Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Thursday, January 05, 2017

The Deliberate Disintegration of the Aryan Caste System

The Aryan caste system is to be found throughout the ancient world in all Indo-European societies and in its original and pure form is tripartite in nature, a reflection of the tripartite division of the divine functions of the Gods.

The tripartite caste system can be found in the Indo-Iranian, Latin, Umbrian, Germanic, Slavic, Baltic, Celtic, Hittite, Armenian and Greek pantheons. The division of these societies into a tripartite functional system is a reflection of the divine; 'as above, so below'. In other words the macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm, an important tenet of sacred geometry and hermeticism. In the same way our sacred rites reflect events that have occurred long ago in the actions of our Gods in creating the cosmos and the 9 worlds.

The caste system in human Aryan society survived for thousands of years until the approach of the Kali Yuga when it started to break down and today we see a mere echo of this in the present day caste system of India. The 'class' system of the western world is but a bastardised version of the caste system but this should not surprise us as bastardisation and mongrelisation are key components of the dark age in which we find ourselves. Whilst the caste system was based upon divine principles and initiated by the Gods, the class system is based purely upon economics and is entirely materialist in nature, no more so than in the United States which is the epitome of bastardisation and materialism. Whatever occurs in that country eventually finds its way to Europe and infects everything like a plague. 

By opposing materialism and not succumbing to its life denying teachings we take a stand against the dark forces which oppose the Gods. A spiritual war is being fought in other dimensions by beings whose power we can only imagine but here in Midgarth we can and must also participate in this war, which more than anything is a war fought over and by ideas and concepts for only an idea can revitalise or destroy a people. The idea which we oppose is that all things in life have a purely materialist explanation and cause. Whether it is crime, disease or chaos in society a materialist and by extension an economic explanation is tendered when in reality the origin and cause is to be found in the spiritual world.

Let me offer one example of what I am talking about. Last year in the months preceding the European Union referendum in the United Kingdom the arguments for and against leaving were primarily expressed in materialist and economic terms. Statisticians for both camps were falling over themselves in providing projections on the costs and benefits of leaving or remaining as part of the European Union. Arguments regarding sovereignity and identity were rarely expressed and I suspect part of the reason for this was the fear of being branded 'racist', a term which was particularly thrown around by the 'remain' camp at all those who advocated leaving. There was also a presumption by the leaders of both camps that the mass population was driven primarily by materialistic and economic concerns and drives and the argument eventually boiled down to pure economics in the undignified scramble for votes.

In truth to a certain extent they were correct: many people are purely or primarily materialistic with no concept of the spiritual world or a spiritual life, who live like the beasts of the field with no aspiration beyond their immediate bodily gratifications, the genetic robots spoken of by Miguel Serrano. These human cattle by and large lack the potential for any degree of spiritual development for they are the genetic product of decades of involutionary and indiscriminatory breeding. Cardboard cut-outs of men, one dimentional with no soul. This is the golem which is spoken of in jewish folklore; beast men with no soul who are created and thus controlled by their master, the New World Order. (The great Aryan mystic Tolkien knew of the golem and introduced the concept as a character in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.) This is why the Aryan caste system had to break down and even now the liberal elite are still not satisfied but continue to agitate for the final collapse of the caste system in India. By contrast the Aryan is not a product of indiscriminate breeding but of a caste system which was concerned not only with the division of function but the preservation and improvement of the caste. The unfit were not allowed to breathe beyond their day of birth and no father in his right mind would countenance his son or daughter marrying a person with a significant defect. These days in this so-called 'enlightened' age it is considered almost a virtue for defective babies to be permitted to live and even eventually to breed, thus producing more defective humans and an ever greater burden upon the folk.

It is a contradiction in modern man that on one level he considers humanity to be merely a part of the animal kingdom and yet talks about human dignity, a dignity not extended to other animals. He sees no contradiction in this dichotomy! A famer or breeder worth his salt would not permit his finest stock to mate with unsuitable partners so why then should not mankind apply the same logic to the species of man? The truth of the matter is the NWO via the educational establishment, the media and the 'entertainment' industry which it controls in western countries, presents indiscriminate breeding and race-mixing as the norm and even as positive and desirable. For those of us who have educated ourselves in the history and culture of the traditional Aryan world we find this to be anything but the 'norm' but an aberration and a means of biological suicide but something that is intended for no peoples other than the Aryan!

