Friday, January 18, 2019

Brexit-the Betrayal of the People by the Political Elite

I am a regular viewer of the BBC Parliament channel and a reader of the online Hansard which records the daily proceedings of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords and this has given me an in depth insight into the workings of Parliament and the political machinations of both the United Kingdom's elected representatives and the unelected lords, both temporal and spiritual. My readers may note that I have deliberately placed representatives and lords in italics for many if not most of these representatives do anything but represent the wishes and will of their electorate but pursue their own globalist agenda as slaves of the New World Order. Likewise these lords also do everything in their power to subvert democracy and thwart the will of the people and they do so with greater temerity for they know that they can act with impunity as they, unlike MPs are not accountable to the electorate. It is surely an anachronism that 26 bishops of the Church of England should be permitted to propose or vote on legislation affecting the United Kingdom when the said Church and indeed Christianity as a whole is now a minority religion both in England and the United Kingdom! It should be noted that just as modern day knights generally lack horse riding and jousting skills many of the so-called lords lack any known aristocratic ancestry.

It is clear from both opinion polls and the opinions expressed by both MPs and lords that the vast majority are not in favour of the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union (incorrectly called 'Brexit'. For the benefit of my foreign readers the United Kingdom is greater than just the island of Britain). Those that do support 'Brexit' do so only with reservations and the prerequisite of having a trade deal. This flies straight in the face of the electorate who voted to leave the European Union. The ballot paper did not mention anything about having a 'trade deal'! The question on the ballot paper was very simple and succinct: "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?" The available answers to choose from were "Remain a member of the European Union" and "Leave the European Union." By stipulating that the United Kingdom should not leave the European Union without a trade deal they are in effect denying the express will of the electorate and adding their own precondition, a precondition which did NOT exist on the aforementioned ballot paper!

Many MPs state that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union but remain as a member of the customs union. This is either an indicator of the sheer ignorance of these MPs or it is a deliberate ruse to keep this country within the European Union in all but name (and without voting rights!) for the European Union IS a customs union and has been so since 1957 with the passing of the Treaty of Rome and the creation of the European Economic Community which at that time consisted of just Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany). In 1967 the European Economic Community, the European Coal and Steel Community and the European Atomic Energy Community were combined into a single 'European Communities' via the 1965 Merger Treaty. The European Communities were enlarged in 1973 with the inclusion of Denmark, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Greenland although part of the Kingdom of Denmark actually left the Communities in 1985 due to a dispute over fishing rights. So the United Kingdom would not be the first country to have left this organisation! In 1975 a referendum was held in the United Kingdom over its membership of the Communities and a large majority voted to remain within it-67.23%. Greece joined in 1981 and Spain and Portugal in 1985. The Single European Act was signed in 1986, coming into effect in 1987, with the intention of creating a single market. In 1986 the European Flag came into use, giving the impression for the first time that the Communities were a Super State, albeit an embryonic one. The next significant step was the passing of the Maastricht Treat in 1992 which came into force in 1993 and created the European Union.  The terminology is important to note for the word 'Union' implies a kind of State such as the United Kingdom which was formed by Acts of Union in the 18th and 19th centuries. Now the European Union had a remit not just in economics but in the fields of foreign policy and justice. In 1995 Austria, Finland and Sweden joined the European Union.

The next major development in the European Union occurred in 2002 with the replacement of national currencies in 12 member States with the infamous 'Euro'. These countries collectively became known as the 'Eurozone' and now numbers 19 out of the current 28 member States. This currency is controlled by the European Central Bank. By adopting the Euro the countries within the Eurozone have surrendered their sovereignty in monetary policy to a foreign Central Bank. It is clear from history that a necessary step in political union and often an initial step is monetary union. The same thing happened in 1989 with the collapse of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). Prior to political union with the Federal Republic on 3rd October 1990 the Democratic Republic adopted the Deutsche Mark on 1st July 1990. Indeed I was present in the Democratic Republic literally on the eve of currency union.

In 2004 a further and very extensive enlargement of the European Union occurred with the entry of Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. In 2007 Bulgaria and Romania became members. In 2009 the Lisbon Treaty of 2007 gave a legal personality to the European Union.

The European Parliament has its origins in the Common Assembly of the European Coal and Steel Community in 1952 and was initially just a consultative body. Its members did not become electable until 1979. Like the Euro and the European Flag the European Parliament gives to the European Union the appearance of a Super State. It must be remembered that European law overrides English law and the laws of any other member States. This effectively transforms national parliaments into glorified council chambers!

