Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Aryan Origins of Genghis Khan

Several years ago whilst reading Savitri Devi's most notable work, The Lightning and the Sun (1958) I came across this passage regarding Genghis Khan:

"Hoelun also told him of his ancestors, the Borjigin, the Blue-eyed heroes, sons of the legendary Blue-Wolf. (page 69) 

"His mother's tales of the half-mythical Borjigin only stimulated in him the natural self-confidence which is the privilege of the strong. He too had blue eyes, like those ancestors who, visualised through Hoelun's poetic speech, appeared as demi-gods. And his thick hair had the colour of fire. He too was a son of the Blue-Wolf. " (page 70) 

It is possible that Savitri obtained this information from the historical records of  the Persian Ab ul Ghasi. The tribe which Genghis belonged to, the Borjigin were known as the Grey-Eyed Men. Grey eyes as well as blue and green are a natural characteristic of the Nordic race. This historical fact should not surprise us as light eyes, fair skin and red hair are still found today in Mongolia. From the Tarim Basin in China we know of the red-haired, tartan wearing mummies who more than likely spoke a form of Tocharian, an extinct Indo-European language. Our ancestors were great explorers and colonists and we must not assume that they were limited to the confines of Eurasia. In addition to having blue eyes and red hair Genghis also was noted for being of tall stature. He was also believed to have worn a protective Swastika ring.

Of course many establishment historians who are by and large indoctrinated with and enslaved by anti-white concepts have over the years scorned this physical description of Genghis Kahn but they have recently been proven wrong by the startling news that the Y haplotype group that Genghis belonged to is not the C, C2 or C3 haplotypes as previously assumed, but R1b, a haplotype which is specifically European and the most common haplotype in central Europe, particularly in the British Isles and the haplotype which I belong to. Historians now consider that R1b, more so than R1a or I is the primary originator or conveyor of Proto-Indo-European. 

Scientists have carried out DNA testing on 5 bodies of the Golden Family discovered in Tavan Tolgoi, Eastern Mongolia. As we are unlikely to ever recover the remains of Genghis himself then this is the closest evidence that we are ever likely to find. See

My readers will also be aware of the claims that Tutankhamun belongs to the Atlantic Modal Haplotype, the same one that I and most other western Europeans belong to, R1b1a2. This has been established by the respectable iGENEA testing laboratories in Switzerland so I have no reason to disbelieve their analysis. The truth however had been wilfully suppressed by the Egyptian authorities just as China tried to suppress the truth about the Tarim Mummies. It is not convenient to their interpretations of history. Academics should never fear nor suppress the truth! We have further evidence to substantiate this fact as DNA testing on the remains of Akhnaton (his father) and Amenhotep III (his paternal grandfather) also belong to the same haplotype.

Interestingly the 3 historical figures discussed in The Lightning and the Sun are Genghis Khan, Akhnaton and Adolf Hitler! Savitri was always convinced of the Aryan origins of all 3 leaders and we now know that she was correct. We know that Akhnaton was of Aryan lineage not only on the paternal but on his maternal side as well. His mother Tiy was of Mitanni origin. We know that the Mitanni were either an Aryan people or a people who had an Aryan ruling caste (like the Egyptians) and worshiped Gods that had similar names to the Aryan Vedic ones. We know from Mitanni treaties that they worshiped  Aryan Gods under the names of Varuna, Mitra, Indra, Nasatya-nna and Agnis.

Genetics is proving to be a useful tool in our understanding of history but must be used alongside other scientific disciplines such as Archaeology and History.

Monday, October 24, 2016

'Child' Migrants Arrive From Calais

By what stretch of the imagination can these grown men be classed as  'children'? A child under English law is defined as being someone under the age of 16. Even if they apply the criteria of the age of majority which is 18 in England who in their right mind could accept that these grown men are below that age? There is indeed "something rotten in the state of Denmark".

Sunday, October 23, 2016

British Government Too Incompetent to Detect Grown Men Posing as Refugee Children

Grown men 'posing as children' to sneak into the United Kingdom and the incompetent British government cannot tell the difference between a child and a man!

British and Western Media Hysteria Towards Russia

My readers will be aware of the extraordinary news that NatWest Bank decided to terminate the accounts of RT (Russia Today broadcasting company). I very much doubt that this was motivated by financial reasons by the bank which leaves just 2 alternative reasons:

RT over the last 2 years, especially the Keiser Report (an excellent programme) has been very critical about western banks, including the alleged practises of the RBS group. One could conjecture that this was a reaction by the RBS group for the criticism levelled against it.

Alternatively one may conclude that the British government has had a hand in this, putting undue pressure on RBS as the government to the best of my knowledge owns 81% of the group! I find it hard to believe that there has been no political interference as such a politically sensitive decision must have had at the very least the foreknowledge of the government who would have been cock a hoop if the channel could no longer broadcast in the United Kingdom as this is the only news channel to offer an alternative to the zionist, anti-Russian and warmongering agenda of much of the western media.

