Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Nordic Basis of Civilisation

Civilisations should not be assessed on the basis of their majority populations but on the ruling elite who impose their language and culture on the subject population.
The ruling and civilising elite has always been Nordic.

"For thousands of years they have poured forth from their northland homes in conquering waves over Europe and many parts of Asia as well. The Aryan invaders of India were Nordics; so were the ancient Persians; while the Greeks and Romans of classic times contained much more Nordic blood, at least among the ruling classes.
Always and everywhere the Nordics have been a race of warriors, sailors, pioneers, and explorers. Unlike the Alpines, with their slow mass migrations and peaceful penetration, the Nordics have ranged far and wide, often in small numbers, but winning their way by their fierce energy and great fighting power. Conquering peoples sometimes vastly superior in numbers, the Nordics have settled down as an aristocratic ruling class, and they have usually known how to perpetuate their rule because of their high political ability. Political ability is one of the Nordics` chief gifts, which they display both in ruling others and in ruling themselves.
The Nordic is at once democratic and aristocratic. Among his own kind he is democratic. Profoundly individualistic and touchy about his personal rights, neither he nor his fellows will tolerate tyranny. None of the primitive Nordic tribes had despotic rulers, while modern constitutional government was developed by the Nordic English and has not been really successful except among peoples with a strong strain of Nordic blood.
Where the Nordic establishes himself among other races he is instinctively aristocratic. Feeling himself the ruler and the superior, he prides himself on his race and seeks to guard the purity of his blood. Throughout Europe to-day the old aristocratic class tends to be of Nordic origin. Even in countries where the Nordic element has been mainly bred out of the population what little Nordic blood remains is found chiefly concentrated in the old upper-class families."
[Racial Realities in Europe by Lothrop Stoddard]


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Anonymous said...

sorry you got booted off the other forum - how short-sighted of them. I don't have to agree with everything to appreciate the intellectual and spiritual depth of some of your views (and you probably know who I am). People are conditioned like sheep to shut others down when they mention Nazi Germany and the Jews. I wonder if your study of psychology has given you any insights as to how our people have become so easily controlled. Perhaps you holy grail article touched on this to a degree. This blog opens up a very interesting world. But I want to know about the future also. What have you learned about the way forward? And assuming there is ever an awakening of racial awareness, how would our genetic heritage be rediscovered? How would we wash away the genetic influences of other nations and races? Can these things be done, or is it too late to turn clock back? are we to be a mixed race like the Indians, alienated from our own tribal identity, which as your site demonstrates, is so crucial for human well-being, for every nation and people? Clearly the white element with England, especially the working class, is a self-alienated mixture.