Like any other Super State the European Union also has a defence policy, called the Common Security and Defence Policy. Strangely although the European Union does not (yet) have an army it never the less has a Director General of the European Union Military Staff! This position was created in 2001 and is occupied by a real General. The formation of a European Army will be the final step in the creation of the European Super State.

Like any other Super State the European Union has a legal framework with courts. The European Court of Justice was established as long ago as 1952 by the 1951 Treaty of Paris and is the supreme court of the European Union, deciding on matters of European law. The European Court of Human Rights has a much wider jurisdiction as it has 47 member States and was established in 1959 by the European Convention on Human Rights. The aforesaid member States are members of the Council of Europe which was formed in 1949 and is often confused with the European Union. They are distinctly separate organisations but it also uses the European Flag and indeed created the said flag in 1955!

As previously mentioned the European Union is a customs union and indeed it is part of the European Union Customs Union which consists not only of the member States of the European Union but Monaco and also Akrotir and Dhekelia which is a British military base in Cyprus and the United Kingdom Dependencies of Guernsey, the Isle of Man and Jersey. The European Union is also in a customs union with Andorra, San Marino and Turkey.

Distinct from the customs union is the European Single Market which consists of the European Union, Iceland Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Many MPs propose that the United Kingdom on leaving the European Union should remain members of either the customs union and/or the single market. However to remain in the single market the United Kingdom would be required to submit to the 'four freedoms'-the free movement of goods, the free movement of capital, the freedom to establish and provide services and crucially the free movement of people. Immigration and the taking of jobs by foreign nationals were two of the reasons why most people voted to leave the United Kingdom so once again our elected representatives are betraying the will of the people! The negotiators of the European Union have stated many times that they are not willing to negotiate on the aforesaid 'freedoms'.

It is clear that those who have (like myself) voted in favour of leaving the European Union are going to be betrayed over the coming months by the globalists in both of the Houses of Parliament. It is often remarked by 'remoaners' that the result of the referendum was a close one with 51.89% against 48.11% and that in  Scotland the electorate voted to remain (62% opposed to 38%) as did Northern Ireland (55.78% opposed to 44.22%) but in England 53.38% voted to leave as opposed to 46.62% and in Wales 52.53% voted to leave as opposed to 47.47%. Indeed the largest percentage turnout of voters was in England at 73% and Wales at 71.7%. By comparison the turnout in Scotland was less at 67.2% and in Northern Ireland it was only 62.7%. It should also be considered that England is the largest constituent country in the United Kingdom with 39,005,71 voters (including Gibraltar), followed by Scotland (3,987,112), Wales (2,270,272) and Northern Ireland (1,260,955).

The turnout for the referendum was the highest for any referendum in the United Kingdom and the highest for any national vote since the 1992 General Election so the issue of membership of the United Kingdom in the European Union is one that many people feel passionately about. It is rare for the masses to be so engaged politically. Thus if they are betrayed by Parliament this will have negative repercussions for parliamentary 'democracy', especially in England. It will demonstrate clearly to all what a sham 'democracy' really is. If the people feel betrayed by the political elite then this will light the touch paper for mass protests, potentially violent ones at that and who knows what will happen then?

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Some Comments on Beards

What sparked off this article was my discovery of an interesting court case from one year ago concerning a decision made by the Administrative Appeals Court of Versailles in France. A medical student of the University of Menoufia in Egypt became an intern at the Sant-Dennis Medical Centre in 2014 in France. He was dismissed after 4 months after failing to comply with repeated management requests to trim his beard. The court documents indicated that the hospital feared that his beard was "perceived by staff members as a sign of religious affiliation". Apparently in the atheistic State of France secularism is the new religion and displaying affiliation towards one's own religion in the work place is frowned upon. Since 2010 any kind of face covering in public has been banned in France. No doubt this measure was introduced in order to alienate France's Muslim population. Whilst it must have been clear to the intern's colleagues that the Egyptian was in all likelihood a Muslim by virtue of his nationality never the less any public perception of this was insanely regarded as a breach of his contract. The court found that the termination of his contract was "legally justified."  See

This case raises the question of adherents of heathenism being discrimated against as beards are also an indicator of heathen affiliation, especially so in the Northern Tradition. In fact as his lawyer indicated her client could just as easily have been a 'hipster', making a nonsense out of the court's judgement. The law banning face coverings in France was introduced by former President Nicolas Sarkozy, whose mother was the daughter of a Greek Jew. Make of that what you will! Apparently Sarkozy's maternal grand uncle Moshe Mallah was a rabbi and a devoted Zionist. The Zionist antipathy towards Islam is a matter of record and this is seen to a much greater extent on the European continent than in the United Kingdom.