One of the ways in which the enemy of tradition has attacked the caste system is by inculcating materialist and selfish aspirations in the 'mind' of the herd. It is no longer considered good enough for men to follow the occupation of their father but to 'follow their dreams' and these hollow 'dreams' seem to centre on the accumulation of yet more things, manufactured by the very people that have sold them this lie. The traditional Aryan world knew no such ridiculous notion. Man as part of a caste, something bigger than himself, sought fulfilment in the activity and function of his caste, whether he be priest, warrior or farmer. The forces of anti-tradition however have applied a monetary value to activity and calls this 'work' and man no longer has activity as a self-fulfilling occupation but a 'job'. He has become enslaved to market forces which have dictated to him that he must aspire to acquire yet more manufactured things in the false belief that he will find an illusory 'fulfilment'. I believe that this is what they refer to in North America as the 'American Dream' which predictably has become a nightmare but nevertheless the NWO would seek to export this life-denying concept to the 'Old World'.

One of the faulty building blocks of the 'American Dream' is the notion of 'upward mobility', a concept exported to England in the 1980s and the idiots who swallowed that lie were known as 'yuppies'. By contrast the Aryan caste system had no concept of 'mobility', upwards or downwards for the caste system represented a form of stability and in microcosm was a representation of the divine order. One must therefore view concepts of 'social mobility' as being contrary to the will and the order that the Gods have established in the Aryan world. Consequently man is adrift with no roots, casteless, raceless and increasingly genderless! This is entirely in keeping with the kind of world that the death dealers of the NWO would have in place. The elite top 1% of the top 1% (in other words the top 0.01 %) need a raceless, sexless and rootless humanity as it is easier and more profitable for them to sell their shoddy goods to such a base mankind. Furthermore there is a malevolence attached to this for they seek in the process the final elimination of the Overman, the Aryan, the only being in this dimension capable of effectively exposing and opposing them.

Part of the 'American Dream' or in reality now the 'Western Dream/Nightmare' is the concept of 'work' but not work in a meaningful and fulfilling sense but meaningless activity concerned with the overproduction of tat to be sold to the herd who have been conditioned into believing that they must acquire these things in order to achieve 'meaning' and 'purpose'! By contrast 'work' in the sense that modern man gives it was considered an anathema by the ancient Aryan world. An alternative word for 'work' or 'job' is 'career', a term more favoured by the mercantile classes. This dark age, this age of lead is an age of serfs, of the Underman:

"Finally, the advent of the serfs corresponds to the elevation of the slave's principle-work-to the status of a religion. It is the hatred harboured by the slave that sadistically proclaims: 'If anyone will not work, neither let him eat' (2 Thess.3:10). The slave's self-congratulating stupidity creates sacred incenses with the exhalations of human sweat, hence expressions such as 'Work ennobles man'; 'The religion of work'; and 'Work as a social and ethical duty.' We have previously learned that the ancient world despised work only because it knew action; the opposition of action to work as an opposition between the spiritual, pure, and free pole, and the material, impure pole impregnated only with human possibilities, was at the basis of that contempt." (The Regression of the Castes, Revolt Against The Modern World, Julius Evola)

Indeed work has become such a primary and motivating factor that western governments wish to discourage people from retiring by abolishing compulsory retirement in the UK and conditioning the serfs into thinking that they could and should continue to work well past the beginning of old age, preferably until they die of exhaustion. That way they avoid paying pensions and they have more robots to slave for corporations, keeping competition for jobs high and wages low. A man who does not have a 'job' has more time to think, a dangerous activity in the 'West' today! By contrast a man who 'works' at minimum wage is little more than a serf who is bonded to the NWO, terrified of the consequences of voicing opposition to it in case he loses his servitude! In truth the serf has nothing to lose than his chains for it is a psychological prison of his own making. The NWO has conditioned modern man into becoming his own internal policeman, accuser, judge, jury and jailer. Fear imprisons man and subjugates him.

