Sunday, May 10, 2009

Aryan Secret Societies-The Odin Brotherhood

Since the introduction of christianity in the Aryan world within the first and second millenia CE secret sects have flourished with the aim of preserving Aryan lore which would otherwise be lost due to the suppression carried out by the christian churches and their temporal royal lackies.
Most notable ones include the Armanenschaft, the Rosicrucians, Free Masons, The Order of the New Templars, The Germanenorden, The Thulegesellschaft, The Edda Society and many others.
One group which came to my attention recently is the Odin Brotherhood which allegedly has been in existence since 1421 when it was formed by the three children of a widow who in 1418 was cruelly executed by a christian priest. The widow had been caught honouring the old gods in a remote grotto. She refused the lustful advances of the priest and this sealed her doom.
After her murder her children summoned her spirit through an ancient necromantic rite and the slain woman instructed her children to save the ancient religion by taking the movement underground. They were instructed to form a secret society–a "conspiracy of equals"--dedicated to the old gods. They pledged to "honor the gods with clandestine rites in deserted places," and they promised to "share their knowledge" with "the few" they trusted before they died.
The brotherhood refuse to give any details that identify the woman or the village she came from.
This mysterious society is the subject of a book by the same name, The Odin Brotherhood by Dr Mark Mirabello. Dr Mirabello first encounters a representative of this secret order in a bookshop in Leith, Scotland. This silver haired eastern European holding a peculiar cane adorned with images of an ass and a serpent approached Dr Mirabello as he was browsing through a book by Arthur Edward White, The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross. The stranger referred to himself as "Lodur`s friend". Lodur is one of the Asa gods referred to in the Voluspa from the Poetic Edda who along with Odin and Hoenir created the first humans.
This introduction was the beginning of a series of contacts, some apparently coincidental, some arranged in which he met other enigmatic strangers who often spoke of the Odin Brotherhood and their philosophy.
People do not join the brotherhood in the conventional sense but the brotherhood make themselves known to suitable candidates.
The late date for the formation of the Odin Brotherhood is not so unrealistic when one considers that heathenism was still openly practiced in the far north in Lithuania and the country was not christianized until the late 13th and early 14th century CE.
The Odin Brotherhood is `Called an "occult religion" for adepts, a "creed of iron" for warriors, and a "secret society" for higher men and women who value "knowledge, freedom and power", the Odin Brotherhood honours the gods and godesses of the Norse pantheon.`

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