Sunday, January 10, 2010

Has Fimbulvetr arrived?

Germanic mythology speaks of a series of three severe winters, Fimbulvetr which act as the prelude to the events of Ragnarok which will usher in the end of the present age and the beginning of the new Golden Age to come.
Fimbul means `great` and vetr `winter` in Old Norse.
"After the arrival of Ivaldi`s sons in Joetunheimr, the first Fimbulvetr began. The second comes right before the destruction of the worlds. There were three times three winters with great battles taking place throughout the world. Far behind the outermost district in Joetenheimr, in the remotest north, near the edge of the earth-disk and by Amsvartnir`s sea, over which eternal darkness broods, lies a land to which the Ivaldi sons directed their course. Its dales stretch between glacier covered mountains that are overgrown with trees of the sort that thrive in the darkness and cold of the renowned Jarnvidr. Black precipices gape down into unknown depths. In one of them is a ravine that leads down into Niflheimr in Joermungrund."
[Asatru Edda]
Is it any coincidence that Britain is facing its most severe winter in 47 years, comparable to the winters of 1946/1947 and 1962/1963? So much for the notion of `global warming`!
But leaving the issue of a severe physical winter aside Britain along with most of the world is facing another kind of `winter`, a winter of economic chaos with industrial and political discontent looming large on the horizon. The `New World Order` received its first major shock wave last year with the election of scores of nationalist MEPs to the European Parliament, the BNP getting in the region of a million votes in Britain and winning two seats.
The fact that Britain is still in a grip of its worst recession in decades aong with the imminent collapse of the unwanted multiracial experiment and the presence of a radical islamic fifth column in Britain and most other European countries signals that Ragnarok is in sight.
"The bad time has passed, but there comes another. Joerd-Frigga has not borne it and Odinn-Wralda has not created it. It comes out of the east, out of the heart of Joetenheimr. It shall bring forth so much grief that Joerd[Earth] will not be capable of drinking the blood of her slain children altogether. Gloom shall spread over the folk, like thunderclouds over sunlight. Everywhere and always shall guile and power-lust struggle against right and freedom, which shall fall we with them. Brothers will kill brothers for the sake of greed, and neither father nor son will be spared in the killings and the collapse of kinship. Brothers will become brothers` bane, and blood will spill between sisters` sons. Hardship is in the world, there is much whoredom; axe-age, knife-age, shields are sundered, wind-age, wolf-age, until the world falls into ruin. No man will spare another."
[Asatru Edda]
The sacred Eddas go on to state "Then will come the second Fimbulvetr. Snow will drive in from all directions; the cold will be severe and the winds will be fierce. The sun will be of no use. Three of these winters will come, one after the other, with no summer in between. But before that, there will have to be another three winters with great battles taking place throughout the world."
[Asatru Edda]
Significantly the danger is portrayed as coming out of the east. The middle east and the ongoing wars carried out by the `west` against the muslim world in order to extend the hegemony of the zionist/American capitalist alliance will ultimately be the undoing of the corrupt capitalist and `liberal` system that governs the `west`. In the ensuing chaos the masses will be susceptible to a new creed and we will provide that.


Hans said...

I don't know how much to believe the part about three winters with no summers in between them, but other stuff seems reasonable though in my country the winter seems to be absolutely normal, nothing special of cataclysmic. I am not well read about this, but it is my sincere hope that in 2012 which, according to what I know, is the start of a new cosmic cycle, the spirit of Adolf Hitler will be reincarnated. If it happens, it will be salvation, if it doesn't, then all I can say is that THE FIGHT GOES ON.

Charles said...

I'll tell you what i see. I see human arrogance at its alltime high. our self importance has brought us to this "pinnacle" of our existance, a never before seen hight of science, technology, and indapendance from our mother earth.
We have fished our oceans clean, leveled our forests, all for the sake of progress.
I see a sickness of beligerance and superiority that has spread outward from the Roman Empire, and all those who followed. The Caucasian Cancer that has spanned the globe, devouring everthing in its path, be it the "godless savages" of the americas, the "inferior negroes" in africa, the or the post christian muslims of the middle east. Every existing culture has been chewed up and spit out by this plague. Genosides, atrocities justified as "war," "empirial expansion," or worse "military conflict" to preserve the "western way of thinking."
I see a broken and blind people who can no longer sustain their lifestyle of comfort and ignorance, who have taken all our mother earth has to give and refuse to listen when she says there is no more.
I see a civilization that has come to the end of its days, and refuses to embrace the changes that must be made to survive. What happens to a pack of wolves who have hunted all the deer? they starve to death.
But we shall see, when Quetzalcoatl returns in 2012.