side of the brain is more analytical and concerned with the human Ego.

Christianity and its associated secular creeds have temporarily detached the Germanic peoples from the Wotan archetype. It is only by responding to His call, the Call of the Blood that we can realise both individually and collectively our supreme destiny.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

432,000 Einheriar, the Ragnarok and Kali Yuga

"Five hundred doors, and forty eke, I think, are in Valhall, Eight hundred Einheriar will at once from each door go when they issue with the wolf to fight."
[The Lay of Grimnir,Younger Edda, Benjamin Thorpe translation].

At the time of the final battle Ragnarok 432,000 faithful warriors[540 x 800], dedicated to Woden, bearing the sign of the knot of the slain/chosen which mark them as belonging to Him will march forth to do battle against the forces of the evil desert idol jehovah and his fundamentalist muslim, christian and judaic hordes. This is reflected in the name Ragnarok itself which reading from right to left[the custom of non-Aryan languages] spells korangar-meaning the spear[gar is Germanic for spear] of the Koran.

The forces of jehovah are currently divided along the following lines:

.The `western`, `democratic`, christian/post-christian/humanist, zionist, capitalist world.

. The eastern, non-democratic, muslim world.

The latter has for the last 20 years been stirred up by the zionist-western world with the deliberate intention of moving towards an `Armageddon` or what we would term the Ragnarok, the destined end of the Gods, although we know from the Eddas that the Gods will not ultimatley die but will be replaced by a new generation of Gods, which I have thus far found 8 in number-Baldr, Hodr, Hoenir, Magni, Modi, Vidar, Vali and Njord. No Godesses are mentioned. I do not know if this was deliberate or merely an oversight.

Interestingly the number 432,000 is the number of years that the Kali Yuga will last according to Hindu mythology. Also the figure of 540 is repeated in The Lay of Grimnir at verse 24:

"Five hundred floors, and forty eke, I think, has Bilskirnir with its windings. Of all the roofed houses that I know, is my son`s the greatest."

The etymology of Bilskirnir is "the one striking lightning with rays of light".
Skaldskaparmal 4 says that Bilskirnir belongs to Thunor.

"It certainly hints vigorously at some common source from which these widely seperated traditions have descended and at some hidden meaning which makes this figure recur in them."[Page 80, The Masks of Odin Wisdom of the Ancient Norse by Elsa-Brita Titchenell.]

Clearly the composer of the Lay of Grimnir intended to draw a direct link between the 432,000 warriors and the event known as Ragnarok and this in turn is directly linked to the end of the Kali Yuga in the Hindu scriptures. As Elsa-Brita Titchenell rightly concludes they must have a common and thus an Aryan source which has been preserved in these two traditions.

Yet Rudolf Simek in his Dictionary of Northern Mythology under the entry for Valhall conjectures that the number may be "traced back to Hellenic influence" without offering a scintilla of evidence and then laughably goes on to say it "is not a number of any particular significance". Mr Simek, I beg to differ!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wotans Krieger Recommends: `Woden` Edited By Troy Southgate

`Woden` is volume four of an exciting new series of books edited by Troy Southgate-`Thoughts & Perspectives`.
It consists of 11 powerful essays by 9 contributors including Wulf Ingessunu[also recently published in `Northern Traditions`], Offa Whitesun and Troy Southgate of Woden`s Folk. Other contributors are Dr KR Bolton, Mark Mirabello[author of The Odin Brotherhood],Eowyn[Odinic Rite], Mariella Shearer, Osred[author of Odinism, present, past and future]and Bjorn Grimgal.
This is one of the most powerful books on the subject of the Germanic God Woden/Wotan/Odin that I have read in a long time and managed to finish reading the entire book in just a few days. For me one of the most exciting essays[they are all powerful and inspiring] was Dr Bolton`s `Woden As Archetype The Carl Jung Essay` which draws together all the threads which connect Dr Jung`s work on Wotan, his correspondence with Miguel Serrano and the mystical Wotanist experiences of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. This essay must be read and reread!
It is also good to see Wulf Ingessunu`s work beginning to reach a far wider audience and I thank Mr Southgate for that.
Please Mr Southgate I would like to see further published work on the subject of the Germanic people`s primary deity!

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Personal Mystical Vision of the Runes

Last Friday I had an unusual experience when the vision in my left eye was affected. At the time I thought that I might be going blind but a subsequent medical examination revealed it to be an ocular or retinal migraine.
When I closed my left eye I could see a bright fiery ring, a semi-circle in fact and within the rim of this semi-circle I could clearly perceive a sequence of runes.
I blinked and closed my eyes and the same thing happened again.
After several days of reflecting on this stange episode I was reminded that the great Rune Lord Himself, Woden, our All-Father sacrificed an eye in order to gain the wisdom of the runes. We should remember that Woden did not `invent` the runes: they did not originate with Him for they are in a sense timeless. They revealed themselves to Him whilst He hung suspended on the world tree in an apparent shamanic trance state.

"I know that I hung, on a wind-rocked tree, nine whole nights, with a spear wounded, and to Odin offered, myself to myself; on that tree, of which no one knows from what root it springs.
Bread no one gave me, nor a horn of drink, downward I peered, to runes applied myself, wailing learnt them, then fell down thence."
[Poetic Edda, Havamal 140-141]

It is more than possible that whilst in this state Woden was deprived of some if not all of his normal 5 senses and he may have perceived the runes in His `mind`s eye`.

Woden sacrificed an eye to the well of Mimir in exchange for wisdom:

"The owner of this well is called Mimir. He is full of wisdom, because he drinks the waters of the well from the horn Gjoll every morning. One day All-Father came and begged a draught of this water, which he obtained, but was obliged to leave one of his eyes as a pledge for it."
[Prose Edda]

The runes are inextricably linked with the acquisition of wisdom and they have an existence which is independant of the Gods.

The great Rune Master Guido von List received the revelation of his Armanen Futhork whilst in a state of blindness which lasted 11 months following a cataract operation in 1902. Interestingly his 18 rune Futhork is compatable with the 18 rune stanza poem in Havamal, known as the Runatal.

There are two forms of initiation: that outward form which takes the format of induction or reception into a cult such as the varying degrees of profession and oaths within Odinism/Wodenism and the more personal and occult experience which comes from within, apparently initiated by a God. I believe this episode to be a form of esoteric initiation into the secrets of the runes.