The populist and anti-Islamic Danish Peoples Party have argued that physicians sporting full beards should not be allowed to practise in Danish hospitals. It raises the question as to whether the author of this ridiculous policy has thought through the ramifications of this in relation to non-Muslims such as Danish heathens. See In June 2018 Denmark introduced legislation to ban the wearing of a burqa and FAKE BEARDS! This ridiculous law gives the Police in this oppressive Christian country the ability to stop Muslims or indeed anyone with a full beard to check whether the beard is false or not! Needless to say this insane law was introduced primarily to harass Muslims but has a practical effect on other non-Christian minorities too such as heathens-or hipsters! Although Denmark is allegedly a secular country Christianity still has a grip upon the collective psyche of Danes. Despite church attendance in Denmark being a mere 5% children automatically become members of the church when baptised and this accounts for the very high and thus artificially inflated church membership rate of 75.9% in 2017, although this has sharply declined from 91.6% in 1984. However despite record numbers of people formally leaving the Church Christianity as a cultural matrix still has a grip on many Danes and is used by populist parties as a front in order to attack Islam. One sees this also in the United Kingdom with the Britain First Party. See

Leaving aside the paranoia that is being whipped up against Muslims I note that Gloucestershire Police in 2015 have insisted that their officers who have luxurious beards must wear beard hair nets, similar to those used in the food industry. See
How demeaning and emasculating is this discriminatory practise!

For no legitimate logical reason the director of the Belgian cycling team has banned members of his team from wearing a beard. See

It is well known that feminists hate beards and the men who wear them as the beard is the ultimate sign of masculinity and to these deranged harridans it represents the 'patriarchy'. Thus wearing a beard is to strike a blow against these men-haters. It is important that the beard is grown as long as possible. A beard that cannot be gripped by one's hand is not in my opinion a beard but mere stubble, a sign of the cosmopolitan latte drinking daily showering metrosexual.

A beard is also a demonstration of one's racial ancestry for many races and ethnicities are unable to grow beards. By comparison the northern European's ability to grow a full beard compared to other races is a matter of biological fact.

Beards are a rejection of Christianity. It is not for nothing that Christians in western Christendom were referred to as shavelings with their prohibitions in the Middle Ages against the growing of both hair and beards. This lack of heathen manliness was particularly prominent amongst the Norman invaders with their basin cut hairstyles and smooth chins. See Amongst cults such as Mormonism and the Jehovah's Witnesses the wearing of beards is frowned upon even today.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Further Reflection on the Dire State of Nationalism

Over the last 5-6 weeks I have spent a considerable amount of time attempting to engage nationalists on several 'debate' forums regarding the following issues: the rejection of capitalism, the exposure of the Tel Aviv-Washington axis, the rejection of Christianity and a criticism of the concept of the nation State. On the rare occasions that I join a forum it is to liven things up to provoke discussion and indeed to be provocative for I have come to the conclusion that not only are the masses asleep but the so-called awakened ones are only half conscious themselves. I have come to the conclusion that forums such as Skadi and The Apricity are little more than tea clubs for people who like to socialise with others who appear to think exactly the same about politics and religion. When it comes to having to rationalise and elucidate their views they prefer instead to demonise the person asking the question. If these people cannot cope with a slight divergence of opinion how are they to cope in the real world with a  real enemy? They trivialise the concept of passionate debate by reducing it to discussion about safe trivia. Non-conformism is not tolerated.

Ignore the statistics where on Skadi it says that there are "11,060 users online" (at the time of typing this article). In reality there will be no more than a dozen at the most and that is when it is particularly busy! If there is any truth in the 11,060 figure then you can rest assured that 11,051 or the majority of that figure are actually spambots. Skadi appears to have a dreadful problem with this issue. More often than not I observed that a proportion of the 'members' on line were spambot accounts; sometimes accounting for as many as 50% of the online 'membership'. Practically every time I visited the forum I observed new spambots registering. Of course this has an effect of artificially inflating their statistics when in reality Skadi possibly attracts less views than this blog. (I know-I have analysed their statistics).