Now with the public reaction against NatWest suddenly the bank is "reviewing" the decision and that the letter was intended for an RT 'supplier' rather than RT itself. My readers will also need no reminding of the zionist and jewish dominance of western media whether it be in the form of radio, television or news corporations. This is a matter of fact and record and only the stupid, the naive and zionists themselves would deny this. Whichever 'British' 'news' channel or 'British' 'news'paper (more often these are little more than comics for adults) the same zionist, anti-Russian, pro-israel, pro-immigrant, pro-jewish and anti-Aryan message is given, dictated by the editors who dare not deviate from the party line that they have been ordered to deliver by their employers . Of course one could level similar criticism against RT, that it may be 'anti-western' etc but more often than not this is merely a reaction against the anti-Russian hysteria which is now endemic in the 'West' as the masses have been conditioned to mistrust and hate the great 'Russian bear'. In fact such anti-Russian propaganda has been around for a very long time, dating back to the Crimean War of 1853-1856, a defensive war fought by Russia against Britain, France and the Turks. This was a war of great butchery initiated by Britain with the connivance of France in support of the Turks who have always been a threat racially to Europe. Britain cares nothing about the racial integrity of Europe and even less for its own citizens who far from benefitting from the British Empire were in turn enslaved by it through financial, religious and political control.

The control of the media is an essential aspect of the political indoctrination and control of the masses. Western media in general do not conduct their own independent research and investigations but rely on news feeds from 'agencies' such as Reuters. Some simple detective work will reveal that this agency was founded by Paul Julius Freiherr von Reuter. His actual birth name is less German than this! This 'baron' was born Israel Beer Josaphat who was the son of  Samuel Levi Josaphat, a rabbi! Like many such 'European' jews he changed his name and 'converted' to Christianity. Clever jews like him have a knack of ingratiating themselves with people of influence and marrying into families of wealth and even the nobility. However nobody should be under the illusion that they are either European or of the nobility. For the last few hundred years titles can be bought. I, myself am of noble lineage, genuine nobility which stretches back via my English grandmother's Norman ancestry to the Volsungs via Ragnar Lodbrok, to Hengest, Rollo and Charlemagne and my partner also can trace her ancestry to Charlemagne and the Volsungs via Ragnar. Indeed my Volsung ancestry can be traced through several lines of direct descent. We have not inherited titles but as my readers will know nobility is transmitted in the blood not through donations to a political party that is in government! It is truly astonishing how many jewish 'Knights' and Peers there are around today and for that matter Africans and Asians. None of these people are of noble descent but mainly political appointees and pop stars! Indeed none of these 'Knights' to the best of my knowledge can joust whilst riding a horse. Their weapons of choice being tennis rackets.

The control of the media has always been a zionist aim even before the establishment of the illegal state of Israel:

"4. Not a single announcement
will reach the public without our control.

Even now
this is already being attained by us
as all news items are received by a few agencies,
in whose offices they are focused
from all parts of the world.

These agencies will then be already entirely ours
and will give publicity
only to what we dictate to them." (Protocol 12:4, Protocols of the Elders of Zion)

The question of who owns Reuters today is a much more complex question as the company was floated on the Stock Exchange in 1984 as a Public Company with no single shareholder allowed to own more than a 15% share in it. Rupert Murdoch has or at least has had a 15% share in this company. Murdoch is alleged to have jewish origins. This is apparently via his maternal line and his facial phenotype certainly looks jewish to me. Here are some interesting quotes by Murdoch on the apartheid rogue state of israel:

“This beleaguered nation and its people are beacons of hope and justice,” he said further, adding, “their enemies are our enemies, glorifiers of death, seeking to impose their bloody doctrine through violence.”
 “You recognize it as the greatest ally of democracy, in a region beset with turmoil and radicalism,”
 “You know as I do that as Israel goes, so goes […] our morality and our very existence as freedom loving citizens of the world.” (See )
Ironically this staunch supporter of israel and one who allegedly has jewish roots has been critical of the "jewish-owned press"!  (See ) Was this a genuine criticism of the jewish dominated media or a smokescreen to deflect attention away from himself? Whichever is correct he spoke the truth in that respect! All of the major organs of 'news' in Britain have at some time or another been dominated by people of jewish ancestry including the BBC which has disgustingly promoted both miscegenation and homosexual 'marriage'; surely an oxymoron if ever there was one! It has also distorted our past and the terrible Merlin TV series is an example of the distortion of Arthurian legend to promote a sickening multiracial agenda. A noticeable pro-Israel bias has been detected in BBC reporting and interviewing:

The very one-sided bias against US Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been very prominent in British media, most especially on the BBC and indeed even on CBBC news which is aimed at children. The last thing that israel or the American armaments industry wants is cordial relations with Russia. Mark my words if Clinton is elected one will see the very real possibility of American military aggression against Russia. American rhetoric has certainly been very aggressive and threatening. Britain has also been jumping upon the hysteria generated in the media over false claims of Russian aggression towards Britain:
This self-same hysteria was evident in the last week when a flotilla of Russian warships entered the English Channel (which it is entitled to do) to on it way to fight islamist terrorists in Syria. (Something which the 'west' is failing to do, preferring instead to covertly attack the legitimate government of President Bhashar Hafez al-Assad as part of its agenda of 'regime change' in the Middle East with the connivance of Israel).