Everything in the Kali Yuga has become debased; the spiritual outlook of Aryan man has been replaced with materialistic and purely human impulses. The warrior of the past has now become a waged soldier. In the past the activity of war was the preserve of a specific caste who found spiritual fulfilment in its activity. Now in the era of the raceless and the sexless all are welcome to fight for the NWO whose armies now allow even women amongst their ranks of combatants so long as they do not question orders and fight without a higher cause in mind. Let us not mince our words here: the purpose of the armies of the 'West' are not primarily concerned with the protection of the population. Their role is to enforce the agenda of the NWO. Likewise let us be under no illusion about the Police forces of the 'West', whose primary purpose is not the protection of the population but its subjugation and repression. Indeed the Police have become a paramilitary force who are more concerned with the enforcement of political correctness and policing social media to ensure that racial 'minorities' are not offended than combatting real crime which has become a distraction for them. Now I am not suggesting that everyone who is a policeman or a soldier is a bad egg, far from it but they serve a repressive regime and they do not (unlike the warrior caste of the Aryan past) serve a higher cause. This is not their individual fault; it is merely a sign of the age in which we live.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Conflict Between Woden and the Desert Religions

For decades now the concept of World War II being a holy war, whether from an 'allied' or a German perspective has become well established. Mystics and intellectuals such as Miguel Serrano, Savitri Devi and Julius Evola have all in their own way given a spiritual interpretation to the war and the role of Adolf Hitler as a Wotan Avatar has been made known.

What has been largely been ignored is the way in which World War I fits into this theme. Establishment historians have drawn connections between the 2 wars, arguing that the unjust terms of the ignoble Versailles Treaty sowed the seeds of WWII. In a sense they are correct but as with all materialists they ignore the spiritual roots of the war, choosing instead to analyse the political causes.

WWI was the first attempt by a newly resurgent Germany in reversing the involution brought about by the Kali Yuga. This may not have been consciously perceived or fully understood at the time but nevertheless that was the spiritual reason. Spiritual decay had beset northern Europe following the Industrial Revolution and the increasingly mechanistic and materialist development of European society. The roots of this development can be traced right back to the enforced xtianisation of Europe where man was cut off from his natural environment SPIRITUALLY, being taught by the church to view the earth in purely material terms and this led to the beginning of the exploitation and ruination of Mother Earth which is continuing to this very day although people are starting to wake up to this and are opposing revolting practices such as fracking.

Only a heathen outlook views the earth as a living organism which it is and we should as with all other life forms live in harmony with Her. Today man is not only cut off spiritually from Mother Earth but in many cases PHYSICALLY so that many children living in concrete jungles have no idea even what a tree looks like. This physical ALIENATION increases the spiritual alienation felt by man and weaker people resort to drugs and alcohol to fill the void in their souls in this post-xtian multicultural and multiracial society. Attempts to end this alienation through political means results in censure by the oppressive establishment and laws are created in order to entrench our alienation and lack of effective resistance. Only by returning to our pre-xtians Gods and getting back in touch physically and spiritually with our natural environment can we end this alienation.

Mystics today view Adolf Hitler as an Avatar of Wotan with a mission to free German man, Germanic man and the wider Aryan community from this enslavement to the desert god jehovah who is effectively the same god as allah. Those who were spiritually aware on either side of the war were aware of this at the time and even before the war began. The Scottish occult writer, Lewis Spence (1874-1955) writing in Occult Causes of the Present War (1940) had this to say about Wotan:

"....the German god Wotan, who was probably the first Nazi." (page 51)
"Along with the Scriptures, the symbols of Christianity must be cast into the fire of Wotan. (page 107)
"Perhaps the saddest feature of this breaking away from the Faith of centuries is the bedevilment of the minds of the youth of Germany. In the privately printed literature of the Nordic Faith Movement prepared for the instruction of the young, the ancient pantheism of Germany is lauded and rites and ceremonies are devised to take the place of Christmas and other Christian festivals. It is particularly impressed upon teachers that no hope of a life to come or any idea of salvation must be allowed to obtrude itself upon the child consciousness. 'We are fighting', it is claimed in one of these publications, 'as our ancestors said, for the fashioning of the world by the side of the gods-that is, the German gods, not the God of an effete and outworn Christianity. It is urgently necessary that we should all, and especially the school youth, become well acquainted with the Early Faith. Not that we become worshippers of Wotan and Donar......."  (page 123)  

Spence's book focuses on WWII and National Socialism, trying to blacken the movement and present it and our native Gods as diabolical-a typical xtian ruse and one in which our ancient ancestors were well aware of. However he also draws a link to Kaiser Wilhem II and argues that "hidden and destructive forces of malign and Satanic character" hurried him into WWI. It is quite possible that he may have been influenced by Carl Gustav Jung's Wotan, published in 1936.

