Sunday, June 07, 2009

Racial Memory

The father of Analytical Psychology Carl Gustav Jung posited the theory of the Collective Unconscious. This is a level of the Unconscious beyond the Personal Unconscious or Subconscious which is shared by a society with a shared ancestry. It is a reservoir of the experiences, beliefs and thoughts of our ancestors over many millenia.
Jung discovered its existence from the analysis of his patients` dreams. Frequently his patients were able to recall information from their dreams which they had no conscious recollection of or access to and he found that much of the symbolism contained within his patients` dreams had a consistent and shared quality, specific to that race or folk.
One can read the beginnings of the formulation of his theory and examples of his research within his early and seminal work, Psycology of the Unconscious, published in 1916. This work marked a departure from the work and theories of the jewish founder of Psychological Analysis Sigmund Freud.
Within this groundbreaking work Jung explores not only dreams but mythology with an emphasis on Aryan mythology. Whether consciously or not Jung was beginning to create a new branch of psychology, a distinctly Aryan one which had almost messianic and Aryan undertones.
Jung goes beyond Freud`s narrow sexual interpretation of the Libido or life impulse and transforms it into an Aryan hero, a sun hero who is seeking to escape his narrow confines as it experiences a series of adventures.
The Collective Unconscious is further discussed and defined in Jung`s The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious.
Two groundbreaking and controversial books by Richard Noll, The Aryan Christ: The Secret Life of Carl Jung and The Jung Cult: Origins of a Charismatic Movement expose for the first time Jung`s folkish and Aryan belief system.
If it is true that we can access the shared racial memory of our ancestors via dreams and trance states then nothing is truly ever lost despite the destruction and havoc that was caused to our ancient Aryan spiritual lore and paths by the forces of christendom over the centuries. Everything is waiting to be rediscovered.
I believe that it was this very same Collective Unconscious that Aryan mystics such as the Austrian Guido von List[1848-1919] was able to access during his period of blindness which lasted 11 months after a cataract operation carried out in 1902. During this time he received visions as his "inner eye" was opened and he received the Armanen runic futhorc.
In the same way the God Odin/Woden/Wotan received the runes as related in the Norse Havamal.


Kristoferis said...

To be frank, I do not know what to think of Jung because he was a friend of the jew Freud. freud was a decadent degenerate as is obvious from his sexually degenerate ideas and the "oedipus sindrome". He was a disgusting and decadent Jewish degenerate who preached sexual degeneracy and I am very sceptical towards jung because it is said that he befriended this fiendish jew. However, i know that the great National Socialist Miguel Serrano was a personal friend of Jung (i have not read the book 'A tale of two friendships, but am reading "NOS Book of the resurrection" now) so perhaps Jung was not that bad aftter all, but still i do not know what to think. The book "The Jew as Criminal" by Hanns Andersen described the degeneracy of Freud though and his pseudo-scientific ideas of sexual pathology.You can download this work here: Anyway, I myself think that the bonds of blood of the folk create this psychological consciousness you described here, however, I am not aquinted with psychology, except for the ravings of some Jewish decadents. I wish to ask what do you think about Jung and his relationship with the jewish criminal Freud. And, by the way, i would like to know, when I could contact you by email, because i have received notice from your associate from the organiozation you are a member of, that he sent you a message, asking you to contact me. Thank you for the attention and i hope you will answer my questions.

itnw said...

Does Jung's work really apply to a race if they've been uprooted and deracinated?

I think the collective unconscious is created by culture. Barack Obama is an archetype of modern America, and of American whites. Not Thor.

When a person adopts a culture or believes in in, there are elements of it that take the form of a subconscious understanding. The Jew has created archetypes of the superior nigger.

I don't see any proof that it is transmitted through blood.

Wotans Krieger said...

itnw, which `uprooted` or `deracinated` race are you referring to?
Surely if a race is `deracinated` it is no longer strictly speaking a race?
The key thing with the Collective Unconscious is that it has a genetic basis and thus a racial basis as Jung`s experiments have established. Have you actually read any of Jung`s work on this subject?
How can a living man with no racial roots within the founding race of the USA, ie the Aryo-Germanic race possibly be described as an American `archetype`? Do you really understand what an archetype is and again have you read any of Jung`s work on the subject?
Please explain to me why you refer to the Germanic god Thor and why you appear to do so in such a sarcastic tone?
If in future you decide to comment on any of my blogs please adopt a more courteous tone, avoid the use of racial epithets and do at least a modicum of research on the subject you pontificate on!

Wotans Krieger said...

Kristofereis I have received no such e mail from any `organisation`.
Fee free to contact me via forums that I am known to post on.

Anonymous said...

This in percisly why thing such as race mixing are promoted within today's Jewish-runned states, not only to destroy our visible identity, but to destroy our ancient knowledge and Volkish spirit as a people. By mixing, one jumble and dicintegrates the essence of these eternal wisdoms; a race-mixed people have no identity, nor spiritual power, and are the only ones who truely 'die'.

Anonymous said...

Freud was not a degenerate. Jung was not a psychologist. "Collective unconscious" is not psychology, and not provable scientifically. Plenty of American whites have not the slightest awareness of their racial history; if they still act with more decorum than blacks, this has to do with training and deep genetic differences relating to hormones, reflexes and neural pathways. Memory is not by default, it is by culture, and culture means conscious devotion to historical data. Sorry.

Wotans Krieger said...

`Anonymous`, I suggest that you focus on the subject of the article instead of attacking accepted psychological theory. Jung was able to provide abundant evidence in his published works of the reality of the Collective Unconscious and scientists are beginning to discover that personal memories can manifest themselves in different organs of the human body resulting in also the transmission of the personal memories of others being acquired via organ transplants.
Jung was the founder of Analytical Psychology and thus would have defined himself as an Analytical Psychologist. Yet you, an anonymous poster with no proven credentials have the temerity to say that Jung was "not a psychologist. Tell me, where can we find your published works Mr Anonymous?
You also make the mistake of confusing racial memory with behaviour: really please try and stay awake and pay attention in future!

Mark IJsseldijk said...

I believe there is a 'racial memory.' Not so long ago I was a 'liberal' mostly because I didn't know anything. Anyway, I give credit to some internal urge for my racial awakening because I was never taught anything but the falsehoods of Marxism. It was like one day I just awoke. The recognition that I am an Aryan spurred me on to greater ambitions and to develop a code of honor to follow. And of course to learn the real history of my people. So my awakening also bettered my character. It was a profound experience and I believe that it stemmed from my tapping into the Aryan ancestral well of memory for the first time. said...

I read part of this blog because I am interested in ancestral memory. Most of the replies (comments) are offending to me. I am neither a Jew or black or whatever onerous remarks were referring to. I just have had an experience over the last decade or two that leads me to investigate further. With no prior knowledge of an event I became interested in players of events in 11th century. It continued off/on & recently the interest intensified only yesterday I became aware that I am probably related to one of the key players. Are these just coincidences? I appreciate the article (blog).