Monday, October 03, 2011

The Axe-Supreme Symbol of the Aryan Race

The axe is one of the most ancient of Aryan symbols, being associated both with the Battle Axe culture of the Indo-Europeans and its links with the Aryan Thunder God. It has thus both a religious and an ethnic significance.
The oldest known axes are associated with the Nordic peoples and it is thus safe to conjecture that this instrument which is both a tool and a weapon originated with our own race.
Archaeological finds of ceremonial axes dating back to the Neolithic Age have been found as burial or religious votive deposits, including examples buried underneath northern European megaliths, dwelling sites, in tombs, bogs, fields and hearths. The frequent positioning of often valuable axes upright in the earth with the cutting edge in the air is an indication of the ritual use of the axes. Miniture axes worn as pendants have also been found.
The sacred use of the axe is indicative of the existence of a prehistoric axe God. The cult of this axe God ccontinued into the Bronze Age. Prehistoric pictures of an axe God are frequent in rock art in Swedish caves.
The Frisian God Fosite possessed an axe and it was He who was considered the law giver and judge of the Frisian tribes. His temple is called Axenshowe. It is possible that this Fosite is the same deity referred to in the Norse Eddas as Forseti, the son of Baldr and Nanna, whose residence was Glitnir. He is represented in the Eddas as a God who settles disputes.
Alcuin in the 8th century CE refers to an island called Fositesland, situated between Frisia and Denmark and named in honour of the God who was worshipped there.
Minuture axes symbolscontinued to be worn late into the Iron Age and again into the Viking Age.
Rudolf Simek [Dictionary of Northern Mythology] suggests that since there is no apparent literary evidence for the cult of axes that there is a connection with Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor/Thunor/Thunar/Donar. Both cult symbols, the axe and the hammer are also fertility symbols as well as having a martial aspect.
He states "The great age of the Germanic axe-cult, the relationship with the Cretan axe-cult and the parallels to the lightning weapons of the non-Germanic gods, such as Indra`s and Hercules` clubs or Sucellos the Gaul`s hammer all suggest an Indo-Germanic origin of the various forms of the axe."
He also refers to a connection with the Old Slavic Perkunos/Perun, closely related to the Baltic Perkunas and Perkons. Thor/Thunor/Thunar/Donar is also related to the Celtic Thunder Gods Taranis and Sucellos, both of whom carry a hammer.
Even the Finnish Thunder God Ukko carries an axe-hammer.
The distinguished scholar Hilda Ellis Davidson also refers to Thor`s weapon as an `axe-hammer` in her works.
Since composing this article I have stumbled across this interesting article taken from Cosmos Magazine:

Hand axe

The limestone axe is the oldest ever found in Europe.

Credit: Michael Walker

Related articles

Oldest known advanced stone tools found
Africa beat Europe to complex tool-making
Humans stepped out of Africa earlier
Fossils may age Europeans 200,000 years
World's oldest axe found in Australia

PARIS: Early humans used two-sided stone axes in Europe up to 900,000 years ago, far earlier than previously thought, according to a new study.

The transition from primitive chopper-like tools to more finely crafted double-faced axes marked a milestone in the history of technology, and gave those whose wielded them an edge in the struggle to survive.

The revised dating of tools discovered in the 1970s at two sites in Spain largely erases a time gap that had long perplexed scientists.

Mind the gap

Before the new study, the earliest double axes found in Europe were thought to date from only 500,000 years ago - fully a million years after they had come into use in Africa.

It seemed unlikely that populations on the European continent, originating from Africa, could have lagged so far behind on such a key development.

Gary Scott and Luis Gibert of the Berkeley Geochronology Centre in Berkeley, California applied a technique called magnetostratigraphy to determine that the hatchets were in fact crafted between 760,000 and 900,000 years ago. Magnetostratigraphy is based on the periodic reversal of Earth's magnetic field.

Tiny compasses

Acting like tiny compasses, fine-grained magnetic minerals in the tools contain a record of the polarity at the time they were used. Once buried in sediment, the polarity is preserved.

"The age (of the axes) must be Early Pleistocene, the most recent period dominated by reverse polarity, 1.78 to 0.78 million years ago," the researchers concluded. They published their findings in the British journal Nature.

The new dating suggests that early man was present in southwestern Europe for much of this period, and that the barrier between Africa and Europe was more permeable than once thought, they said. The two archaeological sites, both in southern Spain, are La Solana del Zamborino, and Estrecho del Quipar.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mother Earth`s Revenge-It is Coming Soon-Very Soon

Mankind has become a pestilence, a cancer upon the face of the earth and like any malignant tumour it must be surgically removed to save the host, in this case Mother Earth and the life systems which she supports.
We have reached a critical point of no return. The earth is now groaning under the burden of 7 billion, yes 7 billion human beings who are leaching off her and her precious life systems. Mankind is unwilling or incapable[for political reasons] in restraining and reversing this burden. Indeed under the guise of christian `morality` and `compassion`[both of which are misplaced]the wealthier countries of the world take great pride in demonstrating their `empathy`, `sympathy`, `morality` and `compassion` by endless appeals for donations to support the `starving millions` of the `third world`. Lives which should never have been conceived.
I say let such life perish! Only when millions starve will Africa and Asia learn the lesson that a population should not exceed the limits set for it by Nature or that population`s ability to sustain itself.By feeding the millions of Africa and Asia we are feeding our competitors for future valuable life-sustaining resources.
Today we are experiencing a war for oil to keep the wheels of global capitalism turning in order that the invisible elite which governs this human cess pool can maintain its privileged position.
The unfit are to be found even amongst our own peoples due to the misguided concept of allowing the least gifted of our people to reproduce themselves.
In the future the war will no longer be over just oil but land, Lebensraum, food and water as such essential resources become scarcer and scarcer. The nightmare scenario is almost upon us.
However there is light at the end of this Stygian dark tunnel[to mix my metaphors]. Mother Earth is rebelling: She is exerting Herself once more. What man is unwilling or incapable of doing She will accomplish and perfect: the near annihilation of the pestilence known as mankind.
We are witnessing an acceleration and intensification of natural disasters: earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, famines and epdemics.All of this intesifying as we approach that mystical year 2012. The Germanic Eddas calls this time Ragnarok where most life upon the earth and indeed within the heavens will be destroyed-or almost.
Six Gods will survive this calamity: Vidar, Vali, Magni, Modi, Hoenir, Njord and two will return from Hel: Baldr and Hodr. Interstingly 6 of these are sets of brothers. The exceptions being Hoenir and Njord.
When we reflect upon Germanic and Aryan mythology and metahistory it is startling but true that our civilisations tend to be founded by twins, mythical or legendary in nature. Rome was founder by Romulus and Remus and England was reestablished by Hengest and Horsa.
Some of the early English tribes in their continental home worshipped the Alcis which Tacitus compares to the Roman Castor and Pollux. Njord mated with his twin sister Nerthus and produced the divine brother and sister Frey and Freyja who also are presented in Germanic mythology as brother-sister spouses. This theme recurs in the Volsunga Saga between Sigmund and his sister Signy.
There is an assumption that Magni and Modi were twins although we do not know this for certain. All we know is that Magni is the son of Thor and the giantess Jarnsaxa. We are not told the identity of Modi`s mother. Significantly they will inherit Thor`s axe-hammer after Ragnarok which is the only surviving symbol of the divine authority and sovereignity of the Gods. The return of the Light God Baldr and his brother the blind God Hodr is an indication that balance and thus harmony has been restored in the new Golden Age on earth. The two sides of Mjolnir represent light and darkness in balance as does the rune Dagaz.
The two surviving humans are named Lif and Lifthrasir. It is tempting to see an etymological connection in the common element `Lif` in their names, perhaps signifying a brother-sister mating which will by implication produce a new and racially pure semi-divine race upon the earth which unlike its predessors will walk in harmony with the divine powers and nature and will not strive after gold and trinkets.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Wotans Krieger Recommends: "Celts & Teutons"

Last night I watched a newly purchased DVD titled Celts & Teutons. Megaliths. Menhirs. Stone Circles. Rituals. Druid Cults. Graves of the Kings. The alternative title on the disc says Auf den Spuren der Giganten. On the Trail of the Giants.
It has been released by Discovery Movies and is approximately 60 minutes long. It is well produced with film footage of scores of images of menhirs, dolmens and stone circles. The accompanying English narrative is informative and the Wagner/Greig soundtrack rousing. For me watching this film was a spiritual experience. It is clear that the creator of this work has a deep love for Europe`s antiquities and the Nordic race who produced them.
This documentary will appeal to anyone with a love for Germanic or Celtic culture, history and northern European antiquities. My only criticism is that the DVD extras, the Discovery Gallery, Daeniken Gallery and the chapter menu did not function. This may be because it is a German made disc and the menu does not function on DVD players set up for the English market.
The DVD is not generally available until October but can be purchased now via Amazon UK.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aryan Naturism