After a good 5 weeks or so of stirring up the dead I was inevitably banned although I may add that as they do not employ IP bans it is very simple to create a new account as long as you create a different profile. Most of the posters on Skadi are based in the United States-approximately 36% according to some analytical tools that I have used. After that Germany comes second at about 19%. However from my own observations I would estimate that more than half of the current active users are Americans. Many but not all of the more vociferous ones are 'Christian'. However genuine Christians do not advocate the carrying of guns, racial segregation or have a racist Weltanschauung. Neither are genuine Christians likely to ever post on nationalist or racialist Internet discussion forums. A genuine Christian seeks to emulate the life of Christ in thought, word and deed and not verbally abuse others and use profanity as I have observed not only on Skadi but amongst so-called Christian supporters of Paul Harris ('Tommy Robinson') on YouTube. Genuine Christians I can respect but I have nothing but contempt for these hypocrites and they bring shame to their religion.

Bearing in mind the high number of American posters on Skadi I fail to see how it can in all honesty be referred to as a website dedicated to the 'Preservation of Germanic heritage' as the majority of the so-called 'Germanic' posters from North America and other parts of the 'New World' will be hopelessly mixed ethnically even if they may identify themselves as being 'European'. Indeed despite Skadi's rule about members being predominately Germanic I have noted that quite a few members have anything but Germanic ancestry. Irish, French and Scottish ancestry is surely anything but Germanic in ethnicity? Much to my amusement the administration of Skadi regard Scotland and Northern Ireland as being parts of 'Germanic Europe' and have their own sub forums. Most Scots and Irish would be horrified at the suggestion that they were 'Germanic'. Let us not forget the deep enmity that many Scots have towards the English which is encapsulated in the term 'Sassenach', a word which derives from the Scottish Gaelic Sassunach from Late Latin Saxones (Saxons). Lowland Scots are also referred to by this term by Highland Scots as many Scottish people who have their origins close to the border between England and Scotland may have Anglo-Saxon ancestry. I was also appalled by the sheer naked racism exhibited by some of the posters, one American poster in particular referred to African Americans as 'livestock'. This knuckle dragging behaviour is rife in 'white nationalism', particularly so in the USA.

I also found it quite disturbing to see how the few genuine active European posters on Skadi appear to exhibit very clear Americanophile tendencies and blindly (like the Americans) to support  Donald Trump, the most pro-Zionist president to date of the United States. If you point out Trump's obvious ties to Jewish capital and the State of Israel you are met with stony silence. They refuse to acknowledge the man's very, very many shortcomings. (How the masses are so easily deceived) Some of these European posters self identify as National Socialist or sympathise with National Socialism but ignore the SOCIALIST aspect of the ideology and promote a capitalist economic system-something which I completely reject. The means of production should be controlled by the workers and not the elite who benefit like parasites on the backs of the true wealth creators-the workers.

The Apricity forum is far more active with many more posters than Skadi but despite this forum being a "European Cultural Community" there are posters of any and all races and from all countries posting on there. The owner and administrator of the forum goes by the name of 'Loki' (photographed wearing tin foil on his head) but despite his odd choice of user name he is a passionate advocate for the Christian religion and does not tolerate any open criticism of Christianity. Promoting Germanic heathenism is openly discouraged and for this reason and my 'leftist' politics (I am not a rabid hater of Islam) I was banned. The reason for the permanent ban: "your leftist politics won't fit here, also your heathenry won't." During the few days that I used that forum I observed many banned accounts, resembling somewhat of a 'purge'.

It is quite disturbing to see how European nationalists (both civic and ethno-nationalists) have swallowed the anti-Islam rhetoric of people like 'Tommy Robinson' , the EDL and the Britain First party. However I first observed this tendency about 15 years ago in the sudden shift by Griffin from addressing the racial question to promoting a false kind of Christianity which they attempted to use as a  cultural banner to rally around to attack Islam. This tendency has now become the norm within British nationalism. Islam is seen as an easy victim and thus this is focused upon instead of Zionism. Organisations such as the EDL are openly Zionist, multicultural and multiracial although some of the ne'er do wells within its ranks seem to forget this when they engage in racist rhetoric and Nazi salutes! This goes to show that the average levels of intelligence and educational attainment have never been very high in nationalist organisations and movements and they tend to attract some of the worst elements of society.