Canon Alan Wilkinson published his The Church of England and the First World War in 1978 and he identifies the spiritual source and origins of the conflict in the words of one minister at the time:

"This truly is a war of ideals; Odin is ranged against Christ, and Berlin is seeking to prove its supremacy over Bethlehem. Every shot that is fired, every bayonet thrust that gets home, every life that is sacrificed, is in very truth 'for His Name's sake'."

This was the thinking of many English clergymen at the time although it has to be said that some did oppose the war .Clearly the church did think of WWI in terms of spiritual conflict as we should too and this conflict continued into WWII and right up to the present time. Attempts have been made via political means to awaken our folk over the years, some more successful than others but all are doomed to failure until the founders of these movements, parties and organisations realise that any lasting success must be built upon spiritual foundations and that foundation is not a hebrew carpenter but Woden.

The founder of Woden's Folk revealed this anagram to us: Ragnarok=Korangar and I in turn, inspired no doubt by this, discovered the anagram Walhalla=Allahlaw. This my readers is a prophecy which we are seeing come to pass in our time. The spiritual dimension of this conflict is still there whether it be Woden against jehovah or allah: it is essentially the same semitic desert archetype that has no connection with the blood, spirit and soil of our folk. Until our people return to Woden the alienation which besets them will continue and many will still cling to their psychedelic crutches.


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Woden will Triumph over the dark

Whilst celebrating our Yule rite today I was very conscious of Woden's role as the God who presides over the Solstice, the God who is battling the forces of darkness in order that the light may triumph. As always when raising the mead horn I give honour to Woden first for He is the All-Father and it is to Him that we must give the first place of honour to.

Likewise His son Wid-Ar is also a God who will triumph over the forces of darkness. When the Fenris Wolf devours Woden who represents the sun, the light, Wid-Ar will exact His revenge and release the power of the sun who is reborn in Widar, for the father and the son are one. The essence of Woden will not die: He will be reborn in Wid-Ar, the Ar-God who comes again-wieder kommt.

Our folk are in the thrall of the dark forces of the NWO but the elite of the NWO realise now that their time is short-the Aryan peoples of Europe and other parts of the world are waking up from their deep sleep and becoming aware of the peril that threatens their biological and cultural existence. These blogs and Wodenism in general is not concerned with politics but with the spiritual order of things and the battle that we wage is against dark spiritual forces. We fight this battle with spiritual weapons-something that those who are more politically active mock but this is because they do not understand that our struggle is rooted in the spiritual world and it is there that the battle must be primarily waged in order that the minds of our folk may be awakened and they release themselves from the psychological shackles that the servants of the NWO which includes the British government, have placed upon them.

The shackles are not merely physical in nature but mental and spiritual. People are now so cowed by enforced political correctness-which by the way is getting worse year by year, that they are afraid not only to speak their minds but to think thoughts that have not been sanctioned by the NWO. Indeed the Doublespeak and Thought Crime of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four is becoming a reality. The government realises that if it can control the thoughts of the population (through self-policing) then it can control not merely the expression of opinions but people's actions and it is this which makes it so insidious and the NWO with its national and local minions so evil.

Without a successful victory to this spiritual war there can be no happy conclusion but the sacred writings of our folk along with our folklore and legends make it most clear that the light will follow the dark and Woden will ultimately triumph.

Hail Woden!

Friday, December 16, 2016

The Origins of the Lucia Tradition

My thanks to Runebinder for posting this interesting video from Red Ice on his blog. A remarkable Nordic Aryan custom which is under threat from the forces of darkness-the Light is always opposed by the dark just as our great Aryan race itself is opposed by white traitors and their fellow travellers.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

The Eye of Sauron Update: The Royal Mail and Others

This article should be read in conjunction with

We are all aware that the UK government along with other governments throughout the world, not just in the western hemisphere, have been snooping on our Internet communications now for years. The passing of the Investigatory Powers Act last month merely puts their previously illegal spying on its citizens on a legal footing. What I have pondered about is the extent to which the Royal Mail (now a private company) snoops or allows others to snoop on our post. I came across this rather interesting article on the Internet:

The Royal Mail refuses to answer the question as to whether they carry out monitoring of people's post and cites national security as the reason for not complying with this Freedom of Information Request:

"Our Security Department have confirmed that releasing this
information into the public domain would prejudice security."

