Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Aryan Expulsion and Return Formula

JG von Hahn, a 19th century scholar outlined in his 1876 work, `Sagwissenschaftliche Studien` a concept known as `Arische Aussetzungs-und-Rueck-kehr Formel`[Aryan Expulsion and Return Formula].
Von Hahn identified 14 cases of mythical or legendary characters from different Aryan nations of instances where a principal hero more or less conformed to his concept. Examples from Aryan myth that conform to the formula include Perseus, Romulus and Remus, Siegfried and Parsifal.
Alfred Nutt added 8 more characters to von Hahn`s list from Celtic myth and legend in an article in `Folk-Lore Record,volume IV`. In his `Studies on the Legend of the Holy Grail`[chapter VI] he tabulates the formula as follows:-

I. Hero born

a] Out of wedlock.
b] Posthumously.
c] Supernaturally.
d] One of twins.

II. Mother, princess residing in her own country.

III. Father.

a] God. }
...............} from afar.
b] Hero. }

IV. Tokens and warnings of hero`s future greatness.

V. He is in consequence driven forth from home.

VI. Is suckled by wild beasts.

VII. Is brought up by a childless couple, or shepherd, or widow.

VIII. Is of passionate and violent disposition.

IX. Seeks service in foreign lands.

a] Attacks and slays monsters.
b] Acquires supernatural knowledge through eating a fish or other magic animal.

X. Returns to his own country, retreats, and again returns.

XI. Overcomes his enemies, frees his mother, seats himself on the throne.

Jessie L. Weston in her `Legends of the Wagner Drama` states:

"It seems, therefore, practically certain that, whatever the cause which led to the first moulding of the legend into such a shape, the sequence of incident is of extreme antiquity; and the nations who possess the story, by whatever name they may elect to call its hero, really hold it as part of their original Aryan inheritance."

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