I believe that as racialists we need to give some consideration to how we can both relate better to the natural world[of which we are a part of] and how we can contribute to improving our own and our race`s racial health and fitness.
One important aspect of getting closer to nature is through naturism or nudism.
Nudism has a politically sound pedigree having originated in the
of turn of the 19th/20th century Germany.
Although initially suspicious of the nudism movement in Germany the new National Socialist government in Germany appreciated that nudism had the same goals as National Socialism, namely the physical improvement of the individual German and the Volk as a whole.
Nudism was considered a great leveller. Clothes are an artificial barrier to interhuman relationships. They help to mask a person`s true worth. Like inherited titles,privileges and money they are an artificial barrier between Aryan and Aryan. By the discarding of clothes we can focus on the inherent worth, not the apparent worth of the individual.
National Socialism is a great leveller of artificial class differences, its sole focus is racial improvement and nudism started out this way in 1890s Germany.
We use clothes not merely as a means of maintaining bodily warmth but as a social status symbol, a badge of artificial rank and as a display of real or apparent wealth. By discarding clothes we can discard such artificial barriers with our fellow Aryans and so work towards the Aryan unity which as racialists we supposedly desire.
By exposing our naked bodies to the elements,to the air,light and sun we will as individuals harden,strengthen and beautify our bodies and by doing so we improve the health,strength and beauty of the race.
Nudism can also be used as a means to assess the racial and physical compatability and sufficiency of potential mates so that we ensure that only the best elements of our race mate with the best elements. This is a factor which is often unappreciated by racialists and nudists alike.
According to Chad Ross in his "Naked Germany" nudism helped to unite Germans from different ends of the political spectrum behind a common cause and goal-racial improvement.
"Nudism`s professed ability to overcome division of all kinds under the banner of regenerating the German Volk and nation was evident within the movement itself. Nudists came from a variety of backgrounds and held convictions that ranged across the political spectrum; yet unlike those in the political arena nudists did not allow these differences to dominate or to derail their collective effort of transforming Germany into a nudist utopia."[Page 64 of `Naked Germany` by Chad Ross.]

Monday, August 29, 2011

Ancient Aryan City of Arkaim and its High Civilisation

Taken from

Scientists have discovered mysterious circles on the area of the ancient Russian town of Arkaim, which is the same age with Egypt and Babylon

President Putin has recently visited one of the most mysterious places on planet Earth - the ruins of the ancient town of Arkaim, which is situated on the outskirts of the city of Chelyabinsk.

Historians, archaeologists and ufologists have spent many years trying to unravel the secrets of the town. Which nation was living in Arkaim more than 40 centuries ago?

How did people of such ancient civilization manage to accomplish such incredible technological progress, which still seems to be unachievable today?

A group of Russian researchers, with Vadim Chernobrovy at the head, has recently returned from the mysterious region.

The scientists said that specialists and students had built numerous tent camps around Arkaim.

The Arkaim valley in the south of Ural was supposed to be flooded in 1987: local authorities were going to create a water reservoir there to irrigate drought stricken fields.

However, scientists found strange "circles" in the center of the valley and in order to investigate them, the authorities gave archaeologists 12 months to explore the area.

Scientists were shocked to find out that Arkaim was the same age as Egypt and Babylon, and a little older than Troy and Rome.

Gennady Zdanovich, the chairman of the archaeological expedition in Ural had to prove the scientific significance of Arkaim to regional officials. "We achieved what seemed to be absolutely unreal: the multi-million construction project in the region was shut down," the scientist said.

Archaeological excavations indicated that the people, who inhabited Arkaim, represented one of the most ancient Indo-European civilizations, particularly the branch, which is referred to as the Aryan culture. Arkaim turned out to be not only a town, but also a temple and an astronomic observatory.

"A flight above Arkaim on board a helicopter gives you an incredible impression. The huge concentric circles on the valley are clearly visible. The town and its outskirts are all enclosed in the circles.

We still do not know, what point the gigantic circles have, whether they were made for defensive, scientific, educational, or ritual purposes.

Some researchers say that the circles were actually used as the runway for an ancient spaceport," Vadim Chernobrovy said.

Researchers discovered that the ancient town was equipped with a storm sewage system, which helped Arkaim's residents avoid floods. The people were protected against fires as well: timbered floorings and houses themselves were imbued with fireproof substance. It was a rather strong compound, the remnants of which can still be found in the ruins of the town.

Each house was outfitted with "all modern conveniences," as they would say nowadays. There was a well, an oven and dome-like food storage in every house. The well was branching out into two underground trenches: one of them was directed to the oven and the other one ended in the food storage.

The trenches were used to supply chilly air to the oven and to the food storage. The cool air from the trenches also created a very powerful traction force in the Aryan oven, which made it possible to smelt bronze there.

The central square in Arkaim was the only object of square shape in the town. Judging upon traces of bonfires that were placed in a specific order on the square, the site was used as a site for certain rituals.

Arkaim was built according to a previously projected plan as a single complicated complex, which also had an acute orientation to astronomic objects.

While archaeologists are meticulously brushing dust off ancient stones in an attempt to recreate the lifestyle of Arkaim's residents, ufologists study mysterious phenomena, which they register in the town: inexplicable fluctuations of voltage, magnetic field tension, temperatures and so on.

Source: Pravda: by Natalia Leskova,(Translated by: Dmitry Sudakov)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New DNA Study and European Origins

Taken from BBC News website dated 24/8/11

A new study deals a blow to the idea that most European men are descended from farmers who migrated from the Near East 5,000-10,000 years ago.

The findings challenge previous research showing that the genetic signature of the farmers displaced that of Europe's indigenous hunters.

The latest research leans towards the idea that most of Europe's males trace a line of descent to stone-age hunters.

But the authors say more work is needed to answer this question.

The study, by an international team, is published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.
Continue reading the main story
“Start Quote

I would say that we are putting the ball back in the middle of the field”

Dr Cristian Capelli University of Oxford

Archaeological finds show that modern humans first settled in Europe from about 40,000 years ago - during a time known as the Palaeolithic.

These people survived an Ice Age some 20,000 years ago by retreating to relatively warm refuges in the south of the continent, before expanding into northern Europe again when the ice melted.

But just a few thousand years after Europe had been resettled by these hunter-gatherers, the continent underwent momentous cultural change. Farmers spread westwards from the area that is now Turkey, bringing with them a new economy and way of life.

The extent to which modern Europeans are descended from these early farmers versus the indigenous hunter-gatherers who settled the continent thousands of years previously is a matter of heated debate.

The results vary depending on the genetic markers studied and are subject to differing interpretations.
Family tree

The latest study focused on the Y chromosome - a package of DNA which is passed down more or less unchanged from father to son.

The Y chromosomes carried by people today can be classified into different types, or lineages, which - to some extent - reflect their geographical origins.

More than 100 million European men carry a type called R-M269, so identifying when this genetic group spread out is vital to understanding the peopling of Europe.

R-M269 is most common in western Europe, reaching frequencies of 90% or more in Spain, Ireland and Wales.
Neolithic pottery The Neolithic was a time of momentous cultural change in Europe

But while this type reaches its highest distribution on the Atlantic fringe, Patricia Balaresque and colleagues at the University of Leicester published a paper in 2010 showing that the genetic diversity of R-M269 increases as one moves east - reaching a peak in Anatolia (modern Turkey).

Genetic diversity is used as a measure of age; lineages that have been around for a long time accumulate more diversity. So this principle can be used to estimate the age of a population.

When the Leicester team estimated how old R-M269 was in different populations across Europe, they found the age ranges were more compatible with an expansion in Neolithic times (between 5,000 and 10,000 years ago).