Despite the current political rift between the USA and western Europe this schism does not appear to be reflected in the sympathies of European nationalists or National Socialists who appear to have a slavish support for the USA, possibly because they are attracted to the populism of Trump and the disingenuous anti-'swamp' rhetoric. They see Trump as being a saviour, a rallying point to gather around to oppose the New World Order and yet fail to understand that the USA is at the very centre of the NWO which they claim to oppose! What Trump in reality is doing is not separating the USA from the NWO but consolidating its power and seeking to increase its influence within that NWO and the centrality of Israel who is its master.

I also note that there is a tendency among nationalists and National Socialists to support the military despite the fact that the military does not exist to protect or promote the welfare of the people but the elite. I find it ironic that some of those on Skadi who support conscription have not served in the military themselves and have no intention (when challenged) of ever serving. A typical double standard. It is always SOMEBODY ELSE who has to do the dirty work.

The issue of the nation State and my current thinking regarding this will be addressed in a coming article as I intend to spend quite a bit of time discussing my evolving attitude and thinking.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Latest Attack on English Free Speech: the Online Forums Bill

On 11/9/2018 a Private Members' Bill was introduced by Lucy Powell, Labour MP for Manchester Central supported by the following MPs Nicky Morgan, Robert Halfon, Robert Neil, David Lammy, Anna Soubry, Jacob Rees-Mogg (yes you read that correctly), Ruth Smeeth, Luciana Berger, Stella Creasey and Jess Phillips. Some of these names will be familiar to my readers but what came as a shock to me was that someone like Rees-Mogg could give his support to this piece of pernicious proposed legislation.

I have attached a link to the Bill published online. I have read the Bill and it concerns placing a legal responsibility on the administrators and moderators of online forums for the content of the posts that are published on the said forums. Administrators and moderators that permit the publishing of posts with 'illegal' content would be guilty of a criminal offence that would be punishable by a prison sentence not exceeding 7 years and/or a fine. The Bill covers England and Wales. It is rather curious that the Bill does not actually define 'illegal' contents but the record of the First Reading is highly illuminating and I strongly recommend that my readers study all of the available parliamentary documents to be found by clicking on the link.

Powell in her introduction of the Bill refers to "the spreading of hate, racism, misogyny, antisemitism or misinformation", the latter term I understand is a euphemism for the much vaunted 'fake news' which has crept into the popular vernacular and has deep Orwellian undertones. Unless I am mistaken 'misogyny' is not a crime in England and Wales but I notice that Powell does not refer to the gender opposite of misogyny which is misandry. Having emotions whether they be love or hate is not yet a criminal offence in this country much to the chagrin I am sure of many of our political representatives! What is also not yet an offence is publishing alternative interpretations of current events but this Bill if passed could go some way to effectively outlawing any challenge to the official State and Capitalist narrative. This is why non-western news stations such as RT (Russia Today) are constantly singled out for attack in Parliament and has been again recently.

Wikipedia has a profile on Powell and it refers to her promotion of this Bill and it makes this very worrying comment: "This law has arisen in the context of legal precedent having been created whereby the context and intention of utterance is no longer pertinent in the defence of a hate speech charge, effectively rendering victims of the policy without the ability to defend themselves."  Hitherto it has always been incumbent upon the prosecution to prove INTENT. This Bill is the first that removes that requirement! It is Powell's intention that online discussion Forums, even private ones should be subject to the same journalistic standards as the media. This is patently ridiculous and it effectively further outlaws what little remains of our freedom of speech and our capability to inform our fellow citizens-something which the State is clearly terrified of.

As an aside I would remark that when a regime realises that it is on borrowed time it becomes more oppressive but any regime can be effectively opposed. Let us not forget how the USSR and the DDR came to an end, a PEACEFUL end by civil opposition. As a people we simply have to say "no more" and peacefully resist. These people are supposed to be our representatives, our servants, not our jailers but the United Kingdom is fast becoming one immense human jail where 'Thought Crime' now exists. Once upon our time only actions were outlawed, now words are outlawed. If you outlaw words and opinions you are also effectively outlawing thoughts which are inconvenient to the regime. This is nothing less than 'Thought Crime'.