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Adolf Hitler's Childhood Home to be Demolished

This should not surprise us. If the race traitors who run the German and Austrian governments can desecrate the graves of the dead ( ) then demolishing a perfectly fine house of historical importance is not beyond them. What these spineless cowards and fools do no realise is that what they are driving underground will one day soon erupt like a volcano and engulf them all. You cannot suppress a people for ever: they will and are fighting back.

Great movements such as National Socialism cannot be destroyed by such petty acts. Not even imprisonment and murder CAN DESTROY AN IDEA!

The BBC is at it again

The cultural marxists at the Bastardisation of British Culture are at it again:

"Martin Hughes-Games, the wildlife presenter, is to be sidelined from the BBC's much-loved nature shows to make way for someone less white and middle class, he has suggested.
Hughes-Games, who joined "the Watches" in 2009, said Autumnwatch and Springwatch  needed a "more diverse team" to suit the agenda of modern television as he claims he has been shifted from the main line-up."


This is the very same tax payers' funded corporation that has consistently bastardised our legendary past by presenting Queen Guinevere in that awful series Merlin as black whilst not only is this a gross distortion but they clearly did not even consider the meaning of the name: fair and beautiful; unfortunately the actress who played the part in my opinion was neither. Indeed in one crowd scene I lost count of the number of black faces I saw; all this at a time when Britain was 100% white! They are trying to project the sad state of today's multiracial society onto our Aryan past, whether this be historical, legendary or mythical, taking their cue no doubt from the cesspit of Hollywood who blasphemously portrayed the Nordic God Heimdall as a black and has oriental and black Einheriar amongst its ranks! I wonder if there would have been an outcry if a film about African slavery had white actors playing the part of slaves? Or how about whites playing the part of Zulu warriors? We see the same thing going on in BBC's Robin Hood, an even worse production (if that were possible).

Interestingly even Trevor McDonald recognises that there is a problem at the BBC:

This cultural marxist agenda is everywhere on the BBC, most especially on CBBC, aimed at brain washing the minds of the young. Look for an all white team of children's presenters and you won't find one! Indeed the whites appeared to be outnumbered on this channel. The worse thing about CBBC is not only its multiracial agenda but its pro-homosexual agenda with their Marrying Mum and Dad or should that be 'mum and mum'. When I was young homosexuality was still a crime in England, punishable by imprisonment. Now the chattering classes are falling over themselves in their admiration for all things homosexual. The CBBC reached a new low recently with their anti-Trump propaganda. Do young children really need to be made aware of Donald Trump's "locker room talk"?(something which all normal men have engaged in from time to time) As an aside I wonder which is worse: locker room banter or a married president being orally vacuumed in the White House?

As a broadcaster the BBC is not alone. We also have the example of ITV's Midsommer Murders. Whilst John Nettles played the lead role Midsommer was an idyllic (but murderous) part of old England. Since his departure the series has been radically transformed. Midsommer now is a multiracial society with more than its fair share of miscegenation and feminism. What was once a fine TV series has been spoiled by cultural marxism and political correctness. This TV series was the last bastion of Englishness and it has been ruined, a reflection of what has happened to England in the real world. This is no longer the country of the native English and as such the native English should no longer shed their blood for it or consider that the British state in any way represents their interests.

It would seem that it is only native Europeans who are to be denied a past and when they protest they are labelled as 'racists' or 'haters'! The irony is if the traitors who had brought this sorry state into being had not done so then there would have been no 'racism' or 'hate'! This racial engineering at the BBC is not peculiar to them. It is going on all over the country. Native English and native British people are being sidelined for those who are deemed to be in a racial 'minority' (which is getting larger every day) and treated as second class citizens in their own country. Let us take a warning from history and remember the sorry state of the once proud Red Indians in the Americas. Before the end of the century our descendants will be living either on reservations or in faceless deracialised ghettoes. Instead of congratulating themselves on how 'modern' and 21st century they are, todays Englishman should be aware that his or her ancestors are looking down upon him or her in disgust for giving away without a fight that which their ancestors have shed their blood to defend: their soil and their bloodlines.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Genetic Evidence of Anglo-Saxon Dominance in the British Isles

An interesting article which demonstrates the dominance of Anglo-Saxon and thus Germanic ancestry in the British Isles. My readers are advised to ignore the almost mandatory (these days) politically correct comments by the article author.