The team's conclusions received support from papers published in August 2010 and in June this year. But one study which appeared last year backed the idea of a more ancient, Palaeolithic origin for R-M269.
Age estimates

Now, a team including Cristian Capelli and George Busby at Oxford University have explored the question.

Their results, based on a sample of more than 4,500 men from Europe and western Asia, showed no geographical trends in the diversity of R-M269. Such trends would be expected if the lineage had expanded from Anatolia with Neolithic farmers.

Furthermore, they suggest that some of the markers on the Y chromosome are less reliable than others for estimating the ages of genetic lineages. On these grounds, they argue that current analytical tools are unsuitable for dating the expansion of R-M269.
Neolithic skeletons, the Valdaro lovers from Italy Studies of DNA from ancient remains could shed more light on European origins

Indeed, Dr Capelli and his team say the problem extends to other studies of Y-chromosome lineages: dates based on the analysis of conventional DNA markers may have been "systematically underestimated", they write in Proceedings B.

But Dr Capelli stressed that his study could not answer the question of when the ubiquitous R-M269 expanded in Europe, although his lab is carrying out more work on the subject.

"At the moment it's not possible to claim anything about the age of this lineage," he told BBC News, "I would say that we are putting the ball back in the middle of the field."

Co-author Dr Jim Wilson from the University of Edinburgh explained: "Estimating a date at which an ancestral lineage originated is an interesting application of genetics, but unfortunately it is beset with difficulties."

The increasing frequency of R-M269 towards western Europe had long been seen by some researchers as an indication that Palaeolithic European genes survived in this region - alongside other clues.

A more recent origin for R-M269 than the Neolithic is still possible. But researchers point out that after the advent of agriculture, populations in Europe exploded, meaning that it would have been more difficult for incoming migrants to displace local people.

WOTANS KRIEGER NOTE: R-M269 equates to haplgroup RIb

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Rise of the Saxons and the Legend of Hengest and Horsa-a Review

At last a novel which deals with the transfer of the English or Englisc nation from Germania to Britannia. Ryan West expertly weaves the historical facts in to his historical novel and at the same time makes certain key points that are relevant to the ethnic English people today concerning their survival as a distinct cultual and ethnic folk and the loss of their land and power to immigrant peoples.

This book is certainly not for the squeamish with its graphically portrayed battle scenes and neither would it make comfortable reading for the `liberal` minded politically correct. West`s interpretation of early English history is refreshing and in his own words "We are taught in England that we are British and therefore have viewed our history from a British perspective and so naturally we have viewed the Anglo-Saxons as foreign invaders. But if we say `NO!` to the people that wish to oppress English identity and do the most un-politically correct thing and think of our history from an English perspective then the Anglo-Saxons weren`t foreign at all, they were us. And we should honour their achievements and tell their stories, because if we don`t, then who will?"

Too few historical novels are based on this part of our history and not told from the Germanic perspective but from the Celtic or Romano-British one. Let us hope that this book will act as a spark for other creative authors to produce works that glorify our Germanic English ancestors and help to give English people, the young especially a sense of who they are. Once this is realised then our people will begin to awaken and then woe betide the politicians, the capitalists, `academics` and capitalists who have betrayed their blood and land!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Gordion Knot

Some years ago in the early 2000s I had a most significant and memorable dream which had a clear spiritual meaning.
The key figure within the dream was a young boy dressed in a red robe which was tied by a red cord around the waist. I attempted to undo the knot in the cord but no matter how I tried I did not succeed and then I recall saying to myself "this is a Gordion Knot." With this I awoke.
At that time I was not familiar with the story of the Gordion Knot and how Alexander the Great managed to sever it with his sword. In 333BCE Alexander the Great reached Gordium in Phrygia and severed the Gordion Knot with his sword after finding that he could not untie it. An oracle in Phrygia predicted that the man who could untie the famous Gordion Knot would become king of Phrygia[they were without a king at this time]. That night there was a tremendous thunderstorm and this was interpreted as a good omen for Alexander in that Zeus was pleased and would grant him further victories.
His biographers also claimed that the untying of the knot would grant the person who managed this control over all of Asia.
So when one says today that a certain problem is a `Gordion Knot` they are impying that it is a problem that appears to have no solution.
The symbol of the knot represents spiritual continuity and connection and suggests a need for a pause for one to assess a situation or one`s life and the need for contemplation. Psychologically it can indicate that the dreamer is a bound to a situation by a sense of duty and/or guilt and the only way to free oneself is by the untying of the knot or the things that bind us.
The boy symbolises the potential for growth and development and the willingness to face difficulties. The robe symbolises something that has remained uncovered but the desire to take off the robe by loosening and untying the knot is indicative of a need to shed old beliefs and/or inhibitions.
The robe and the cord were red and red stands for energy, vitality and vigour.
The cord itself stands for those things that tie or bound us to situations or people.
Significantly I was not aware at the time of the legend of the Gordion Knot and the connection with Alexander the Great. Was it possible that within the dream state I had accessed the Collective Unconscious of the Aryan peoples?
Certainly after this time I began to expand my interests and studies from the narrow confines of Germanic mythology and history to that of other Aryan peoples and the Proto-Indo-Europeans, taking a keen interest in the science of Comparative Mythology and the life of Alexander the Great.
This dream certainly marked a spiritual transition for me and certain personal problems were subsequently resolved.


Many years ago when I was a young man, approximately 20 years of age I had a hypnopompic dream or at least I thought that it was a dream. I may very well have been in a light trance at the time. Back then and even now it is difficult for me to distinguish which it may have been.
I heard an audible voice say to me as I was lying on my bed, "Behold I show you a mystery" which corresponds with a verse from the New Testament[I Corinthians 15:51];

"Behold I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory."

Back then I had already started out on my spiritual path, my quest for wisdom, knowledge and truth and living in a nominally Christian country it was natural that I should seek such wisdom in the Christian tradition and so I had began an exhaustive biblical study to seek answers and indeed to seek the right questions to answer!
However I was not consciously familiar with this verse although I may very well have encountered it in my readings and thus it may have sunk down into my Subconscious mind. However this may have happened its revelation to me marked a moment of transition or initiation into the mysteries or RUNA as we would call it in the Rune Gild.

It is significant that only the very first part of the verse from I Corinthians was revealed to me which had no obvious Christian content whatsoever. Only now after 30 years do I understand the message of this `dream` if that is what it is.
"Behold I show you a mystery" corresponds very well to the motto of the Rune Gild: "Reyn til Runa!"[Search out the mysteries].
It is through the dream state that our ancestors were able to communicate with the Gods, Goddesses, ancestors and other advanced spiritual entities. They are still communicating with us this way today.