The beginning of the curtailment of our freedoms began in 1986 with the Public Order Act, Part 3 of which prohibits "expressions of racial hatred" which effectively was the first piece of legislation to prevent our lawful opposition to our biological replacement in the land of our ancestors. Since then year by year new laws have been added to the statute book by both Conservative and Labour administrations to further shackle and emasculate us as a  people. This is just the latest attempt and it is a bloody disgrace. This Bill would provide the Police and Intelligence Agencies the legal authority to spy on our secret discussions which are often carried out by private messaging between forum members. Nothing effectively would be secret or private any longer. I quote Powell's literal words: "It would also stop groups being completely secret." THAT is sinister and again reminds me of George Orwell's Nineteen Eightyfour where no citizen is allowed any measure of privacy from the ever watchful eye of 'Big Brother'.

As I mentioned at the beginning this is a Private Members' Bill and most Private Members' Bills do not become legislation. However if the government is encouraged to get behind the Bill and support it then it certainly could. There is currently an online petition on the Parliamentary website which I have signed and I would encourage all of my concerned readers to sign (providing that you are resident in the United Kingdom). This is the link to the petition: Stop the Online Forums Bill and this is a link to the published Bill and introduction by Powell: Online Forums Bill The Second Reading of the Bill is scheduled to take place on 25/1/2019 which will mark the first full debate on the Bill. This should be covered live on the BBC Parliament channel.

I have mentioned several times in this article the name of George Orwell or Nineteen Eightyfour. Earlier this evening I kept getting Orwell's Nineteen Eightyfour in my mind, so much so that I started sourcing a copy online to buy as I have not read it in over 40 years and no longer have my original copy. Half an hour later I decided to check Wulf Ingesunnu's Inglinga blog and I saw that his latest post, posted today was indeed about Nineteen Eightyfour; clearly an example of synchronicity. This has happened many times over the years and this alone has compelled me to urgently write this article today. Here is a link to Wulf's post:

Friday, November 23, 2018

What Have They Done to the Earth?

I was inspired to write this having read Wulf Ingessunu's excellent article Wights, Elves & Dwarfs on his Inglinga blog. Wulf makes this very important point:

"The Spirit of Nature is being lost whilst rampant technology destroys everything that is sacred to us on the physical plane, at the same time driving the Spirits of Nature away at the same time."

I believe that as man has increased his development of technology he has done so at the expense of his environment. This is particularly the case after the Christianisation of man when he had been taught by the church to treat the earth and the living beings upon it as a 'commodity' to be exploited and ruthlessly so!

"God blessed them, and God said unto them, 'Be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.'" (Genesis 1:28, AV)   

The Abrahamic concept of having 'dominion' over other living creatures is diametrically opposed to our pre-Christian heathen faith where man is viewed as being just another part of the ecology of the earth. It is thus life-centred, not man-centred as we find in the Abrahamic religions. This man-centred approach accounts for man's flagrant exploitation, abuse and destruction of his environment whether it be our sacred forests, jungles, seas, rivers, lakes, animals, birds, fish and even the air itself. We are now witnessing the disappearance of many animal species. The destruction of the rain forests is also contributing towards climate change and despoliation of the planet as is industrial pollution, over-fishing and the filling of our seas and oceans with plastic crap.

The over-population of the earth is intensifying this process. If this were any other species it would have been culled long ago. According to the latest global population statistics as of 1st July 2018 the world's population stands at over 7.63 billion people. When one contrasts this to 1970 (3.7 billion) this is more than double! This is forecast to increase to 9.77 billion by 2050 which is more than triple the population in 1960 (3.03 billion). see This sends a shudder down my spine and I cannot help but reflect upon a certain episode of Startrek (The Mark of Gideon, episode 71, 1969) where Captain Kirk finds himself on the severely overpopulated planet of Gideon. The population of this planet have immense life spans which accounts for the overpopulation. A true hell on earth! Yet scientists are intent on discovering and developing technologies to unnaturally expand human life spans as if there were not more than enough people living today! Living to 500 This is pure insanity. Traditional wisdom (even to be found in the Bible) teaches us that 70 is a normal lifespan and 80 can be achieved if in good health. Live beyond this and you are risking disease and senility-a pointless existence! Yet our materialist British government (eager for the state pension age to keep on increasing) say that living longer is 'good news'!

