Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Role of Women in Aryan Society

"Out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of castes; out of the confusion of castes, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory the lack of understanding; and out of all this, all evils."[Bhagavad Gita]

The granting of the electoral franchise to women, property rights and "equal rights" in the 20th century should be viewed as a direct attack upon the Aryan western world.
The woman is a vital linchpin of the Aryan family and to tamper with her traditional role which nature has superbly equipped her for is to tamper with nature herself.

For millenia Aryan woman has been the nurturer and bearer of offspring. Just as the role of the man and father is clearly outlined by nature so is that of the woman and mother.

With the granting of "equal rights" has come the mistaken perception that the role of the woman and mother is essentially similar to that of the man and father and men and women could and indeed should swap roles. Over the last 10 years or so we have witnessed the absurdity of the "stay at home father", the "househusband" and the "careerwoman/mother".
This unnatural reversal of traditional gender role models will sow the seed of confusion in our young and add to the further destabalisation of western society.

The media, the willing tool of global capitalism has promoted this gender confusion. How often today do we witness television commercials and dramas portraying the man`s role as being in the kitchen and that of the woman as the strong career woman who belittles her husband, often in the presence of their children and makes all the decisions?

Our ancestors wisely saw that a woman`s heart is often vain and fickle and it is only under the jurisdiction of her father and later her husband can her negative thought patterns be corrected and channelled down positive paths.

It is no coincidence to find that in mixed-race families it is often the woman that is the Aryan partner. The ancient Aryan sacred writings known as the Bhagavad Gita correctly saw that such biological confusion has its origins in our women. It is only through firm but fair male guidance that such folly can be prevented.

The confusion of caste will lead to our inevitable extinction as a special human species.


Kristina said...

You seem more steeped in Muslim culture or fundamentalist Christian culture than in our strong, pagan past. A past that was proud of our women as leaders, healers, council-members, and well as mothers and wives. You do no service to the gods and goddesses of our ancestors with your attitude.

Kristina (Lady Bastet) McHugh

Wotans Krieger said...

`Leaders`? Don`t be ridiculous! The number of such leaders you will be able to count on the fingers of one hand.
You appear to view our ancient past through the lens of feminist `new age` writers and this very attitude of yours illustrates perfectly the point that I have made.
Your role in the past was subservient to man and moreover you were happy in it.
Now go and read some real history and be grateful that I have allowed your silly feminist comments to be published on my blog!
By the way, titles[fake or real] do not impress me. You would be doing us all a favour if you found the kitchen again and made us all a sandwich. Now run along!

Gloria said...

Dear Wotans,

I would like first to thank you for your blog, which is very interesting and contains valuable information.

My name is Gloria and I am medievalist historian. To me it's an honor to meet you and visit your blog.

To begin a study, about the role of the man or the woman in the Aryan tradition & society, it's not necessary to dwell on comparisons with the contemporary values. We must study, -if is possible-, free of the previous concepts and understand that the familiar order, in this case, have their roots in a traditional way of understanding life and corresponds to a projection of a divine order.
Ergo, Concepts such as "feminism" and the unnecessary disputes that occur around them, are transformed only in obstacles, to conducting a serious investigation on this interesting topic.

Again, I want to thank Wotans on your blog and the opportunity to express my opinion.


Gloria Decker.

If there are errors in the translation of this text, I ask the apologies of the case.

Anonymous said...

I AM NEW TO THE TEACHINGS OF MY ANCESTERS AND THE TRUE BELIEFS OF OUR FOREFATHERS IN THE PAST.. I WAS FIRST INTRDUCED TO THE ON GOING FAMILY WILE SPENDING SEVERAL YEARS IN THE NEW JERSEY STATE PENNATENTURY and alot of brothers told me that the real struggle is on the outside of the razor wire. I've seen first hand apon my reentry into the public how screwd up society realy is and how alot of our white men and women are being blinded by the zionest pig dawgs. could you ar any one please help bring more white into my life i could realy use it and im ready to LEARN

Falstaff said...

Maybe later in the days of the past did woman have boarder "rights". But as Wotans Krieger says about feminists lenses seems to hold true for most woman. Look at Oprah. I feel that if a woman feels deeply that she is Free, then let her for the time being. But otherwise they should be conquered and subjugated. For they are naturally submissive to Men and are nurturers, gatherers, childbearers, etc.
I dinae know all about My ancient past since I am of several Nordic bloodlines (German,Norse,Swed,Scot-Irish), so I can not be sure how true I follow the path.
But I do feel that John Norman's Gor follows much of "our" ancient past und path.
**Hail thee All-Father
**Hail thee Fiery-Trickster
**Hail thee Brother of Thunder
-Jarl Falsaff Du'Mara-Green Caste

Falstaff said...

And aye I agree wholeheartedly with Wotans Kreiger.

Why can't they learn that the kitchen and the furs are the only place for them.