Eriu, Goddess of the Aryans

The Gods and Goddesses can communicate with us from the Collective Unconscious via dreams and other states of altered consciousness such as hypnotic trances.
Recently I encountered a Goddess during the hypnopompic state of sleep prior to awaking. I often find that dreams experienced shortly before waking stay imprinted on my memory especially if they have a mystical content as this one clearly did.
My dream seemed short and the entire focus of my attention was on the appearance of a nordic looking female being who spoke these words to me: "I am Eriu,Goddess of the Aryans."
This is all She said but it made a deep impression upon me.
Eriu, daughter of Emer[a God of the Tuatha De Danann] was one of a trinity of Goddesses who along with Banba and Fohla founded the land of Ireland[also known as Eire, Erin and Eireann]. Indeed Eire was named after Eriu Herself. Thus we can conclude that She is a Goddess of sovereignity and inheritence.
In Jungian terms this may be interpreted as the manifestation of the Anima, who may be regarded as the collective manifestation of all the females a man has known, especially one`s mother. This idealised feminine is the direct counterpart to the Animus in women. The Anima is a guide to inner wisdom and is a sign that the dreamer must confront his destructive side. She is the embodiment of the feminine qualities of female power, sensitivity and intuition.
For a person to be psychologically whole the feminine and masculine parts of the psyche must be in balance.
In Germanic mythology the a man`s Anima was known by the term Fylgia who accompanied him throughout his life in Midgard and was a type of ancestral guardian spirit.
I have in part interpreted this dream as a need to explore and integrate the solar mythology with the lunar, the God with the Goddess. Too often in Asatru we focus primarilly on the male deities often to the exclusion of the female deities and this creates a spiritual imbalance. This is something we must address in the Northern Tradition to avoid our religious path becoming imbalanced and to avoid females from being deterred from exploring their native Germanic traditions.
Shortly after the manifestation of Eriu a most exciting Aryosophical work has been published called The Epic of Arya. In Search of the Sacred Light by Abir Taha, the author also of Nietzsche, Prophet of Nazism: The Cult of the Superman-Unveiling the Nazi Secret Doctrine. I fully encourage readers of my blogs to obtain copies of these two exciting works.
It is significant for me that a deity whose name is linked to the term Arya and the blood and soil doctrine should choose to reveal Herself to me.
I believe that as followers of the ancestral Gods we must actively seek to communicate with the Gods and Goddesses and two of the most practical and legal ways of doing so are by inducing trance like states and the incubation of dreams[a subject I shall explore later].

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Rigsthula Revisited

This article should be read in conjuction with my articles The Rigsthula or Germanic Caste System[16/10/06] and Jarl the Wotan Caste[2/06/07].
Over recent months I have given further reflection to the Rigsthula account in the Poetic or Elder Edda and I have identified an additional interpretation. In addition to this being an account of the introduction of the Germanic or indeed Indo-European caste system or its divine sanction by Rig/Heimdall or Rig/Woden it is also an explanation of the divine interference or involvement in human `evolution`. I use the term `evolution` in a restricted sense as I do not subscribe to the Darwinian concept or theory. Perhaps `development` would be a better term to use.
Rather than viewing the impregnation of the three females-Edda, Amma and Modir as occuring within a short and thus contemporaneous time frame it is possible and indeed likely that there may have been long gaps of time between each visit by Rig to these human or proto-human females. One will observe on reading the account that each subsequent visit and impregnation results in a superior child in comparison to the the previous one[s].
The careful reader will also note that the first mother is called Edda or great grandmother, the second Amma or grandmother and the third and last Modir or mother.
This would imply a genetic link between the three generations rather than the creation of three seperate castes which may or may not be genetically linked. The terminology obviously implies a family relationship between the three children: Thrall, Karl and Jarl and not just a functional or caste relationship but of course both explanations may be equally valid.
The terminology-great grandmother, grandmother and mother should not be interpreted as 3 literal and directly subsequent linear generations. As I have indicated there could and probably was a great deal of time between each generation.
If Rig, being a God was the father of all three children then the astute reader will question why each child is of differing quality to its relatives. The answer to this question is simple. The three females are of differing genetic quality themselves and this would account for the varying quality of the three children.
It is significant that only with the third child, Jarl does Rig develop a paternal relationship.

"Then came Rig walking,
walking out of the thicket, taught him runes;
gave him a name, said he was his son;
then he told him to get ancestral property,
to get ancestral property, a long-established settlement."
[Rigsthula 36]

Rig did not have this relationship with his two other sons. Jarl is certainly favoured by Rig. It is interesting that Rig "taught him runes" as one would normally assume that this was part of the role of the great Rune Lord Himself, Woden.
However Voluspa 1 does refer to the "offspring of Heimdall", whoever this "offspring" may be.

Jarl or `Earl` himself fathers children, the youngest one being Kon or Kin as he is referred to in some translations. Again Rig has a paternal like relationship with his youngest grandson and he appears to be particularly favoured.

"He contended in rune-wisdom with Lord Rig,
he knew more tricks, he knew more;
then he gained and got the right
to be called Rig and to know the runes."
[Rigsthula 45]

From the line of Rig-Jarl-Kon/Kin a noble race of kings was born.
Let us not forget that Rig is cognate with the Irish Ri and itself means `king`. The young Kon[Konr ungr] becomes the King[Konungr] a word which is found in all Germanic languages. So Rig is the kingmaker, the progenitor of Germanic royalty.
Strangely though it is Woden who is usually referred to as being the ancestor of Kings. In some instances such as amongst the Swedes this honour is ascribed to Yngvi-Freyr, the father of the Yngling dynasty.
This is a subject that I hope to revisit as the Germanic Gods feature most strongly as not only the fathers of Germanic royal dynasties but the fathers of the common Germanic folk as well if `common` is an appropriate term to use as I belive that as Teutons we are all sons of the Gods.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Nordic Appearance of the Aryan Gods

Over recent years from my studies of the mythologies of various Aryan peoples I have been struck by the similarity in the physical appearance of the Gods of the various pantheons. Hardly without exception they are of Nordic, indeed of extreme Nordic appearance with "snow white" skin, tall in height, light eyed, being mainly blue, grey or green and light haired, predominately blond but also red. There are some exceptions. Poseidon or Neptune, the Greek/Roman sea God has black hair but he is the brother of Zeus/Jupiter and thus of the same divine stock. In the fairytale of Snow White the heroine of the tale has "snow white" skin but raven hair.

A cursory study of Homer`s Illiad and Odyssey confirm that in the vast majority of cases the Gods and Demi-Gods/Heroes are light skinned, light eyed and light haired. Jos Rogiers in his splendid work The Lost Civilization of Homo Supersapiens also makes this observation and does a thorough job of it. I refer readers to Part II Chapter 6 in which he goes into great detail and quoting many references to Aryan myths and fairytales which consistently describe the physical appearance of the divine beings referred to.

We must not forget that fairytales, although collected and recorded in post conversion times do contain a great deal of mythological knowledge although much of it has a Christian veneer. The ancient Gods and Godesses of the Aryan peoples could no longer be openly referred to. Many that could not be canonised by the church were subsequently demonised. Many of the Gods continued to survive as fairies, fays, giants, elves, dwarves or banshees. As befitting beings of the Golden Age of Earth the Gods and Goddesses frequently are clothed in white, silver, golden or purple raiment. Often the Celtic ones also appear in green. Often they carry weapons or tools of great value, being gold or silver. This is not surprising as in the Golden Age gold and silver were in great abundance on the earth.

Apart from the major deities which are usually 12 or 13 in number there is a host of other minor Gods and Goddesses and those who are of part divine descent, named as heroes in the Greek tradition. Heroes have only one divine parent, most often it is the father rather than the mother.
These heroes or Demi-Gods share the same sort of appearance as the Gods. Nymphs, many giants, valkyries and elves also share this same radiant, beautiful and unearthly appearance. On a personal note I recently had a dream in which a shining blonde Goddess appeared to me and announced: "Iam Eriu, Goddess of the Aryans."

The various Aryan mythologies make it clear that the royal families of the Aryan nations were of divine descent. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles record the Germanic God Woden as being the ancestor of the royal families of the various Anglo-Saxon tribes. Not only were the kings and princes able to claim a divine lineage but many of the common people of the Aryan nations. For instance Tacitus` Germania states in section 2.2: "In ancient lays, their only type of historical tradition, they celebrate Tuisto, a god brought forth from the earth. They attribute to him a son, Mannus, the source and founder of their people, and to Mannus three sons, from whose names those nearest the Ocean are called Ingvaeones, those in the middle Herminones, and the rest Istvaeones." Mannus appears to be the same deity referred to in Indo-Iranian mythology as Manu.