It beggars belief that the Royal Mail which is no longer a public body should have a 'Security Department'! It is quite clear from their response that they do indeed monitor our post and I know of an activist who experienced this at his local Post Office and was carted back off to jail for sending unPC political material through the post which had been intercepted and opened at his local Post Office/Sorting Office. So it certainly does go on but the real question is, is it mass monitoring or only selective monitoring?

In addition to the recently passed legislation we also have the infamous Regulation of Investigative Powers Act, 2000 (RIPA) which allows not only organisations like the Royal Mail but also local councils to spy on their citizens. This is legislation that was intended to prevent terrorism but is being used to beef up the powers of all sorts of regulatory bodies for even 'crimes' as trivial as overfilling your rubbish bin! So we know that regardless of the grounds for introducing legislation it is almost always misused. Furthermore these organisations such as the Royal Mail even refuse to acknowledge that they make use of these powers, quoting the legislation to avoid answering the inconvenient question. Even BBC TV Licensing use this legislation but refuse to comment further. See

The Post Office which is technically now a separate body from the Royal Mail but has a shared past is infamous for spying. See

Organisations that can use the powers contained within RIPA include British Police Forces, MI5, MI6, GCHQ, SOCA, the Prison Service, HMRC, Office of Fair Trading, the Armed Forces, MOD, Environment Agency, Financial Services Authority, Food Standards Agency, all local authorities, all other government departments, all fire authorities, Food Standards Agency, Gambling Commission, Gangmasters Licensing Authority, Care Quality Commission, Health & Safety Executive, NHS bodies, Inspector of Education, Information Commission and the Royal Pharmaceuticals Society. Why the Royal Pharmaceuticals Society and the NHS should be given these snooping powers is beyond me! See It makes for chilling reading!

As a footnote, whilst carrying out research for this article an attempt was made to hack into my PC (something which rarely happens). Fortunately I have decent Internet Security software, anti-malware software, a VPN and a C Cleaner but it goes to show that the powers that be will still attempt to monitor anyone who brings their nefarious actions to the scrutiny of daylight! 

Friday, December 02, 2016

Woden, a God of Frenzy and Divine Madness

A study of Old English words containing the element wod can prove illuminating when considering the character of our High Lord Woden. For this article I have relied mainly upon J.R. Clarke Hall's excellent-A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary.

Words indicative of madness and frenzy contain this element:


wod-frec-madly ravenous.


wodlic-foolish, mad, furious (as an adverb wodlice it also means madly, furiously, blasphemously).

wodnes-madness, frenzy, folly.



wodthrag-paroxysm, madness, fury.

wed-fury, rage, foolishness, madness.

wedan-to be or become mad, rage

It is interesting to note that whilst all of the above words are indicative of connotations of madness, frenzy, fury and folly the adverb wodlice can also mean 'blasphemously'. I believe the reason for this unusual meaning is one of distortion by xtian clerics who by demonising Woden associated the adverb wodlice with blasphemy but this I contend was not an original meaning as the concept of blasphemy is both xtian and unGermanic and should really be disregarded for the purpose of this study but it is interesting to note nonetheless.

The God Odin is often associated with the intellect, with the left side of the brain but it is more than clear that our Woden is primarily associated with the right side of the brain which is concerned with the creative elements of the brain and the Unconscious. I believe that it is in the light of this that we must approach Woden, not with the intellect but with the so-called irrational, the Unconscious, with the dream state. It is only when we abandon our 20th century rationalism can we hope to find and indeed approach this God. This is why it never ceases to surprise me when our enemies try to defame us by labelling us as 'mentally ill' they demonstrate most clearly that they have not the slightest understanding of Woden or for that matter of us!

By contrast with Woden, Odr although derived from *wodaz has the meaning of  mind, wit, soul and sense, more indicative of the left side functions of the brain. The OHG wuoti (madness) derives from the Proto-Germanic *wodin which in turn derives from *wodaz. The Middle Dutch woet has the meaning of madness. The Old Saxon wodian also means to rage as does the OHG wuoten with the added meaning of to be insane.

In order that we may draw closer to our Woden we must consider much more than ever before that we embrace the irrational for that which appears to be irrational to modern man is in fact the true and genuine state of Germanic man which has been suppressed by the xtian churches and repressed by Germanic man himself. Through this mindset we will be able to connect with numinous beings and with the Gods themselves.