Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Aryan Nature of the Doctrine of Awakening

"The very apex that Christian theology loses in a confused background is,instead,very often placed consciously in the foreground by the Aryo-Oriental traditions.To talk in this respect of atheism or even of pantheism betrays ignorance,an ingnorance shared by those who spend their time unearthing oppositions and antitheses.The truth is that the traditions of the Aryans who settled in the East retain and conserve much of what the later traditions of races of the same root who settled in the West have lost or no longer understand or retain only fragmentarily.A contributing factor here is the undoubted influence on European faiths of concepts of Semitic and Asiatic-Mediterranean origin.Thus to accuse of atheism the older traditions,particularly the Doctrine of Awakening,and also other Western traditions that reflect the same spirit,only betrays an attempt to expose and discredit a higher point of view on the part of a lower one:an attempt that,had circumstances had been reversed,would have qualified out of hand by the religious West as Satanic.And,in fact,we shall see that it appeared to the doctrine of the Buddha."
[Julius Evola,The Doctrine of Awakening]

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Please find some references on the time honoured method of Awakening -Eleutherios