With some justification the Germanic peoples could and indeed should think of themselves as a divine people, sons and daughters of the Gods. Indeed is it not amongst northern Europeans that the Nordic strain is still strongest? Indeed it is our genetic link to the Golden Age Gods who once walked the earth and were overlords of the human races and the parents of some. They will walk the earth again when this present Dark Age of chaos, this Wolf Age, this Iron Age, this Kali Yuga is brought to a violent climax with Ragnarok (Korangar for those with understanding).

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Man of the Future

"I have seen the man of the future; he is cruel; I am frightened by him"[Adolf Hitler]

Over the years I encountered many `white nationalists` who saw the current struggle for the survival of the Aryan race as being one of numbers. In other words they see this war as one of outbreeding other races. This is a false way of viewing the problem. Aryan man has always represented a minority of the world`s population and the size of our race has never be greater than it is now. The problem that we face is the loss of our living space, our Lebensraum, our territorial imperative in other words.
It is this which bodes evil for our peoples. Without control of our own soil we leave ourselves open to influence and control by others and the consequent miscegenation that occurs when those of our race who are devoid of any racial consciousness pollute their genetic lines by breeding with alien races.
In a sense one could argue that this is about numbers as if the indigenous or culture bearing race become a minority within their own land they can become dominated by the agenda of other races and thus lose control and influence but simply attempting to outbreed other races will not solve this problem but only add to the overpopulation of our planet.
What we need is a territorial imperative, a land that is exclusively our own, a land whose borders we control and that will permit no aliens to tresspass upon our sacred soil. The whole issue is not about numbers it is about racial purity. A territorial imperative secures that.
A small country, England managed to dominate a large part of the planet just a short time ago so numbers have nothing to do with what we as an Aryan people may achieve if we have the necessary will to power.
Our current situation in the so-called `west` appears to be hopeless with millions of tresspassers `legally` or illegally squatting in our lands with the full complicity of traitorous `democratic` politicians and bloated international capitalists. Capitalism, particularly global capitalism is the driving force behind ever greater mass immigration. As long as the masses have their `cake and circuses` they couldn`t care less. Racial consciousness thanks to zionist `holocaust` propaganda has never been so low amongst the Aryan peoples, whose lands are being invaded and they do nothing to defend themselves. In 100 years time we will go the way of the Red Indians and be living on reservations in our own lands, being fed crumbs by our coffee coloured `masters` and people, even our enemies, will bemoan our fate as they do now about the Red Indian but by then it will be too late to do anything about it.
We should no longer count upon a political solution. Or at least we should no longer look for a solution in the ballott box. The whole system is rigged against us. When progress is made the foreign international tribe who controls the media and all political parties[including the BNP] change the rules and move the goal posts, citing `hate crime` and the dreaded term of approbation, `racist`!
As individuals we need to free ourselves from our own psychological prisons. THEY control us very effectively via the mind conditioning known as political correctness, which is enforced not so much by a police force but by own minds. Not only are people terrified these days to call a spade a spade but they dare not even think the very thought. The `liberal` and `democratic` establishment attempts to control our actions by controlling our thoughts and it controls our thoughts by attempting to control and censor our words in the same way that Big Brother did in George Orwell`s 1948 novel, 1984. I strongly urge anyone who has not already done so to redd this book and by so doing it will help to liberate your mind. THEY depend not on a police force as such but your own mental processes to censor your language, your thoughts and actions. Don`t let them continue to do this! Awake Aryan Man!
However there is hope for the future. After the coming Ragnarok spoken of in the Germanic Eddas a new race will emerge, a survival of the old Aryan race but one which has been cleansed and purified not only of any racial dross and admixture but that of spiritual dross, a race that has been freed from Jewish religion and thought control, one that is no longer contaminated by Christian and humanitarian weakness.
Adolf Hitler had a vision of this man and He knew that His regime was only a forerunner, a prototype of that which shall arise and remain.
We get a glimps of this in The Coming Race by Edward Bulwer Lytton: "Only the more I think of a people calmy developing, in regions excluded from our sight and deemed uninhabitable by our sages, powers surpassing our most disciplined modes of force, and virtues to which our life, social and political, becomes antagonistic in proportion as our civilisation advances,-the more devoutly I pray that ages may yet elapse before there emerge into sunlight our inevitable destroyers".[Chapter XXIX]
Now of course The Coming Race is a novel but it was authored by a spiritual adept in an age of apparent technological and material progress. The author makes it clear in three places in his book that this Coming Race of Vril-ya are descendants of the great Aryan race that went underground and evolved further.
Viktor Rydberg in volume 1 of Teutonic Mythology gives a lot of information from his research about Odainsakr which he describes as a place of the living, not the dead: "Its very name, Acre-of-the-not-dead[Odainsakr], and The-field-of-the-living[Jord lifanda manna], however, makes it clear that it is not intended for the souls of the dead. This Erik Vidforle`s saga is also able to state, inasmuch as it makes a definite distinction between Odainsakr and Paradise. If human or other beings are found within the bulwark of the place, they must have come there as living beings in a physical sense; and when once there, they are protected from perishing, for disease, age, and death are excluded."
Odainsakr like the underground cities of the Vril-ya is subterranean.
In the Eddas we are told that two humans Lif[Old Norse-`life`] and Lifthrasir[Old Norse-`the one striving after life`]survive Ragnarok after hiding in Hoddmimir`s wood, which Rudolf Simek in his Dictionary of Northern Mythology considers to be the trunk of the world-tree Yggdrasil. There is a direct parallel to the recreation of man from a tree to their original creation from trees[Askr and Embla]. Things will come full circle again, which is always the way in Germanic and Aryan mythology which does not have a concept of linear time.
As a final thought it is worth bearing in mind that with modern genetic science nothing is now eternally lost-all living or once living things-including our race can be made anew and they will be!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wotans Krieger-My Awakening

One thing that we hear too little of in folkish circles is what the Christians would call peoples 'testimonies'.It can be both interesting and encouraging to hear how others with a similar Weltanschauung came to their current beliefs.
I am and always have been a spiritual seeker and being born in a Christian country I naturally began my quest within the prevailing Judeo-Christian religious hegemony.
From my mid teens onward I started to study the Christian Bible, first of all out of interest and then to seek meaning for my existence. At the same time I devoured books on Spiritualism, being convinced that I was a 'Christian Spiritualist'[if there can be such a thing].I spent the best part of 20 years studying the Bible and wandering from church to church, seeking answers and the fellowship of like minded people.I frequented Anglican, Evangelical Free Church, Pentecostal and house churches.
For a long time I tried to ignore the numerous errors and contradictions within the Bible, most especially the various gospel accounts of the life, death and supposed resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.
A crisis point came in 1989 with the passing of my mother. Not only did I fail to receive any consolation from these so-called 'loving' Christians but for a long time I failed to feel at ease within the churches, having arguments and confrontations with other Christians over points of doctrine and belief etc. With the passing of my German mother I began to explore the history of the German people, starting with WWII and working back to pre-Christian times, the era of the Voelkerwanderungenzeit.I also started to master the German tongue and over the years from 1994 to 2001 I gained 3 qualifications to Diploma level in this language and qualifications in Dutch and Swedish. Since then I have also gained a Diploma in Rune Divination amongst other subjects. I also studied over languages; Old English and Latin. In 1989 I heard for the first time the music of Richard Wagner`s Der Ring Des Nibelungen and developed a passion for this music, sensing a strange affinity which could not be articulated with words. It spoke to my German and Germanic soul. My love of Wagner`s music led to an interest in and a study of the Runes and Germanic mythology which eventually led to my abandonment of Christianity and my turning to the religion of my Anglo-Saxon and German ancestors: Wotanism/Wodenism.
I felt within me an inner struggle between Jesus Christ and Wotan/Woden and Wotan/Woden won that struggle. It was the beginning of my awakening. I could deny neither the Call of the Blood nor the Call of the Gods. It was simply not consistent for me to hold to a universalist religion and a Hebrew god and maintain the folkish Weltanschauung that I had discovered. The inner tension that existed within me for years finally disappeared and has never returned. One does not 'convert' to Wotanism/Wodenism/Odinism one returns to it. For this religion is a part of our very DNA. As long as the Germanic people continue to exist our Gods will survive. However if our Gods perish then so will we as a distinct people.
Out of the blue approximately 9-10 years ago I received a mail shot from Woden's Folk and something resonated deep within me. I duly responded and joined that organisation as a Supporter, then quickly progressing on to an apprenticeship, becoming a Fellow of the White Dragon Kindred after my initiation and taking of the Oath of Profession. This marked a major turning point in my life for the first time I began to apply my knowledge in a religious way, worshiping the Gods, not just reading about them. My religion defines now who and what I am and all being well will define my daughter as well.
Woden is calling and his Valkyries are choosing His elect. Will you hear the call?