"The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away." (Psalm 90:10, AV)

Mother Nature has a way of dealing with problems such as this. Not only is man overpopulating the earth and thus creating huge problems for the ecology of the planet but he is wantonly destroying his environment, thus making man (all races of man) the supreme parasite. Mother Nature, unwittingly helped by man is setting in place great devastation for mankind as disasters will strike the earth, making the fall of Atlantis a splash in a bathtub. From a purely selfish point of view all I can say is that I am glad, truly glad that I am getting old as nobody in their right mind will want to witness this.

In addition to the workings of Mother Nature we have the suicidal impulse of mankind, its never ending thirst for bloodshed and war. The vile and foul weapons of mass destruction hoarded by the criminal state of the USA and other powers have the potential to destroy practically all life upon the earth and indeed the planet itself. And yet the Trump regime is itching at its wild west trigger to unleash its evil weapons on China, Russia, North Korea, Syria and Iran-trying to make a name for himself, a lasting legacy that will outlive man. I would be very surprised if we do not witness a major conflict if not a third world war before Trump leaves the White House. However he is an old man and has nothing more to achieve-maybe it is a death wish? A death wish which he will bring upon his own country.

As man's thirst for fuel increases and the natural resources of the earth decrease instead of developing and relying upon the obvious, clean and free benefits of wind, solar and sea power he is determined to rape the earth even further, this time with the disgusting practice of fracking. Most of my English readers will be aware now of the almost weekly earth tremors that are taking place in Lancashire. Blind to the public opposition to fracking the British government in true undemocratic fashion is seeking to press ahead with yet more fracking licences, oblivious to the impending disaster that awaits us. I can only pity the insurance industry! 37 Earthquakes in Lancashire

The lyrics of Jim Morrison's When the Music's Over are strangely prescient:

"What have they done to the earth? What have they done to our fair sister? Ravaged and plundered and ripped her and bit her. Stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn and tied her with fences and dragged her down."

This week we have seen fresh warnings from United Nations scientists about the dangerous levels of greenhouse gases, the highest level in 3,000,000 years and that we are fast approaching a point of no return. Global Warming Yet Trump, the USA's biggest car salesman and arms dealer pulled the USA out of the Paris Climate Accord in July 2017. This is despite the fact that the USA is one of the world's worst offenders, second only to China in carbon dioxide emissions.

We can as individuals and collectively with people of good will counter this insanity and we can start by seeking the co-operation of the Land Wights:

"We have to reverse this process and welcome the Spirits of Nature back into our world; this is not impossible and I am sure that these Spirits of Nature will welcome our attempts at setting right what has gone wrong. In the process, as we have shown, these Spirits of Nature also help give knowledge and wisdom that will aid us in our struggle." (Wulf Ingessunu)   


Sunday, November 11, 2018

100 Years of the Folly of War

It is now 100 years since the end of WWI, a war in which my grandfather fought as a German soldier on both the western and eastern fronts. A war of horror, a waste of human life and the cause of a second equally stupid world war. And still the peoples of Europe have not learned from their warmongering ways. The generals who demonstrate public grief today will be at their desks tomorrow planning the next futile war on behalf of their political masters.

The politicians who agitate for war are in my opinion criminals. They do not fight the wars themselves but send thousands of young men to die as pawns on a political chessboard but my greatest anger is displayed towards those of you who are stupid enough to fight these wars. No one is compelled to take up arms-they never have been. You do so and as far as I am concerned you are little more than a human sheep. You deserve your fate tragic as that may be.

I believe that the 11th of November IS worth remembering but not in the way that it is done now. Remembrance now resembles more a badge of 'British' civic identity, an endorsement of war and 'support for the troops.' During the days of Blair there was opposition to the 'war against terror', as muted as that was but this was always countered with the idiotic mantra 'if you can't support the war, then at least support the troops.' This effectively meant 'shut up and support the war'. There have been brave conscientious objectors in WWI who refused to take up a combat role but engaged in a non-combat role such as stretcher bearer but even by doing this they were in fact supporting the war. A true conscientious objector to war should refuse to participate in any way.

By all means buy a poppy for November but it is far better that poppy be a white one-the true symbol of peace.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Hypnosis-a Useful Tool to Achieve Political Change

For many years I have been fascinated by the subject of hypnotism and how it can be used not just on an individual basis but as a tool for influencing and manipulating masses of people. Indeed my interest led me to undertake distance learning course in the basics of how to carry out hypnotic inductions for therapeutic purposes and I gained a Level 4 qualification in this subject as the result.

