Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Use of Holy Symbols in the Manipulation of the Collective Unconscious

This posting is intended to follow on naturally from the previous one where I touched slightly upon the issue of symbolism.
A symbol is worth a thousand words for it is a means for direct communication with the Collective Unconscious in the same way that a trance or a dream can be viwed as a portal to this world. The Unconscious uses a different form of language than the Conscious and at the same time is a deep reservoir of ancestral and ancient racial archetypes and imagery.
This fact was well known by the mystics of the Third Reich who deliberately manipulated the holy signs and symbols of the pre-christian Germanic peoples and used them both during their spectacular mass festivals but also in everyday life. Not only did the Volk become accustomed to these symbols but in many people they evoked a certain emotional and psychological response, something which in most cases could not be adequately articulated but had a direct effect upon their Conscious mind. The exposure on a daily basis to these symbols, whether they be runes or various forms of the swastika/fylfot/Hakenkreuz started to condition the individual minds and the collective mind of the masses to a certain folkish predisposition.
Even those people who were not ardent National Socialists or were even cynical of the regime and idelogy nevertheless responded in a certain way to these symbols if they ethnically belonged to the Volk.
This is a lesson for us to learn today. We must start to play our apart in exposing the masses to our holy symbols and indeed those of us who have children should also ensure that they are also exposed to these symbols. Initially exposure in itself is sufficient. Later on when they are old enough to understand on a conscious level we should start to explain the teaching and lore behind them.

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Anonymous said...

A lot of racialist groups today try using all kinds of new symbols. They forget that ancient symbols like the Swastika (which they avoid because of its stigma) have an effect on all whites. Racial memory overwhelms Liberal brainwashing.

While I'm not an Occultist, you're otherwise completely right about this thing. The white people need to toughen up and throw aside the modern luxuries. Sometimes I wonder whether Europeans will wake up once they see America and/or England become completely mongrel messes that end up like the Dominican Republic. Or are the Judaic masters going to manage to enslave everyone by another Communist-style trick? Just look up their new attempts, some of which I list in the "Liberty Under Threat" section of my blog