Monday, April 18, 2011

May Day

May Day[May the 1st] also known as Beltane is under attack by the Tory government. I suspect that this is less to do with its socialist connotations which are relatively recent and more to do with its authentic heathen and Aryan roots. This government just like any other is anti-Aryan and under undue influence from the christian churches to push through a christian agenda.
In the German speaking lands it is the day after Walpurgisnacht which is one of those times of the year when the veil between Midgard and the other eight worlds is thin.
Among the Celtic peoples Bel is like His Germanic counterpart Balder, a solar deity. His festival announces the beginning of of the summer half of the year when in pre-christian times fires were lit all over northern Europe and people jumped through the flames and smoke to purify themselves and to generate fertility.
According to Nigel Pennick[Practical Magic in the Northern Tradition]the Beltane fire was constructed from the woods of nine different trees. Nine of course is a sacred number in Germanic lore. All fires in the villages were extinguished on May Eve and then relit from the central need-fire which is represented by the rune Nauthiz/Nyd/Naudh/Not. The very shape of this rune which does not appear to vary among the various futharks/futhorks is symbolic of the bow drill used to spark the Need Fire.
The jumping over the fire according to Grimm[Teutonic Mythology] is a more recent substitute for human and then later animal sacrifice.
There were of course the famous meetings of witches on Mayday on the Brocken mountain in the Harz in Lower Saxony. Walter Keating Kelly states that "The human witches of Northern Europe are degenerate and abhorred representatives of the ancient goddesses and their attendants, who were themselves developments of the primitive conception of the cloud-women; but witches, even in their degraded state, exhibit a multitude of characteristics by which we can recognise the originals of whom they are but loathsome caricatures."[Curiosities of Indo-European Tradition and Folk-lore]
The Maypole is representative of both the world ash tree, Yggdrasil or Irminsul, the unmoveable representation of the North Star, Asgard. The human spine is also a type of world tree and via it the Sun Initiate may ascend from the lowest of the nine worlds, Hel to the highest, Asgard and other intermediate worlds via spiritual practices such as Rune Yoga and within this spiritual discipline specific exercises such as the Yew Tree working[Nine Doors of Midgard by Edred Thorsson].
The Maypole also represents the phallus and the dancing around it with the coloured streamers signifies both the release of sperm and the kindling of the Need-Fire.
Human life begins with the descent of spirit into matter forming a cross. The vertical line being the direction of spirit and the horizontal being matter. Having descended into physical form the Sun Initiate`s task is to gain experience and then to seek the ascent from matter back into spirit. After sufficient spiritual evolution the Initiate is free from the compulsion of Eternal Recurrence and becomes as it were a God-man, free to choose to return when and where he or she wishes as an avatar. Life in the physical body in reality is a form of sleep and we are in a perpetual dream state. Only with the release of our true Self from the confines of matter will we truly awaken and take with us our life experience as waking from a vivid dream.
This process represents the Armanic concept of Arising-Becming-Passing Away-New Arising taught by Guido von List. Incarnation into individual physical bodies by the God force is an atomisation of the divine and such atomisation or seperation creates the feeling of the "I" and "Not I" which is an illusion. With the release from matter this artificial seperation is extinguished and we again become directly connected with the Absolute.
With the practice of meditation, concentration, visualisation, breathing techniques, runic mantras and runic body shapes we can achieve greater awareness and detachment from illusion. We must as Initiates take the runes beyond the practice of divination and use them as a tool given to the the Germanic peoples to achieve spiritual awakening and upward evolution.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Aryan Concept of the Supreme God

Within Aryan mythologies there is a concept of a supreme deity, a deity who manifests Himself or Herself in many forms and at many levels. This being is eternal. He cannot age or be destroyed. By contrast our manifested Gods have a certain limited lifespan. I use this term in a very loose sense for we cannot view the Gods in the same way as human beings but various Aryan mythologies do show Gods either ageing or have some sort of vunerability in that they may be maimed or be killed.

The Germanic mythology in particular gives examples of Gods being maimed: Tyr who lost his hand to the Fenris wolf, Woden who exchanged one of his eyes for wisdom and Hodr who appears always to have been blind. In Celtic mythology we find the God Nuada lost his hand to be given a silver replacement. In Germanic mythology we find that with the myth of the theft of Idunn`s apples that the Gods and Godesses begin to age for they rely upon the apples to maintain their eternal youth.
The defeat of the Tuatha de Danann by the Milesians where many of the Gods are slain and the final battle of Ragnarok where most of the Aesir are killed demonstrates most clearly that there is a life span of sorts attached to our Gods. But their divine essence cannot die: it simply takes a new form. A new pantheon of Gods and a new humanity replenish the earh after Ragnarok. Indeed the world itself along with the sun is renewed and a new Golden Age begins where the Gods once again walk the earth in harmony with man.

Just as Gods can be killed they can also be resurrected as we find with the Gods Baldr and Hodr after Ragnarok. In a symbolic way we see this today with the re-emergence of the Germanic Gods from the Collective Racial Unconscious into the light of day where they are once again being honoured openly by our folk. The Swiss-German founder of Analytical Psychology Carl Gustav Jung likened the Gods to archetypes dwelling in the Collective Unconscious of a particular Volk who under certain conditions would re-manifest themselves. "Archetypes are like riverbeds which dry up when the water deserts them, but which it can find again at any time. An archetype is like an old watercourse along which the water of life has flowed for centuries, digging a deep channel for itself. The longer it has flowed in this channel the more likely it is that sooner or later the water will return to its old bed."[Wotan, 1936].

Beyond and above these Gods of the folk there is a supreme deity who the Hindus call Brahma. This figure is almost lost in Germanic mythology but we get a glimpse of Him in the Poetic or Elder Edda: "Then comes the mighty one to the great judgement, the powerful from above, who rules o`er all. He shall dooms pronounce, and strifes allay, holy peace establish, which shall ever be."[Voluspa] The late 19th and early 20th century German Runemaster Guido von List referred to Him as Der Starke von Oben[the strong one from above]

One of Woden`s titles is All-Father which implies a total supremacy which the extant Germanic myths do not appear to substantiate. Could this be a title that He inherited from another and perhaps earlier deity when Woden gained in popularity amongst the Germanic peoples? The ancient Germanic God of war, Tyr or Tiw may indeed have been the original supreme Germanic sky God and the first possessor of the title All-Father. He appears to have been relegated in the Eddas to a subordinate role to Woden but we must remember that the actual writing down of the Eddas came late in the history of our religion. Not only are the Eddas to a certain extent tainted by the hands of the christian scribes but Germanic religion developed over time and His original and supreme function may have been forgotten by then.