One thing that teachers of hypnosis, especially hypnotherapy will tell you is that the human mind can not be hypnotised against its will. I do not believe this and I am of the opinion that this is said to persuade people not to use their skills and knowledge for unethical purposes. However one may ask, what is ethical? Hypnotism CAN be used against the will, particularly if that will is weak. By contrast I would be very difficult to hypnotise as my mind is quite analytical and resistant to suggestion. Stage hypnotists know this and that is why before they carry out their act they test volunteers beforehand to gauge how resistant or willing they may be. So yes if one has a strong will it is difficult to be hypnotised against that will. However if the will is weak then it is almost child's play.

Hypnotism is used every day without people's realisation. Marketing and advertising are classic examples of its application. Repetitive television commercials are particularly effective as repetition is a key element in hypnotism. It is quite likely that those television channels with the least advertising subscribers will be the most effective channels as the same commercials are repeated frequently, usually at 15 minutes intervals. When I was young supermarket music was literally that-muzak. Indeed the subject of muzak is deserving of a study in its own right. It is a tool that used to be used to induce a light hypnotic trance in shoppers to make them more receptive to suggestion-the suggestion being to buy more products!

These days instead of employing muzak which in my opinion is not at all unpleasant to the ears modern pop music is used and much of this is of the vulgar variety. Instead of inducing a trance I find the whole ear splitting experience an annoyance, so much so that I attempt to get my shopping done very quickly! It is possible that modern day supermarket managers fail to understand the purpose of background music, thinking instead that their customers should be 'entertained'. What a pity then that they do not take into account the fact that a quarter of the population is over 55 and do not need what is left of their hearing to be bombarded by ear splitting noise! So clearly they have not grasped the concept of true supermarket muzak. Modern pop music does not have the same intended effects.

The above mentioned are examples of how the techniques of inducing a light hypnotic trance are used in the fields of commerce but it is used to most startling effect in the world of politics. It is difficult to know when these techniques were first employed by politicians but one can say with certainty that THE most effective political hypnotiser in the modern era was Adolf Hitler. It is said that his presence had a mesmerising effect on both people he encountered on a one to one basis and also on the massed crowds of supporters. There are many historical accounts of down hearted generals being revived by spending just a short time in Hitler's company. I would suspect that Hitler knew that he had this gift. His talents in this field cannot be disputed. What is a valid subject for enquiry though is whether this was a natural talent-a charisma that he was born with or did he learn these techniques? This has now become a subject of a new book by neurologist Dr David Lewis, Triumph of the Will. It certainly looks like it may be worth a read. Dr Lewis makes the claim that Hitler was hypnotised following the blindness which he suffered after a gas attack in Belgium in the closing days of WWI. The effects of the attack on his eyes were apparently minimal. What caused the blindness was a form of hysteria and this is why hypnosis was allegedly carried out on Hitler. An hypnotic suggestion was induced into Hitler by a nerve specialist Dr Edmund Forster, causing him to believe in his own god like ability and self confidence. What is significant about the gas attack is that the Hitler which emerged after the attack seemed to be quite a different Hitler to the one before it. Whilst I have not yet read the book I am inclined to provisionally accept Dr Lewis's thesis.

Dr Lewis also alleges that another hypnotist had a remarkable influence upon Hitler, a Moravian Jew named Erik Jan Hanussen (born Hermann Steinschneider). I am not sure what Dr Lewis's claims regarding Hanussen are but I do know that he taught Hitler crowd control techniques and mass psychology and the effective use of dramatic gestures and pauses. Despite his ancestry Hanussen was an enthusiastic supporter of National Socialism. Hanussen was murdered on 25th March 1933, allegedly by a group of SA men. Hanussen predicted the Reichstag fire which occurred on 27th February 1933. It is speculated that the prediction may have been less of a clairvoyant nature and more to do with inside knowledge that the true orchestrators of the fire were to be found in the National Socialist hierarchy. It is alleged that the Reichstag was set ablaze in order to provide some sort of legitimacy to have a general crackdown on any opposition. According to General Franz Halder it was Goering who was responsible for the fire and boasted of the fact at Hitler's 54th birthday lunch in 1943. (The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, William L. Shirer). Goering however denied any involvement at his trial in Nuernberg. We can of course only speculate as the opinions of historians are divided.