Interestingly the rune named after Tyr/Tiw/Ziu is Tiwaz/Tiw/Tyr/. Not only is this rune shaped like a spear point and thus symbolises Tyr`s warlike function but esoterically signifies the world tree, Yggdrasil or Irminsul and thus points to his earlier function of being a sky deity.
There is a little known mediaeval rune known as Ziu which signifies the `father of the Gods` and the power that he displays through the thunderbolt as a supreme sky God. It is this rune which I have chosen to accompany this article.

Sky deities in Aryan mythologies appear to be superior Gods and allude to an overarching supremacy over other Gods and beings. Indeed Tiu is cognate with the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European sky God Dyeus from which Zeus and Dyaus is derived. When our Gods die we need not fear for they live again in new forms more fitting for that age. The form may change but the essence is eternal.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Arctic Origins of the Aryan Race

The Aryan race ultimately can trace its origins to the Arctic regions where there once existed a Golden Age civilisation called Thule or Hyperborea. The reasons for my conclusions are based on an understanding of the various Aryan mythologies, evidence from astronomy, botany, biology and climatology.
The divine race of Ireland, the Tuatha de Danann are said in the Battle of Mag Tured to have lived in the islands at the "North of the world". Of course this does not in itself establish their exact geographical origin but it is certainly Hyperborean.
The Aesir, the divine race of the Germanic peoples are also indirectly credited with a Hyperborean origin because of their association with the lands of the far north of Europe-Scandinavia. The Romans referred to Scandinavia as Thule after Pytheas, the Greek explorer from the 4th century BCE who explored the northern regions of Europe. Of the nine worlds of Germanic mythology, Asgard is the highest and in a sense may be thought of as being the most northerly.
The Greek God Apollo is said to have been venerated by the Hyperboreans who spent every winter amongst them.
In the national epic of the Finns[a Non-Indo-European speaking but racially Nordic people] the Kalevala it is said that the ancestor of the Finns, Kaleva has his abode in "the North`s furthest fields".
Bal Gangadhar Tilak in his Arctic Home in the Vedas provides substantial evidence from the ancient Rig Vedas and Avestas that the ancient Aryans lived in the arctic region but during a time when it was temporate and could support a variety of fauna and flora which scientists have been discovering for years. He compares these ancient Aryan scriptures with evidence from astronomy and comes to this conclusion: "It followed, therefore that if the Vedic evidence pointed to an arctic home, the forefathers of the Aryan race must have lived therein not after but before the last Glacial epoch. But the traditions preserved in the Avesta dispense with the necessity of relying on geology for this purpose. We have now direct traditional evidence to show [1] that the Airyana Vaejo had originally a good climate, but Angra Mainyu converted it into a winter of ten and a summer of two months, [2] that the Airyana Vaejo was so situated that the inhabitants of Yima`s Vara therein regarded the year only as a day, and saw the sun rise only once a year, and [3] that the happy land was rendered uninhabitable by the advent of a Glacial epoch which destroyed all life therein."
This catastrophe which would have buried the Hyperborean civilisation necessitated a migration southwards of the Aryan peoples to less inhospitable climes. The Aryans however took with them their most ancient and sacred symbol, the swastika known also as the fylfot, the fyrfos, Hakenkreuz, Thor`s Hammer and the gammadion. This symbol can be found wherever Aryan man in the ancient past has wandered, even amongst civilisations which have been regarded by establishment historians as non-Aryan such as China and amongst the American Indians. This is no doubt due to Aryan man`s early contacts with these peoples where he was revered as a god and a bringer of higher civilisation.
The Popul Vuh gives an account of how the the ancient forefathers of Meso-America had been exiled from the far away city of Tulan.
The prevalence of the swastika amongst the various Aryan peoples in itself points to their Hyperborean origins for as George A. Keyx states in his Holy Grail Ancient Pagan Apocrypha "Another important aspect of the Polar Myth is its relation to the most ancient and sacred of Indo-European symbols-the swastika. The swastika has often been used throughout history as a symbol of the pole and of motion around it."
Keryx states in his book that by calculating back in time when Ursa Minor last rotated around the pole star Thuban , forming the swastika in the north sky was about 3,000 BCE. The cosmic sign of the swastika over thousands of years appearing above their heads would have made a deep impression upon our ancestors and its sacredness is linked to our very origins as a race.
Helena Blavatsky in her Secret Doctrine stated that the continent of Manvantara, the `Imperishible Sacred Land` "capped the over the whole North Pole like one unbroken crust".

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Aryan Imperium

I have recently finished reading Norman Lowell's Imperium Europa and C. Marcus Ideus' Imperian Manifesto and I wholeheartedly endorse their concept of an Aryan Imperium. Not only is this the solution to the problems of the Aryan race but it would provide the structure for the further advancement of our peoples.
The problem of racial extinction and genocide that faces our race requires a collective pan-Aryan solution not a petty nationalist one. Nationalism in the past has been the source of division amongst our peoples and helped to fuel numerous fratricidal European wars and two world wars.
Just as pollution and epidemics do not recognise national borders neither does the danger of mass `legal` and illegal immigration by the Asiatic and African hordes. A pan-Aryan solution is required and the emergence of an Imperium within Europe would provide the necessary framework and armed muscle to disenfranchise and forceably deport the miliions of non-Aryans to be found on our continent.
Mr Lowell forsees the Imperium extending to a cleansed USA, Australasia and Aryan parts of Africa. Our borders would be sealed and only the introduction of a `Europid ID` card would prevent aliens from existing within our borders. Such a card would only be issued after DNA testing has been carried out. Our economic system would once again be tied to the gold standard and no currency or resources would leave the Imperium. Those resources that the Imperium lacks would be traded for food which our peoples produce with a surplus.
Mr Lowell sees the re-emergence of an authentic pre-christian Aryan spirituality and appears himself to subscribe the the spirituality known as Cosmotheism. Ideus on the other hand is an unrepentant Christian or Christist as he describes himself. This is none other than a blatant attempt at reintroducing the deiscredited nonsense known as British Israelism or Christian Identity as it is now known.
There are several inconsitencies in Ideus` book, notably his position on capital punishment and the education of women. On page 147 of Imperian Manifesto he says that women should not be educated beyond High School level which in my opinion is not only divisive but would deprive our race of 50% of its best talent only in the name of his misogynist views which effectively would have prevented that great post war National Socialist Savitri Devi from making the contribution she has made to our cause. He sees women as purely broodmares! I don`t get this feeling from reading Imperium Europa.
Ideus and Lowell are both against the death penalty for Aryans on the grounds that they could be used for lifelong genetic experimentation to discover and eradicate the genes that are responsible for criminal behaviour. However Ideus also takes the view that the DNA of criminals is precious and to elimate murderers from the gene pool would unnecessarily reduce our numbers and prevent these miscreants from breeding! He totally ignores or is oblivious to the irony that such criminals would pass on their criminal and murderous propensities to further generations if they are not executed and permitted to breed! Furthermore there is a blatant contradiction on this within the pages of his book. On page 132 of his book he wrote "Likewise all convicted criminals shal undergo sterilization...." whilst on page 140 he stated "We simply cannot afford to sacrifice any more of our precious genes to the advancing barbarian Moloch at our gates!"
They see the takeover of the current European Union as a realistic strategy in uniting the Aryan peoples of Europe and its transformation into an Aryan Imperium: only time will tell!